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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling1 View Post
    so idk if this is a thread already but ill make this anyways.
    so i love the shield! im glad they are doing what they are doing and the best thing wwe has came up with since as long as i can remember maybe the matt hardy edge thing . but they are one of the most dominant factions ever. so i was wondering if they add a 4th member would it be a good idea? i think it wouldnt be to bad if they add one more person , diva, or tag team i.e. DX (chyna and NAO)
    In most cases I can thing of, the best version of any wrestling stable is the original. I think as of right now, leave it be. They got a good thing going, no need to go and adding members. Maybe if they start losing some steam and need a shakeup, but right now I see it doing more harm then good.
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    For me they need to do something new with the shield, ever since Survivor Series they have done the same thing week in week out, their matches have been good if not great, but their non-match appearences are all the same, cue music -walk down from audience - attack - leave through audience.

    Maybe a new member should be added to stir it up, I don't don't know, but either something fresh needs to happen or they need to stop been on every show multiple times, so that it is actually a surprise when it happens.

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    There's absolutely no need whatsoever to add anything to the current Shield. No more members, no need for valets, nothing.

    All 3 members are getting good screen time, good mic time and good ring time, and are all excelling and impressing more in each role each time they get a chance.
    I don't think there's any need whatsoever to disrupt that.
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    they need to make it moe interesting. they need to put some gold on them. i think this feud is leading up to the tag titles being won by two of the shield members.
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