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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSocalGuy79 View Post
    I see it being AJ Styles. Styles is going to for Sting affect, dark and mysterious.
    WCW all over again. Either that or AJ Styles is Batman. What i think would be a nice turn would be for Anderson to attack the Aces and Eights from within. I would also like to see Abyss instead of the lawyer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilborn View Post
    WCW all over again.
    Maybe so, but this is something good to copy from WCW. A darker, more edgier version of your greatest hero could do wonders.

    And I can see Morgan being the savior as well. Imagine that a monster heel cleans up Aces and Eights all alone because they happen to be in the way of his title shot. I would love that.

    And of course, Abyss coming back to clean up would be great to see too. After all, they are beating up his "brother".


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