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    I haven't disagreed with any statement about Cena on this thread. And it seems that everyone is kind of saying the same thing. The question is how can you fix it.

    The biggest mistake that I think the WWE made was keeping Cena on the shows while Punk was in the midst of his long ass title reign. After he lost to the Rock at WM28, he should have gone away for a few months, especially if they knew Punk would carry it for the rest of the calender year. Now, I realize that without him the star power would have been down, but time away makes fans not get tired of the same old thing. It also frees up more air time for the younger guys to get closer to his level. If he was able to take time off, I think more fans would have a positive response to him all the time. But he can't because there truely is no one on his level...except Punk, who is, at this moment...taking time off. Hmmmm... I might be on to something.

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    2nd I disagree when you said that the mistake WWE made after Cena vs Rock at Mania 28 was to keep him on TV. No, for me the mistake is to have kept him as the main event of the shows or ppv. it's all about booking the superstars, nothing to do with keeping Cena on TV


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