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    Titus oneill!

    Seriously tho skip Sheffield if he eva returns

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtGohan View Post
    i really dont agree on ted, i'd rather have rhodes to be honest. ted is as bland as it gets, his mic skills are average and so are his in ring skills. he is just meeeh. unless he somehow shows me what he's got im giving the thumbs down to ted.
    Agree. Funny thing is that when both started out, Ted seemed to promise a lot more than Rhodes but, Cody has taken giant leaps.

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    Who i think will get pushes - Morrison, Del Rio, Barret, Ziggler, Jackson, Otunga, Mcintrye,
    Who i want to get pushed - Morrison, Del Rio, Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Christian,

    Honorable mention,
    I know most people hate big muscular wrestlers in the main event but i think its always good to have 1 (just 1 maybe 2) in the mainevent. It really helps make smaller dudes look like legitimate threats. With that said i want big zeke jackson pushed.

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    Ted Dibiase Was gonna get a decent size push and was even gonna turn face and have a main event program with Randy Orton at WrestleMania.... but WWE knew Dibiase was no where near ready and he would be a horrible face. so instead they switched Randy face...... Dibiase has very minmal mic skills and he isnt the best worker, i have yet to see a good Dibiase match, he might be in great shape but he is no where near ready for anykind of push, its arguable that Rhodes is gimmick is just as terrible as Dibiase and he makes it work and had several good showings in the ring and Diabise hasnt.......... Ted dont deseve a push until he does something to Warrent it....
    Morrison, Del Rio and Wade Barrett's push will contunie to main event level without being pushed down to below mid card (like Jack Swager) and im sure Bryans push will be towrds upper mid card or maybe main event but mostly upper mid card but i can see a main event push forr him..... i Beileve Zigglers push will be also upper mid card such as Bryan but honestly i see a world title on ziggler in 2011, but they can depush him at anytime but my money is on Ziggler getting money in the bank

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    I really think Del Rio will win the Rumble and go on to feud with The Miz upto Wrestlemania as Del Rio is now on Raw!

    Like many said I'd like to see Christian given a chance at the WC when he returns! Think he has been held back alot since returning from TNA!

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    Mason Ryan will get a push. I'd like to be able to say the same for he who is currently named Seth Rollins.

    Out of those currently on the roster. I believe John "I work better as a heel" Morrison has a good chance of winning the Rumble, not a great chance, but he's a possibility nonetheless.
    Sheamus is bound to at least be in the picture when HHH returns, but he hasn't looked too strong recently, the return of The Game should remedy this. A face turn wouldn't hurt him either.
    Barrett is sure to have a great year and may just capture Heavyweight Gold.

    Cena is gonna be one to watch this year, last year he almost teased a heel turn. This year he may actually do it.
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    Bodom is our John Cena.
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    I hate you.
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    Nerds are awesome though!
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