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    RAW preview

    So it's this time of the week again....Monday...Night....RAW...if it wasn't for the NBA playoffs this would be my favorite part of Monday like regular...but anywho. Tonight RAW is taped in advance because it's in the UK ( I wish tv channels were more flexible so they could just air it live anyway )
    Before I get into this Please check out my video version of the preview....I would say it's better because it's's HD gameplay and it's more

    My Biggest Question coming out of RAW last week was where does the Shield go from here...will they still challenge for the Tag titles ? I am also wondering how WWE plan to keep Ryback looking strong if they are going to make put Cena over. I am also wondering just how how long we will have to put up with This Orton V Big show feud.

    So I pose you two questions which we may get closer to answering tonight on RAW

    1. Where does the Shield go from here

    2. When...if ever will Ryback win his first major title (WWE or WHC )
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    1) Where does The Shield go from here?

    The Shield attack on Raw proved everything they thought was wrong in the WWE. This can lead to Dean Ambrose getting a shot against John Cena title or it would make no sense of The Shield to attack Cena. Another thing they can do with the Shield is start a mini feud with Undertaker and Team Hell No.

    2) When will Ryback win his first major championship (WWE or WHC)

    I do not believe that Ryback will win his major title anytime soon. He will probably lose to John Cena at Extreme Rules and go in a downward spiral. He will have a rampage on Smackdown and win the WHC.

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    just read the spoilers and it looks to be a decent episode even though they left out one person who should have been in a match(initials are NN)

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