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    I wouldn't mind Zack Ryder and Cody Rhodes being lured in by Paul Heyman with their gimmick being those of two superstars who just got so fed up with how WWE treated them that they will just destroy the WWE. Then have them attack random superstars both faces and heels, then eventually start adding a few more superstars in the coming months and dub them Heyman's Army. Finally have Heyman's Army vs Team WWE with control of Smackdown! on the line.
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    Ryder needs to be a real heel ang just give up the gimmick and break out like how PUNK did how his mic was cut off and say he is tired ofbeing hold back
    This is an excellent way of putting Zack Ryder on notice. He should be like C.M Punk and cut numerous promo's of being on shows like Saturday Morning Slam when he should be main eventing Friday Night Smackdown. After all is set on done, Zack Ryder can be a great heel if WWE builds him up slowly and correctly.

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    Zack is in need of a revival like so may on the midcard wasteland but I do not think turning heel would necessarily matte...he just needs to be different and I think using the Internet title would be a way to really stand out for him and the WWE (talk about something new in this increasingly social media conscious world) if they would just acknowledge it on tv as a real title and let him run with it

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