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    people just say Cena sucks, and he doesn't deserve the main slot on the show, but people like Cesaro, and Punk deserve it a lot more. I don't suppose Cesaro has been here more than 2 years, and Punk hasn't been main event for more than 3-4 years. Cena has worked his ass off for a decade+. He earned his spot, and i hope he stays the top guy for a few more years.

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    just saying there should be more than Cena at the top. Others have worked their asses off just as long as him. The company does not have to revolve around just one guy. They need to build up stars for the future. They are doing it a bit with The Shield, Bryan Danielson, Miz, Ziggles, Barrett, but seem to have dropped the ball with Claudio, Henning and quite a few others. They are just relying on Cena too much.

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    I agree with you 100%, they do need to rely on more than just Cena. They should start with those like Kofi, R-Truth, Wade Barratt, Cody Rhodes, and much more. Even use some lower talent such as yoshi tatsu, who well deserves it, and zack ryder.

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    Cena gets the biggest reaction because he is the main draw...and he is WAAAAY better than Hogan in the ring.

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    He sells more merchandise than any1 else in whole is that simple.. Can miz do it?? can sheamus or orton has been able to do it?? Nopes.. Hell Batista was also pushed alongside..Cena... Where is he now?? he has left the company .. Brock lesnar was pushed to the top... He left them too... so Cena is their Mr. Dependable..They havent been able to give us a Face or Heel equally over with the crowd like Cena..

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    I don't think anyone would argue that Cena has worked his ass off and has been a long established foundation for the last decade. I have no problem with him being the main guy, but the truth is that his character has become stale. He doesn't need to go heel, but even people like taker, austin, rock, went through an evolutionary process. The character should evolve a little bit over time to respond to public demand for change. It would also be nice to surround him with a deep roster of main eventers that can have long creative feuds. I actually miss the old days of Cena when he had awesome feuds with Orton (legacy) and Edge, hell even Nexus. Even Superman needs to have his cryptonite...

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    John Cena's problem, is the same as WWE's problem, a lack of depth on the roster. Right now WWE has four, maybe five legitimate main eventers. Yes I'm listing them in the order that I see the WWE valuing them.

    1.) John Cena
    2.) CM Punk
    3.) Sheamus
    4.) Randy Orton
    5.) Ryback/Alberto Del Rio

    So Cena's problem is that he has no one left to feud with who is realistically on the same level as him. How many times can we see Punk vs Cena? Cena vs Orton has been there done that written all over it. Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio ain't turning heel anytime soon. So far Ryback doesn't seem to have the mic skills to match up with Cena. WWE needs to create new stars for Cena, but the talent has to also rise to the occasion when they get the opportunity to face Cena. Dolph Ziggler did that when he went up against Punk and Cena. The Shield has done that when they want against Ryback, Sheamus, Cena, and Orton. Orton did that in his feuds with Taker and Angle. Sheamus did that with his feuds with Cena, HHH, and Orton. Punk did this with his pipebomb. Don't get me wrong creative has a lot to do with it, but the other side is the superstars not capitalizing on their chances.
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    the big problem with getting someone up there to work on Cena's level reaction wise, is that it can't be manufactured. Takwe Ziggler, great on the mic great in the ring ( not a real fan personally but hey i won't deny the talent) however he doesn't ahve the kind of charisma that cena does, with all the reaction he gets it's not as passionate from the fans. The WWE has always had a small group at the top but with HHH being more corporate, Michaels retiring, Taker on a very light schedule, we have Cena right now and that's it. will he last until someone can garner the passion from the crowd he does... who knows maybe. you can't build someone with cena's reaction ( or McEntyre would be there by now), it has to come from them, and not many have been able to do it. Hogan, Michaels,Taker, Rock, Austin, Edge, HHH, and Cena off the top of my head. Angle to a degree but even he wasn't quite that big.
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    Maybe he needs to be put in a catogary of his own. Haha he's like the biggest babyface and heel at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2 View Post
    That's why hes so entertaining, you either want him to lose really badly or want him to win really badly.

    I agree, whether he wins or loses he does it really badly


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