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    Cena garners more reaction than anybody on the current roster

    John Cena may be hated by most of the internet fans, but he garners more heat than any heel on the roster, which is sad for most of the heels. No matter if they cheer or boo Cena, it has always been said, that a superstar's job is to get a reaction from crowd, whether it be good or bad. P.S. The first two weeks of Cena's title reign have been better, than the last two months of CM Punk's, with that stupid Rock program, and im not mad about Rock winning title, the whole program was just stupid, minus the shield attacks.

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    Cena is truly unique. I've never seen a babyface boo-ed so much consistently by half the crowd and adored by the other half as much as Cena.

    To get over in wrestling everyone would tell you the #1 thing is crowd interactions. Negative or positive, people don't leave their seats when Cena's music hits.

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    the reason Cena gets heat from the crowd is the same reason Hogan did back in the day. As a face, they were both shoved down the peoples throats, they always either held the title or were in the running for it. They both had some pretty good feuds where they both came out on top in the end. They both tried their hands at acting when they really didnt have the talent to carry a movie. They are/were everywhere. Everything revolves/revolved around them both. So of course they will get a reaction from us, they are always in our face. Cena is nothing more than todays version of Hogan, except that he is a better PR guy and maybe a little better in the ring

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

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    at least with Hogan, WCW shoock thinks up a little bit with Hogan, sure he was still shoved down our throats with the NWO but it was something new, something fresh to his character. Cena has been virtually the same since he dropped his rapping gimmick- but with him always being THE GUY, he will always get the boos or cheers. Not sure if WWE could do without him in the short run. In years past there were always a few top guys(Austin, Rock, UT, HHH). Now its Cena, Sheamus, Punk and Orton, Orton is a strike away from being gone and is quite boring. Punk is an amazing talent but not sure WWE sees him as a Hogan/Cena type guy, I think they see him as a Bret Hart/HBK/Jericho type guy(meaning they would push him big but not revolve the whole company around him for years). And I see Sheamus in the same way as Punk

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Cena has grown since his early "Super Cena" days, his character is more complex, he makes more sense on the mic, and his wrestling (while clunky and simplistic) makes more sense, and he's booked better. All those things have changed a lot, although many internet fans are too stubborn to observe it.

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    Well he is the face of the company and comes across as a really laid back guy when he is being interviewed.

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    Cena should have turned heel at mania. Because I for one am getting sick off face cena

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    Simply because he is better than everyone else.

    Some RAW's no one but Cena gets a reaction. He is brilliant at his job.

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    cena does not have to turn heel. That really is not the fix. Wwe just has to get others up to hiis level that they are comfy with. Cena got more comfy on the mic and may be a little better in the ring than when he first started but he has been the same for the past few years and its getting stale. Its not his fault, its the way he is booked, that and the fact that he is a walking billboard- meaning they will change up his gear alot so people will but his newest shirt, hat and armbands. Like i said, he is nothing more than a modern day Hogan- he will put people in the seats no matter what and that is because he is shoved down our throats. Again, its not Cena's fault

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    That's why hes so entertaining, you either want him to lose really badly or want him to win really badly.


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