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    Cody Rhodes is a excellent ring worker. He has the ability of being a great champion if WWE was suppose to push him. I do not think he is going to leave the WWE because it would be bad for him and WWE. It would be bad for him because if he would go to TNA he would not that much Fan exposure and viewership like WWE has. It would be bad on the part for WWE because they are wasting a wonderful talent such as Cody Rhodes.

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    Good in ring worker that is simply lost in the fold atm he can turn it around and is young enough that if he sticks with it he will make it to the top.

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    Cody is awesome, but to me he looks like he could be a natural face. I am doing a GM Mode for my WWE 13 video game, and Cody just won my money in the bank match a few weeks ago, and i put him in a stable with Rey Mysterio, Ted Dibiase, and Justin Gabriel as a Face group. I am going for Cody and Rey to win tag titles from Edge & Christian, and then for Gabriel to win Intercontinental from Dolph Ziggler, and then for Cody to cash in on world heavyweight title by Royal Rumble, mainly because HBK, Kane, and Chris Jericho have wwe title feud booked for at least 3 more months of gameplay.

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