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    I think Michael McGillicutty would make a good member of the shield. I'd steal another page from TNA and have him wear a mask. I wouldn't have him as the leader, but keep him masked for a month or two. Then when he gets unmasked have a promo about justice and how justice is respecting the names of his father Curt and his grandfather Larry and how he is a Henning. I would then have the shield go after all the major titles

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    I think that The Shield are good as they are. I don't think there's need to add more members in. The 3 of them are getting some mic time, the three of them are doing well in the ring. I don't think there's need to disrupt that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scribblerking View Post
    I think the next member should be a female and should be NXT's Paige...and she should be immediately shot to the moon by taking the diva title for the Shield's gold grab to truly begin...tag titles, diva title and IC title all in a row just like that!
    Oh hell ya!!

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    What about kofi Kingston? No one would expect it to be him. Also he gets a heel turn which would make him interesting again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iiamtripp View Post

    Is WWE hinting that there may be a forth member or are they just yankin our chains here a bit. Alos would you all like to see a forth member? If so who amd why. If not then why

    Me personally I think they are fine with 3. Add another member for what? So it can grow rired like that biker clan in TNA
    The shadow is Christian's

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    The shadow is Christian's
    Cannot honestly say that is not a interesting idea having Christian come in as a veteran/mentor type...might be the "leader" we have talked about...hmm...

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    As the greatest smark to ever exist. I automatic figured out the 4th member.

    Jimmy Wang Yang

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    No need for a 4th member. It would just take away from the current members.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Bill View Post
    No need for a 4th member. It would just take away from the current members.

    I also think they don't need anybody else, theyre just good like they are.

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    I went through the entire roster and that shadow only matches Christian.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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