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    Possible Ryder turning heel?

    So, if anyone has seen this.
    What do you think? Is Ryder finally turning heel? I think so, I can't wait. I hope WWE doesn't ruin it, they could have him feud with Kofi maybe for the IC title. But, knowing WWE they will probably ruin this. But anyway, what do you think? Do you even care about Ryder any more?

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    Ryder and his actual gimmick is just awful. If they turn him heel, it would be a good choice, but only if they have something for him. If it's just to have one more heel on the roster, and not use him correctly, it's useless.

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    If it happens, then great. Ryder's been stale for a while and a heel turn could be a great thing to get him on screen again. I think he works better as a heel too.
    What I really want to see though is Hawkins and Ryder again.
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    When you say "anymore" I read "at all" cause I really haven't wanted him to get screen time since the end of the Edgeheads

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    Zack Ryder turning heel would be monumental for is ever-growing stale career. After seeing the video, I knew that a Ryder heel turn is coming and it will revamp his career in infinite ways. Zack Ryder should start a rivalry with Kofi Kingston and win the United States Championship. With Ryder changing his gimmick, it makes him look less of a joke and more of a superstars. Hopefully, WWE uses this as a advantage and gives Ryder some more talk time on the mic which can improve/save his career. I am not saying that Ryder is the next C.M Punk because he is far from that but letting superstars express there minds is always good for business and the progression of a WWE superstar.

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    Now he can be one of those D-bag bros with a popped collar. Im down for it, lol.

    Makes me think of the mean-street possie. Bring that back! lol

    This all could just be a gimmick change though.

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    Interesting video, could be good.

    Feud with Kofi for the belt.

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    I think he is trying to make something for himself...don't see WWE buying in
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    I'd love to see Ryder and Hawkins tag again. Where is Hawkins though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlsniper View Post
    I'd love to see Ryder and Hawkins tag again. Where is Hawkins though?
    Best idea for both of them.

    He is just not being used sadly he is great in ring but they have nothing for him atm obviously.

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