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    Quote Originally Posted by Viperfish View Post
    Wasn't Ziggler in the proverbial "dog house" once? I wouldn't be surprised if they intentionally do this to keep the talent's head deflated and to test how committed and willing they are to handle being in that position and work through it.
    I've often thought this too. It seems like every new star gets buried after a while and the good survive it and come back better and the not so good don't get back up. After what happened with HHH I'd not be at all surprised if Vince isn't trying to recreate that in every new upstart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    To me there is no reason to turn him face. He's a great heel, his gimmick almost guarantees you hate the guy. Sure members of the IWC love him, but we have a weird obsession with heels. We love pretty much every bad guy, I mean your avatar has a heel in it. I wouldn't say Cesaro really jobbed out, I think there is this false idea of what jobbing is anymore. A jobber loses with out having his own high spots. He basically gets dominated. That's not what happens in Cesaro's losses. He still looks strong, he just loses. Losing cleanly doesn't mean you jobbed, it just means you lost.
    Agree 100%. Since day one, Cesaro is doing a good job, and turning him face will not change Vince's mind about him. the only problem is Vince McMahon's ego. He should not be the only one who take decision, but it should be a staff decision. Kofi Kingston is a good midcard but seriously, Cesaro or Kingston, I take Cesaro. Kofi Kingston is too much stale now, and this is him that WWE should turn as a heel.

    WWE has so much great talent like Cesaro, Rhodes, Sandow, Kidd, Gabriel, Hawkins, Ryder, Riley, Hunico, and others. They just don't know how to book them, just because, the guy who decides, is Vince McMahon. Vince is the main problem today in the WWE

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    I've been thinking about what might have garnered heat for Cesaro and I just thought it could be that he spoke out about dropping his Better Than Americans angle so Swagger could do Weed The People. I seemed to remember Brodus Clay was pissed when they gave his gimmick to Mark Henry, may be a similar thing?

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    He's the best wrestler they've had in a while. So what does Vince do? He buries him. Well done Vince :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrossfaceChickenwing View Post
    He's the best wrestler they've had in a while. So what does Vince do? He buries him. Well done Vince :/
    And to top it off with yodeling? What a disappointing outcome!


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    The first mistake some made was trying to reason out the rationale behind a Vince McMahon decision. Sure, he does things good for business, but his business is so successful and monopolistic that he can do whatever the flying f*ck he wants with his talent. He could throw Pat Patterson's ex lover out with anal beads half penetrating his rectum and still get 6's in the ratings. Vince is an egomaniac, he buried DDP during the Invasion angle just because of the way DDP introduced himself.. in real life. Regardless of your thoughts on DDP, he had years of build up and drawing power. Moral of the story? Don't look for rational reasons for Vince's wrestling decisions... chances are, he's just masterbating his ego... with lots of baby oil, and having a few smoking hot 22 yr-old interns on their knees ready to catch the results...

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    Cesaro will pull out of this because he is just far too talented. I honestly think Cesaro's heat is more the fault of CM Punk since the WWE can't really punish Punk, so they're going to punish people Punk actually likes. I mean before Elimination Chamber Cesaro was looking pretty good. Even defeating the Miz in a 2/3 falls match. I think Punk's outburst before Wrestlemania is why Cesaro is getting punished.
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    To me Cesaro doesn't fit the WWE mold so to say. Last week before his match with Kofi, I had a feeling he was going to be dropping the title. The yodeling to me is a rib on him. It's almost like WWE is going to make a mockery of him and I honestly wouldn't look for anything big from him anytime soon.

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    It is clear his recent matches have really shown a distinct de-emphasis on the part of the WWE...the yodeling...the title loss on TV...the loss to R-Truth of all people! Correctly me if I am wrong but in those last two matches of late he barely got any offense in and no "Neutralizers" at all what he was touted for and no "giant swings" which were very cool to watch BTW! To anyone with eyes he is clearly being made to live in the purgatory of jobberland and what next...a loss to Zack Ryder on Superstars or more realistically the next step is a 30 second squash by Ryback or Kane...

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    I hate that yodeling crap! That is embarrassing. He will probably get released soon, or they should reunite Kings of Wrestling, which probably won't happen.

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