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    Pat: WOW! This is seriously a fantastic night! LRB and Snair returning in the same night? Three quality matches so far AND Roman Flare coming out in just a little bit? This is incredible.

    Dudley: Not to mention, he’s coming out with OUR SAVIOUR!! He’ll be out with K-Jammin who also recently returned to The House Of Jabe!

    Pat: Wait, wait… hold that thought Duds! I’m being told it’s time for THIS IS YOUR LIFE!

    The ring is now set for "This is Your Life With K-Flare. There are balloons and oddly several pairs of women's underwear in the ring. Dudley stands up and demands a mic...

    Pat: Duds? What the hell are you doing?!

    Dudley: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please all join me in welcoming a man, who has saved each and every one of us. A man who we should all model ourselves on.

    A man who is the REAL father to Kate Middleton's baby, and I should know, I was there commentating the sex. A man, who tonight welcomes back his best friend! Please welcome, K-JAMMIN!!


    K-Jammin: Thanks for that Duds, please, take a seat. For the first time ever, tonight isn't about me. Tonight I celebrate the return of a man who I have a lot of history with. Some good, some bad. Together we were part of one of the most memorable tag teams in history, K-Flare.

    We both vanished for a while, which as you all know is the reason JBW started to suck, well that and the fact Holy Jose won the World title. But we're back now, and man are we gonna fucking party! Flare, I promise you will never forget this night. Ladies and cunts everywhere, I give you, ROMAN FLARE!!

    Here comes Rome!

    Rome struts out from behind the curtain, sporting his original mask and attire before the Caesar saga. He stands on the stage, soaking in a warm returning welcome from the JBW crowd. He makes a sprint for the ring, sliding beneath the bottom rope.

    He climbs onto the second turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air, before jumping down and making his way over to K-Jammin. A handshake turns into a hug as the two partners embrace. He takes the microphone from K-Jammin's hands and lifts it to his mouth. "Fuck it! Let's just get it started!"

    K-Jammin: That's the stuff! Now I regret to tell you that I have only one gift for you, but boy do I have some shit hot guests that more than make up for it. Now guest number 1, holds a special place in both of our hearts, Romes.

    Remember when we first went to a strip club together? Well, it was before we were the faces of JBW, so we didn't have much money. So we had to go to a REALLY poor strip club. And well, this is the lady that danced on both of us...

    Rome: Oh, god...K-Jammin: Yes, it's her. Please welcome, straight out of "Fannies and Grannies", Joan Willis!

    Out walks 65 year old Joan, being accompanied to the ring by backstage workers. The audience look horrified! Rome runs behind K-Jammin and hides. You see him shout the words "BURN IT!!" K-Jam, scared to move towards her, throws a mic in her direction. Both him and Rome's are cowering in the corner.

    Rome: Why did you bring her here?!

    K-Jammin: I thought it would be funny, I forgot how terrifying she looks!!

    Joan: Now that's not nice is it, K-Jam. I still have the tissue you ejaculated into.

    Rome turns to face K-Jam in horror!

    Rome: came?!

    K-Jammin: Okay Joan I think it's time you left now!

    K-Jam literally pushes her out of the ring.

    K-Jammin: Anyways, moving on...

    Rome: No let's talk about what just hap...

    K-Jammin: Next out, we have a guy who has wanted to meet you for years, Romes. You've never met him, but you know his wife! Please welcome the husband of that smoking hot chick you fucked, the one who gave you crabs, John something something!

    John sprints to the ring like a madman and pulls out a gun of Romes. Both Romes and K-Jam tackle him to the floor, and security takes him away.
    Rome: Holy shit, we nearly died...

    K-Jammin: That was awesome! HIGH FIVE!!

    They high five!

    K-Jammin: Now to end this night, I've prepared a little video, explaining just why exactly you're my bro. Hit it!

    Rome motions to the JABETron as the lights dim. The words "THIS IS YOUR LIFE!" spring up with confetti and balloons, displaying for a few seconds. Then the video turns to a picture of K-Jammin flipping the bird. Rome throws his hands in the air and turns around...

    Dudley: HEAD JAM! Jammin damn near kicked his head off! Ha-ha!

    Pat: K-Jammin turns on his former partner with one kick! He must've had this planned from the beginning! What a sick bastard!

    K-Jammin stands over Rome, laughing, peering down into his absent face as the screen fades to the back.
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    We see Malcolm Cage pacing around in his locker room. Malcolm notices the cameraman come into the room.

    Malcolm: Of all the dirty no good shit… Holy Jose, the JBW Champion, NOT coming to the show right before the Pay-Per-View? He’s a coward! You’d think he’d have the guts to follow through with his plans. See, I found out he was going to have a celebration. A PRE Celebration. Basically taunting me, to the point where he thought he was going to get into my head.

    See, my source told me what he was planning, and I took action. I had a cake made that would let me come out of it and destroy him. But, that’s not going to happen now. Why? Because he is a lowlife coward. This tells me right now that I will be winning the JBW Championship at LUCK OF THE DRAW!

    And the thing is, before K-Jammin went out there just now and damn near killed Romes, St. George had told me he is going to be the special referee in my match against Holy Jose…. I don’t care who I have to go through, all I know is that Championship will be mine!

    Malcolm pushes the cameraman out of his room and slams the door shut as we go back to the ring.


    The fans begin to boo as Kyojin walks out of the curtain. He takes a few steps forwards and throws his arms out, pyro raining down from the JABETron behind him. He smirks at the reaction from the fans as he slowly makes his way down the ramp. He walks up the steel steps and climbs into the ring. He looks around at the fans before looking up at the steel cage hanging high above him. He smiles vindictively and approaches the ropes, asking for a microphone.

    Kyojin: Lower the cage.

    The stagehands look confused as Kyojin holds the microphone to his lips still. He lowers it and looks around. He brings the microphone back up as he approaches the ropes, looking down at the stagehands by the timekeeper’s position.

    Kyojin: Did you not hear your Superstar of the Year? Bit of advice boys, when somebody as great and talented as I am tells you to do something- you don’t ask questions, you don’t sit there looking like idiots twiddling your thumbs, you do what they tell you to do- and you do it quickly.

    The fans boo loudly but the stagehands send a message backstage. Kyojin remains standing at the ropes until finally, the cage begins to lower. He takes a step backwards as the cage finally reaches the ring. He takes a step forwards and runs his hand across the steel.

    Kyojin: Pure steel. Nothing but the very strongest metal shaped and designed to withhold the most powerful of warriors, animals and creatures. Strong enough and sharp enough to rip the skin from a human being’s body.

    And tonight, that’s what Jman has to look forward to. Feeling the flesh ripped from the bone, feeling every single move I make as I show the world just what he has sunk to.

    The fans explode with boos and a Jman chant rings out.

    Kyojin: You see, this whole thing goes back all the way to before IWA Destined For Immortality. I’m talking about 2012, when Jman thought that he’d just swagger into IWA and take the spot I was more deserving of, took my spot as the top face in IWA. He seemed to think that I wouldn’t give a damn that you people wanted to see him over me.

    He seemed to think I’d sit back and wait in second position as he took over as ‘The Man’.

    The fans boo louder and the Jman chant gets louder.

    Kyojin: So at Destined For Immortality, I made everybody realise that I had become too great, too powerful, too important and too damn good to just sit in the back and hear people talk and chant his name as if he were the best thing that could possibly have ever happened to IWA.

    Isn’t it ironic that the moment I step into this company again, he seems to be following me? He steps out of his retirement home, comes out of his little hole and shows his face again. The moment Kyojin stepped back here, the man who puts J into JBW comes back.

    And I get exactly what I wanted.

    Kyojin runs his hand across the steel once more.

    Kyojin: Oh you don’t understand, I planned this from the very start. Artemis Eclipse, he’s a blip on my radar, he’s the guy I’m going to beat at Luck of the Draw- despite whatever stipulation is decided upon in some stupid card game. I’m telling you now ‘Arty’, luck won’t have a place in our match because the Superstar of the Year is walking out of Sin City victorious whether you like it or not.

    No, my target- my real target ever since I stepped foot in this company has been Jman.

    Kyojin grips the steel.

    Kyojin: Because I know I have what it takes to end him.

    Kyojin lets go of the steel as the fans boo loudly.

    Kyojin: And you know it too! Do not get any of your reactions mixed up, you all know what I’m capable of in this ring. That’s why, in just my second show back, I’m booked in the main event against a man that is a legend in this company. A stalwart of JBW.

    And in this steel cage, I’m going to destroy him once and for-


    Jman’s music hits and the crowd explodes with cheers as he comes out onto the stage. Mic in hand, already in his ring gear, J walks down the ramp with his eyes locked on Kyojin. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, J ignores the open cage door and, instead, begins climbing the cage. This get a whole new round of cheers from the crowd and a smirk from Kyo. Feet dangling into the ring, Jman sits atop the cell, eyes Kyojin, and begins to speak.

    Jman: Two months ago, Kyo, just before I decided to leave this business, when I was begging for a reason to leave this business, I wanted you to be the one to end my career once and for all. Not Shuriken, not Ma$$, not anybody I’ve shared that JBW locker room with. You. You know why? Because, when we’re talking about natural ability, you’re the most talented guy I’ve ever been in this ring with.

    That gets some boos from the crowd but J rolls on.

    Jman: They’ll boo, Kyo, but they know it. So, you can bitch about the position I put you in with IWA all you want but, like you said, tonight, you’ll get exactly what you want. Tonight, my friend…

    J hops down from atop the cage and lands on his feet before finishing that sentence.

    Jman: Tonight, with the lights at their brightest, in the biggest free TV match JBW has had in a long while, you and I will be surrounded by this unforgiving steel and you, Kyojin, will have as good an opportunity as you’ll ever have to end my career and cement your budding legacy.

    Jman approaches Kyojin a little more closely before speaking again.

    Jman: I know how important your legacy is to you, Kyo, and I know you see me as the guy that’s standing in its way. But, in order to accomplish that goal, you’ll be facing the best Jman you’ve ever faced.

    The crowd pops big time for that as J continues.

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    Jman: In IWA, you were Doctor Jack Kevorkian and I was looking to commit career suicide. Tonight, though, begins my second act as a professional wrestler. I’m excited to move back into the world of JBW, but there’s one thing, one loose end, one obstacle I need to deal with first. And that’s you, K-

    Kyojin: That’s the Superstar of the Year!

    The fans boo loudly.

    Kyojin: And for my legacy, for all of what I have ever achieved, for all of what you have ever achieved. Tonight is your big chance to get back into this game. For the entirety of our careers Jman, we have gone one-on-one twice.

    Kyojin holds up two fingers on his right hand into Jman’s face, still holding the microphone with said hand.

    Kyojin: You’ve beaten me once.

    Kyo moves his left hand up with one finger up, dropping one finger from his right hand.

    Kyojin: And I have beaten you once.

    The fans boo loudly as Kyojin drops his left hand and moves the microphone back to his mouth.

    Kyojin: Tonight Jman, you’re returning to this ring for the very first time properly in two months. You’ve been nothing but a shell of yourself for the last eight weeks, tonight is your real time return. And the thing is, you need this much, much more than I do. Tonight, you’ve gotta be hungrier than I, you’ve gotta be more determined than I and you’ve simply got to be better than I.

    Why? For two reasons. Number one, this is it for you. Your final run. You’ve seen them all come and you’ve seen them all go. You admit yourself that you have never come up against anybody as good as I am, and I’ll return that statement. I’ve faced a hell of a lot of guys. Van Hooligan X, Mike Hawk, Darius, Mr. Smyth, Chris Divine, Shaz, Orion Slayde. Those guys are the next generation. And I’ve beaten them all.

    But then you have your generation. Guys like Matt Elder, Tai Nights, William Carlin, Grind Bastard, Artemis Eclipse. I’ve beaten them all as well. Hell, I’ve even faced Ma$$dinero, and sure I lost but I can stand up and say that not one of them has what you have Jman.

    You are the best man I have ever fought in this ring- bar none.

    The fans give Kyojin a cheer out of respect.

    Kyojin: And the second reason, well it’s simple. This is JBW. We fought in IWA before and despite the way those fans reacted to you there, they will never be able to love and appreciate Jman like the fans of JBW do. IWA fans try their very hardest to do so but JBW fans are the guys who know the real Jman more than anybody.

    This company has seen your very highest triumphs, but it’s also seen you slump to lows you never knew you could. This company is your hunting ground Jman. Now ICW/IWA, that’s my hunting ground. I made my name there and branched out. You did the same from here.

    So the simple fact of the matter is Jman...

    Kyo takes a step forward into Jman’s face.

    I wanted to destroy you at home.

    The fans explode with boos as Kyo smiles vindictively like only he can.

    Kyojin: And tonight-

    Jman: Tonight, you have that opportunity. But maybe opportunity is the wrong word for what you have in front of you tonight, Kyo. It’s a great opportunity, sure, but it’s also a great burden. You’re trying to come in to my professional home, the place where the fans know me better than I know myself, and you’re vowing to end my career?

    Most men, Kyojin, men I respect, wouldn’t dare attempt what you’re so steadfastly committed to doing tonight. Most men would wilt under that burden. But, look at you, you want this. Whatever comes later tonight, you want it. And you know what, man? I respect the hell out of you for that.

    The crowd actually pops at that and Kyojin gives a slight nod.

    Jman: But, y’know, that’s your undoing.

    An even bigger pop goes up and Kyo goes back to staring a hole through J.

    Jman: You’re right, this is my last run. Three months, six months, a year from now, I’m done. Before then, though, I have things I want to do. And, hell, in the end, you might be the guy that puts me away. You damn near did it once. But, tonight?

    Tonight I’m too fired up by the emotion in this building, too optimistic about the future of JBW, too focused on being a part of that future and too aware that this is the culmination of a great rivalry in my career to let it all slip away.

    The crowd pops for that as J rolls along.

    Jman: There’s one match in my career that I measure every other contest against, Kyo: Shuriken versus Jman for the WARfare World Heavyweight Championship at Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia.

    The mention of that match gets a healthy response from the capacity crowd.

    Jman: No match I’ll ever have, I don’t think, will measure up to that one in my mind. Tonight, though, for all the reasons we’ve said, is going to be damn close. Closer than Death Row, any World title defense, or any contest I’ve ever had.

    Jman walks over to a wall of the cage and hooks his fingers through gaps in the steel before speaking again.

    Jman: And, y’know, you’re half right about me following you here, Kyo. The morning after I signed, R(ob) sent me a text saying he was looking to sign you. He wasn’t sure, but I knew you’d come. And, when you did, I wanted to show up right behind you. I wanted to plant that seed in management’s head. So, last week, I sat in my car and made sure you were here before I came in. When I saw you show up on the screen of my phone, I knew it was time. Not because I wanted to steal your thunder, though. No, I timed my return that way so management could connect the dots. And, obviously…

    J looks at Kyojin and the cage around them before continuing.

    Jman: See, my friend, there’s nothing I want more than to have this main event tonight. I’ll do anything the walls of this structure allow me to in order to win it. I know you will too. We both have too much riding on this, too much invested in it, to have it any other way.

    Kyojin cocks his head slightly and nods his head. He brings the microphone back up to his lips while still nodding his head.

    Kyojin: And that’s why despite everything you did, I can’t help but show some respect for you Jman.

    The fans in the arena give Kyojin a pop for that.

    Kyojin: Because no matter what happens tonight, I know that you know I’m going to be the saviour of JBW.

    The fans explode with boos as Jman stiffens up a little. He doesn’t turn to look at Kyojin but his body language has clearly changed.

    Kyojin: Because that’s something you couldn’t do, could you J? You tried and failed to lead this company to success- how you put all of that desire to be in this ring aside and got behind the General Manager desk and called the shots. How you gave up all of this to go and do that. You tried so hard to make it work J. And the thing is, you were so close.

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    But then you bottled it.

    The fans boo louder than they have all segment as Jman turns furiously and storms into Kyo’s face, pressing his head against Kyo’s forehead. Kyo smiles vindictively once more as he brings the microphone back up to his lips.

    Kyojin: Touchy, touchy. What is it J? Guilty conscience? You see, for all of these fans- you’re this hero. You’re a guy that is one of the biggest legends JBW has ever produced and you always remember where you come from- that’s why none of these people could ever boo what you do.

    Despite the fact that last year, you decided to jump ship and join Ma$$dinero in your ‘hate campaign’ of this company in a stable where you needed four other guys to hide the fact that you were really nothing more than a sidekick to Ma$$dinero.

    And the thing is J, what makes me laugh the most is that you’re a surefire number one choice for the hall of fame when JBW does that...but would you be if they knew the real you?

    Kyo backs up with a smile on his face as Jman looks ready to fly at Kyo.

    Kyojin: Do they know the man who eight weeks ago walked out on this company? Do they know the man who decided one day that he was going to let this company DIE? No, no they don’t. But I do. I know exactly what you are Jman.

    And that’s why tonight, I’m going to not only be doing this for myself, I’m going to be doing it for all of these people. Because they need to be taught a lesson in how much of a bitch you truly are!

    The fans explode with boos once more but Kyojin laughs it off and continues.

    Kyojin: And who better than the Superstar of the Year to teach them that lesson? Who better than the man after tonight will have a new nickname...the man who ended Jman...

    Kyojin walks forwards and gets nose to nose to J.

    ...For good.

    J looks as if he’s about to bring the fight to Kyojin but, instead, he backs up a step and gets a wild smile on his face.

    Jman: Hahaha! You want to end me, you son of a bitch?! Go ahead. End me. Because, you know what, it won’t accomplish shit. Your best shot at ending JBW- that’s your real endgame, right?- has come and gone, pal. You say I was close to getting things back on track? Really? Because all I heard were complaints. “It too much like HWA.” Jman’s on TV too much.” Why aren’t I getting a title shot?” “Why’s he main eventing?” “Y’know, maybe it’d be better if we just closed up shop.” Fuck that, man.

    Jman paces around the ring as Kyojin laughs at his tirade. J continues to pace the ring as he speaks again in a wild tone.

    Jman: Putting myself in some position of leadership that, haha, obviously, I wasn’t fucking prepared for, Team Fuck It, they were both sad little attempts to make JBW relevant again. That’s all the last year and a half has been. Me leaving, a guy who actually knows what he’s doing coming in, it’s the best goddamned thing that’s happened to this company since 2011.

    J stops pacing, more relaxed now, and approaches Kyojin again. J leans on the ropes five feet from Kyo’ and speaks in a calmer tone.

    Jman: This-what we’re doing right now- this is all JBW’s needed for a year and a half. Two guys who hate each other and respect each other all the same, ready to square off. They *motions to the crowd* know bullshit when they see it and, for the large part, from myself and other people of power in this company, that’s what they’ve been fed. They’ve been lied to endlessly, they’ve sat through half-baked television shows, matches, promos….all of it. The guys in the back, most of them anyway, stopped caring. Myself included.

    But this, what they’re getting for a main event tonight, is the exact opposite from all that, isn’t it?

    Jman looks over at a nodding Kyojin and closes the gap between them before continuing on.

    Jman: They’ll have all kinds of moments to look back on early in Rob and George’s tenure as the moment that put JBW back on track. Jose winning the title, Black and Blood going nuts, Sag winning the US title…Whatever. The people watching at home tonight, though? The sellout here? They’ll remember Kyojin versus Jman settling the score inside the steel cage.

    A huge pop goes up at that.

    Jman: Or, maybe, they’ll remember Kyojin ending the career of JBW’s favorite son.

    The crowd boos that tremendously as Kyojin smiles.

    Jman: Or, just maybe, they’ll remember tonight as the night that Jman, with a heavy heart, ended the promising career of the2012 Superstar of the Year, Kyojin.

    A massive pop goes up from most of the crowd goes up at that, but Kyojin doesn’t look pleased.

    Jman: Whatever happens, though, Kyo, the fans who were paying attention will remember this as the night that JBW truly found itself again. And they’ll remember us, no matter if we both survive or not, as the guys responsible for that resurgence.

    Pat: You can feel the tension here. What a helluva main event we have tonight, Duds!

    Dudley: This will be utterly incredible. This match is the stuff of what legends are made of.


    Kyojin = Christian/Jman = Randy Orton - start at 5:38, stop at 9:27

    Pat: As we've watched this match unfold, we've seen Kyojin stick to a simple M.O. that revolves around one word: escape. Since the opening bell, Kyojin has made a break for the cage, not wanting to engage JMan at all - but JMan has managed to keep him in the ring, in the cage -

    Dudley: For now, Patty! See, while you lowbrow, mouthbreathers out there assume Kyo's just being a coward, you miss his true strategy: messing with JMan. JMan has to be on his feet to try and stop Kyojin from getting outta the cage - he's gotta be scrambling all the time, we'll call him "Eggs" before this is over with, but my point is that he is not being given a moment to rest or plan or regroup. It's really Kyo who's got JMan running scared!

    Kyojin continues to pound away on JMan with measured fists from the mount, slowly, deliberately. Until JMan catches a punch and retaliates with one of his own. Kyojin retreats and JMan gets to his feet - only to take a running leg lariat from Kyojin off the ropes. JMan falls to the mat, and Kyo stands up quickly - first looking at the door of the cage... then slowly looking down at JMan on the mat...

    Pat: A clean opportunity to make a break for the exit - but Kyojin's ego would never allow him to pass up a chance to capitalize on a fallen opponent like this!

    Dudley: Can you blame the man for wanting to make a highlight reel moment? Or have you forgotten - Kyo is the one and only True Master of Pure Wrestling? And part of that includes knowing how to manipulate your opponent - and how to make the most out of every moment!

    Kyo, quick as a hiccup, ascends to the top of the nearest turnbuckle... and takes a moment to soak in all the boos and disapproval that the crowd can throw at him.

    But JMan is up on his feet - and yanks the feet out from underneath Kyojin! Kyojin spills awkwardly - and lands in a heap in the ring! He tries to stand as fast as he can - flying clothesline from JMan puts him back down! Kyojin scrambles back up - JMan palms his head and keeps running... dome to the steel cage!

    Pat: Holy God what a shot! JMan just bounced Kyojin's face off the steel cage wall! Now we're getting
    into JMan’s wheelhouse - pure physicality! JMan wants to take a direct approach - put the hurt on Kyojin right away, break him down - I'll even bet that JMan won't want to try for an escape - he'll want a pin or submission tonight!

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    Kyojin holds his face as he writhes on the mat in pure pain - screaming and cursing at JMan! JMan closes in on Kyojin - Kyo wards him off with a double-handed rake to the face! Buys himself some distance, Kyojin comes off the ropes with the Truth Hurts kick - and JMan is down!

    Kyojin stumbles up to his feet and heads for the door - JMan grabs his ankle! Kyojin struggles to get away, screaming at JMan to let go and give up - JMan twists the ankle, dragging Kyojin to the mat with authority!

    Dudley: No, no, no, this isn't how the story goes! That loser JMan should have been out like school in summer after that move! There is no way!

    Pat: Can't count out the veteran wherewithal and toughness of JMan, Duds - you're talking about a man who's damn near done it all - I can't see JMan going down as easily as you think he will, not in the least! Looks like he's trying to lock in a heel hold on Kyojin –

    Kyojin spins out of the hold, kicks JMan in the face, breaks for the door - JMan catches him, throws him into the steel cage again! And Kyojin is back at square one, with JMan in the driver's seat!

    Kyojin scrambles again - but with no direction, blinded by pain - JMan catches him again, tries for a suplex - Kyojin stops him by hitting a knee to JMan’s head mid-lift, escapes the suplex, cinches in a headlock on JMan! JMan powers forward, going for another toss to the cage wall - Kyojin instead latches onto the cage wall and begins to climb!

    Dudley: Aha! See that? The Master himself! Kyojin knew he would be tossed at the cage again, and knew how to turn it to his advantage! JMan just cost himself this match baby!

    Kyojin's feet are resting on the top rope as he finds his balance, still shaky from the action - JMan shakes the ropes, and Kyojin falls to the mat!

    Pat: What was that you were saying Dudley - JMan cost himself the match you say? Looks a little different from here!

    Dudley: You SHUT UP!

    JMan lifts Kyojin to his feet - and Kyojin thanks him with a headbutt to the face and a mule kick to the torso in quick succession! Locks JMan up in a front facelock -

    Dudley: YES! Brainbuster! Kyo loves to rattle brains with that brainbuster he pulls out - even if JMan doesn't really have any brains, but it's cool - just put JMan down for a sec, make a break for it -


    Kyojin goes down hard, dropping JMan... and behind them stands...

    Pat: Artemis Eclipse!!! What the hell!?!

    Artemis holds his kendo stick in one hand and with the other unhooks the rappelling cable from himself... a manic, inhumanly driven look in his eye as he looks at Kyojin laid out on the mat. JMan gets up, surprised to see Eclipse but ready to fight nevertheless - fires off Good Match, Let's Go Eat!
    Eclipse sidesteps it, swinging the kendo stick into JMan's crotch with force! JMan crumples to the canvas, Eclipse lays in with frenzied strikes to JMan’s head and back! Kyojin is seen slowly trying to crawl away and avoid notice... and fails! Eclipse lights into him like a rabid Doberman, taking the kendo stick to him with the same venom that he did on JMan!

    Dudley: OMG this... is... INSANE! The Bostonian Badass just pulled a Sting on us and came down here and DAMN! He just wasted these fools with his trusty little friend there! And just look at this dude's face... Artemis is on a mission here!

    Pat: But what is that mission? What the hell is Artemis doing here - and why did he just beat the crap out of Kyojin and JMan???

    The boos hit a new level as Artemis Eclipse stands with one foot on top of both JMan and Kyojin piled together, one arm raised with his kendo stick as he casts a baleful look out at the crowd as the show goes over.

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    WARFARE (07) – JULY 20TH, 2013

    As the cameras pan around the arena and fireworks go off, we come to Pat and Dudley who are settling down in their seats and putting their headsets on.

    Pat: WE ARE LIVE!!! RIGHT HERE AT THE STAPLES CENTER IN CALIFORNIA!! Welcome to WARFARE ladies and gentlemen!! As always I’m Pat and sitting next to me is thankfully the one and only Dudley! Luck Of The Draw was one of the most intense and crazy Pay-Per-Views this company has ever had! We have so many new Champions because of it, you can’t even shake a stick at them!

    New United States Champion, New Intercontinental Champion, New Bombshell Champion and most importantly, NEW JBW CHAMPION! That just goes to show you. No matter how hard you train for an opponent, if you don’t know what type of match you’re having beforehand, you’re still going in as blind as a bat truthfully. These men and woman went all out at Luck Of The Draw. We had a Hell In A Cell match, a Last Man Standing Triple Threat match, a Barbed Wire match, A Texas Bullrope match and oh so many more!

    Dudley: I can say, that Pay-Per-View blew my mind! With a few debuts, and a crazy amount of off the wall maneuvers… these people put their lives on the line at Luck Of The Draw and I’m sure tonight we’ll see the effects its had on them. They went through hell and I’m glad I’m not a wrestler because of it! Now when…. Wait a minute… lookie who we have here.

    As Dudley begins smiling like a sheep, JBW owner R(ob) has made his way onto the stage and begins smiling. He has a mic in his hands and the audience gives a warm welcome to him. He smiles and begins talking:

    R(ob): I do believe LUCK OF THE DRAW was a complete rousing success!

    The audience cheers.

    R(ob): That brings me out here to announce part one of a major announcement. Summer Harris will be out here AFTER the show goes off the air to announce part two. So with that said, make sure as soon as the show goes off, you go to JBW.COM to see the live feed of what the announcement will bring. So, let me explain my portion. We are proud to announce the July Pay-Per-View event, BATTLE TACTICS!! This is an exciting brand new concept that I’ve had planned since April when I took over.

    Here’s the deal… eight teams of four men will compete in a tournament throughout the night in elimination matches. Much like the WWE’s Survivor Series is set up. Two rings will be set up and there will be a roofed cage, much like how WCW’s War Games was set up. In the ring, four teams will compete at once. Once every member is eliminated from a team, the remaining team will wait for one of the other two teams to be eliminated in the other ring.

    After that, the two remaining teams will go against each other and whoever has a sole survivor or more will gain the victory for their team and move on to the next round. We repeat this process once more with four more teams entering and only one team leaving. After those two remaining teams battle it out to see which team reigns supreme, a briefcase will then descend above the roofed cage.

    The last team remaining will then go one on one with each other in a battle to escape the cage and make it to the top to grab the briefcase first. Whoever gets the briefcase will have to make a decision. They will get the opportunity THAT NIGHT to take on the JBW Champion OR they get to hold onto the briefcase for up to six months!!!

    The audience cheers massively at this announcement as R(ob) goes to speak again familiar music begins playing…


    Hawks music hits to a loud applause for the crowd mixed in with some screams from more passionate fans and Hawk comes out with a mic in hand the the TV title around his waist. He stops at R(ob) and begins talking to him. They both shake their head and R(ob) says something into Hawk’s ear. Hawk looks at R(ob) quizzical and continues down the ramp, high fiving the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. Once Hawk gets to the ring, he climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and takes off the title and holds it high in the air for the crowd to see and takes in the reaction a bit before speaking.

    Hawk: Last night, the ratings expectations for JBTV's primetime event broke the barrier the experts predicted and buys went through the roof. The dirt sheets are still reporting every bit of information they can get their hands on just to get some hits on their sites. And do you know what one of the hottest topics that night was? My spectacular springboard to retrieve my title the hands of those hyenas.

    Of course now I have run into a problem. After that stunt, my title reign just set the bar higher for myself and now I need to find a way to produce more exciting TV for the viewers of JBTV. So how about this proposition for to shake things up a bit. From now on, I will be a star for the viewers and defend the JBTV title on free TV from now on!

    The crowd goes nuts at the announcement and Hawk soaks in some cheers before calming them down to speak.

    Through this new initiative, every week I'm on JBTV will now truly the most must see segments JBW has to offer. I will get to add more fallen competitors to my guest star wall of shame and continue to build up my reputation as the greatest TV champion in JBW history until no one in the back can deny it. Now then, to kick off this historic initiative, I need to find an opponent with a strong background to show you everyone I mean business.

    Mr. Smyth!

    The fans explode with boos as Mr. Smyth appears on the staging area. He walks down to the ring with a purpose, ignoring all the jeering fans he passes. He climbs the steps, enters the ring and shakes hands with Hawk. Smyth gestures for Hawk’s mike and it is given. The fans continue to boo as Smyth brings the mic up to his lips.

    Mr. Smyth: Let’s face it, Michael, when you asked for an opponent with a strong background to help you spearhead an initiative that would be a great business decision, who did you expect to come out here?

    The fans boo as Smyth slowly paces the ring.

    Mr. Smyth: Over a month ago, I said to you that you and I, one on one for that TV championship would be a great business decision. It would benefit both my objectives of taking JBW onto the next level and your desire to continually increase the ratings. Ever since then, more individuals became involved in the mix and that took away the focus from the primary attraction. These last few weeks became a farcical charade that I’ve had to ride through.

    And make no mistake; I’m not done. I told you when I returned that I wanted that title. I want the power that comes with it and the fact that you want to start this initiative of defending that title on free TV gives me that chance that I deserve.

    Smyth confronts Hawk and goes face-to-face with his adversary.

    Mr. Smyth: I want my opportunity to take that title from you, I want it one-on-one, and I want it tonight.

    The fans roar with cheers as the challenge. A “YES!” chant breaks out and echoes across the arena. Mike Hawk stares into the eyes of Smyth. Hawk looks around and takes a moment to think before answering.

    Hawk: Well Smith, when you put it that way the answer is NO!!

    The audience explode in disapproval on Hawk and Smith looks a little confused by the decision.

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    Hawk: You see I'm not trying to duck you or anything but think about bad shows on TV and what turns people off. No one wants to the same old bad guys get beat up by the star over and over again. I seek to revolutionize the TV title into something new and groundbreaking, not beat the same old guys over and over again.

    The only reason I so readily agreed to a fatal four way match last time was just to kill 3 birds with one stone. Now that I have beaten you, Muir and Romulus, I have nothing left to gain by beating you again.

    So Smith, if that's all the business you had with me, I guess our meeting here is done. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some TV endorsement deals to go sign off on in the back. As Hawk turns to walk away, St. George appears on the JABETron.

    St. George: No, no, no! You Mr. Hawk aren’t going anywhere bruva! I’m here to tell you right now, you’re going against him innit. We’re gonna take a commercial break an when we get back… Mike Hawk vs Mr. Smyth for the JBW TV Championship… ON WARFARE!!!

    The audience goes crazy as the two men in the ring stare each other down.



    Pat: Here we go,!! It's about to be Smyth versus Hawk, live, kicking off WARFARE!

    Dudley: Not that I don't like Smyth as well, but all Hawk does is rightfully state that he will defend that belt on live television, then here comes George! Talkin about, "Oh, you're gonna defend the belt right now."

    Pat: Regardless of that, we've got a TV title match kickin' off the show right now! Here we go!

    (MR. SMYTH/Dynamite Kid vs HAWK/Tiger Mask) (Stop at 15:00)

    Smyth kicks out forcefully and the crowd voices their excitement at the close nearfall!

    Hawk slowly drags Smyth up to his feet and begins kicking him in the leg with his patented quick martials arts kicks. One, two, three kicks, and then Hawk grabs the slightly stunned Smyth and runs to the ropes and bounces off of the corner with a lightning quick Tornado DDT! He once again covers Smyth, in the middle of the ring.



    Pat: Nearfall from Hawk there, he almost had him!

    Dudley: It'll take more than that!

    Smyth kicks out right after the two count as Hawk sits up off of him. Hawk pulls him to his feet, and the crowd boos loudly as Smyth thumbs Hawk in the eyes, to the admonishment of the ref. Smyth begins hitting Hawk in the face with calculated and measured right hand shots, until Hawk finally begins to fight back, shaking off the cheap tactic.

    It's back and forth shots now until Hawk begins taking the upper hand again, really peppering Smyth with stiff quick chops and backhand slaps to the face and head, as well as kicking him in the legs fiercely once again. Hawk shoves him down between the legs, signaling for the Mayhem Driver, to end it.

    Pat: LookinG to end this now!

    Dudley: He gets it and it's over!

    Smyth counters him and rises up, planting a kick in the gut of Hawk, who begins firing off right hand after right hand, along with more stiff chest chops, after returning the gut kick with his own.

    Smyth counters the flurry of punches now, and then Irish whips Hawk to the ropes and when he comes back, catches him perfectly with a Lou Thesz press, laying in shot after shot, as punches connect to the face roughly, with the tide turning once more.*

    Smyth allows him to rise, then blasts him with a heavy shot to the gut, then hooks up a double underhook backbreaker, bending Hawk across the knee from the impact.

    Smyth goes into the cover and it's good for two.

    Dudley: Another nearfall there!

    Pat: I'm surprised you're not confused who to root for!

    Smyth blasts the downed TV Champ once more, then again, and another for good measure. He ascends the second rope, shouts "Best...for business!", then poises himself to catch the rising Hawk, as he gets up slowly.

    Smyth leaps off the turnbuckle with focus as Hawk gets up, going for a spear from the second rope, but no! Hawk has rolled to the right and Smyth crashes and burns, hitting the matt! Hawk makes it to his feet and now he takes it to the top rope his own self! Hawk on the top...Hawk takes off, spinning through the air, as he rotates gracefully, coming down hard on Smyth, with the Phoenix Splash! The fans in attendance collectively gasp at the impact and once more, he sets up for The Mayhem Driver!

    Pat: He got the splash! This could be it!

    Dudley: Wait a minute! Why is he here?!?

    At first Hawk doesn't notice him, but that changes as cheers get louder, when Snair is shown on the apron! Hawk momentarily takes his eyes off of Smyth, and that split second loss of focus allows him to duck down, then quickly hoist Hawk up for The Rule, and he spins him out, planting him on the mat, face first.

    Pat: Snair distracted Hawk! Smyth looks to capitalize as he covers the stunned Hawk!





    Dudley: Hey wait a minute! Snair just screwed Hawk out the belt! You gotta be kidding me!

    Pat: And Hawk's livid! He's going right after him!

    Hawk immediately rushes Snair, tackling him to the floor and begins laying in punches of anger! Snair then manages to block a shot, and then takes over, gaining the upper hand, as he now begins peppering Hawk with mounted punches to the roaring approval of the crowd! Then continue to get more and more intense, and angrier with each other, as shots are flying in every direction, until finally, JBW security rushes in to stop the melee, getting between them.

    Hawk shouts at Snair, saying he will pay. Snair shouts back, motioning for him to bring it on. Smyth watches on with a sneer on his face, somewhat satisfied as he holds the TV Championship up high, when suddenly, Ryan Wells runs in from the blindside on him, laying Smyth out with a heavy clothesline from hell! The crowd pops huge as Wells picks up the JBW TV Championship and stares at it.

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    We go backstage where we see the JBW United States Championship shining in the light. The camera pans out to see Shuriken Blade proudly standing there with the JBW US Championship around his waist and Ms. Mayhem with a microphone.

    Ms. Mayhem: I'm here with my guest, JBW United States Champion, Ryusuke "Shuriken" Serra!

    Shuriken nods at Ms. Mayhem.

    Ms. Mayhem: Shuriken, you beat Sagittarius Blue to win the coveted JBW United States Championship. What were your thoughts?

    Shuriken: First and foremost, I want to thank Sagittarius for giving his all in the ring. He has a bright future in this business and he will be extremely known here in JBW. Coming from me, he will be the top guy. The young guy has a burning spirit as hot as the sun. I felt it for a long while and I want to take this time and say that. Sagittarius. Let's have another match soon. I know the audience will enjoy it.

    Audience pops loud.

    Shuriken: Now, as being United States Champion, I am happy. I hold a prestigious title. The greats held this title and I am honored to carry this championship. I will defend this title against anyone… from Sagittarius to Sleeper. Even that Chihuahua’s steroided freak Ano Doom, I will not back down. Sleeper. You and I had our dance in a Street Fight. Now....we meet again. I am hyped! I am excited! For you to be my next challenger.....I am very happy to know that. I hope that we can push each other to our limits again. And with this title on the line....we will go even further!

    Audience cheers loud.

    Ms. Mayhem: What are your thoughts of tonight? You are going to face JMan in a match. He’s pretty banged up and who knows how he’s feeling but, will this bring up some animosity from the past?

    Shuriken: I actually have no animosity against JMan. The guy was my former tag team championship partner. But I know that is for certain: he can't beat me in the shape and mindset he’s in now. And now that I have this championship, I have to meet expectations. Losing is not an option, especially as champion.

    I have to give it my all and show the world that if I am going to lose this championship, I want the very best competition to take it off my hands. JMan, good luck tonight… you'll need it, "partner".

    Ms. Mayhem: Thank you for your time!

    Shuriken: No problem. Anytime.

    With that, we go to outside somewhere in California. Malcolm Cage can be seen walking down Hollywood Boulevard. He is walking through a crowd and everything is happening around him; tourist's snapping pictures, characters running around. Cage is walking and turns around to the camera and continues to walk backwards. Cage starts to talk as he holds his JBW Championship over his shoulder.

    Cage: Hollywood. Bright lights, big city. This is where the pinnacle of entertainment greatness is found, crafted, shown... immortalized. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. You can write the story of your life with success on the grandest stage. You don't have to do the searching anymore.

    Cage turns around and continues walking. There is a cut to another camera that is in front of him.

    Cage: All of the sudden, you are the wanted, you are the sought after. You are the one that people want to see... on their TV, on their wall, on their cereal boxes. You are the one who gets to turn people away, the one who says no to everyone. No longer are you denied, no longer are you rejected. You are the famed, you are the face, you are the champion of your domain... the champion...

    Cage stops in the middle of the side walk and squats down toward the ground. There is another cut to a camera that is closer to the ground. Cage puts his hand on the ground next to a star.

    Cage: Greatness... Immortalized... This is not just a championship, this is glory... this is honor... this is greatness... THIS IS IMMORTALIZATION!

    The history books will show forever of my greatness, I am the top of the mountain. I have climbed from the bottom. I paid my dues, just as everyone on this sidewalk has. I worked my ass of for everything. I no longer walk behind them, but with them. I am alongside the greats, and from now on, my name will be spoken with them... and the great thing about it is... We Are Just Getting Started!

    Malcolm winks at the camera and smiles as we fade back into the arena where we see Barbie sitting next to Artemis. She’s rubbing his shoulders with a sad look on her face.

    Barbie: You okay?

    Artemis: Hell no. I lost at Luck Of The Draw, I lost before that at Raging Inferno. I’m nowhere even near a good mood. I’m in a shit ton of pain too. Everything feels like it hurts and I just want to sleep everything away. Screw Kyo, JMan and Van. Those three guys seem to always be thorns in my damn side. I’m going to take them out one by one. Bank on it.

    Barbie: You feel up to walking me to the ring tonight still?

    Artemis: I will. I don’t have any sort of problem with that. It’s just going to be uncomfortable.

    Barbie: Yay! I’m glad you’re coming with me. There’s no one else I’d want out there with me when I beat that whore Eden’s ass to become the new #1 Contender to the Bombshell Championship! She doesn’t deserve it and I’ll be taking it from the skank!

    Artemis: You see that? Awesome. This is why so many months ago I courted you. I knew we would be special together. Fuck, man. Match made in heaven. Not like your freak ass sister and her ridiculous idiot of a bondage numbnuts.

    Barbie: The runt will get hers. Tonight, we worry about me out there.

    She pulls him close.

    Barbie: And later on, I’ll worry about you.

    Artemis smiles through his mask as they embrace passionately. The camera fades to another part of the arena. We see The Sleeper sitting in a locker room. He’s putting peroxide on one of his many open wounds from LOTD. He looks up and notices Guy standing there.

    The Sleeper: Where’d you come from puto?

    Guy: Umm… the door?

    The Sleeper: Yeah, yeah… si, si, si. Look, I don’t have time to be talkin’ to you hommes.

    Guy: Why not?

    The Sleeper: Look… I have things on my mind esse. R(ob) just announced something, a piece of history. Once in a lifetime. My opportunity to become JBW Champion! I mean, I get Shuriken again in August but c’mon! Who don’t want to be JBW Champion homie?

    Chris Diamond comes into the room smiling.

    Diamond: JBW Champion you say? I think you’re looking at your next one… RIGHT HERE!! I completely took out Darius at Luck Of The Draw and I believe I’m in line for a nice Championship around my waist.

    Diamond gets in front of Sleeper when Holy Jose comes from out of the corner.

    Holy Jose: I’ve been here the whole damn time! You two sicken me! You think the JBW Championship is something just given to you? It’s something you have to fight for! Bleed for… and I lost it. I lost it because of K-Jammin’s ineptness and Romanflare’s assholeness! But it’s still mine! If ANYONE deserves it… ITS ME!!
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    Holy gets into their faces, they all begin arguing as suddenly, just like a few weeks before, St. George breaks through the door with his foot.

    St. George:Lawd above! All dis con'ender bullshi' is ge'in' on me nerves!! Everyone wants ter be number one con'ender! Everyone wants ter fight an' fight an' fight! ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!! All ov yew move! NOW!!, innit.

    George, along with two security guards, begin herding Sleeps, Jose, and Diamond, all still in street clothes, out toward the ring. JBW Senior Referee Willie Willie runs ahead of them and bursts through the curtain to a small pop from the longtime JBW smarks in attendance as he slides into the ring. Willie is followed closely by George and his security force chasing three very confused wrestlers into the ring.

    Dudley: Wait, this is actually happening? Triple threat? Right now?

    Pat: I-I think so, Duds. George means business here.

    As if to answer the commentary team’s question, St. George takes a seat at the timekeepers table, grabs the ring bell, and rings it three times in rapid succession.

    Dudley: Okay then.

    Pat: There’s your answer. Triple threat action, right now!


    (DIAMOND/Orton vs HOLY JOSE/ Cena vs THE SLEEPER/Triple H)

    Pat: There goes Jose shoulder first into the ring post!

    Dudley: Nice move by Sleeps, but he better not turn around…

    Pat: He did, right into a big clothesline by Diamond. Cover!




    Diamond is up first, but Sleeps follows closely behind. The Prodigy, though, forces the veteran Sleeper into the corner with some punches and works him over there with some boots to the gut.Once Sleeps is softened up, Diamond whips him to the opposite corner and looks for a Stinger Splash, but Vegas’ favorite son moves out of the way, and Diamond winds up eating turnbuckle. Sleeps uses his newfound advantage perfectly and looks for a rollup on Diamond, grabbing his jean pocket for leverage.




    The Prodigy muscles out at two and a half. As both men nip up, they hear cheers from the crowd. Those cheers, as Diamond and Sleeper find out when they turn around, are for Jose, who is perched on the top rope. He launches, crossbody style, flies to the middle of the ring, and flattens his two competitors. Jose can’t cover either man, though, so Willie Willie starts a ten count with all three men down.




    Jose begins to stir…



    Jose is to one knee, Sleeper is stirring…


    ???: Oh, just stop the match!

    Pat: Who the-

    Dudley: Pamich!

    There are some marginal boos for Israel Pamich as he walks onto the stage. He ignores them, though, and continues making his point.

    Pamich: None of the talentless hacks in that ring deserve a chance at the JBW Championship. I do. I beat that waste of a roster spot Antonyo Angelo at Luck of the Draw and I’m the future of this comp-

    ???: Nigga, please!

    RedruM’s instantly recognizable voice elicits a big pop from the crowd as he steps through the curtain.

    RedruM: None of you niggas out here right here right now deserve shit. Especially you, Pambitch. If we talkin’ ‘bout JBW title contenders, I’m yo’ nigga, Georgie!

    Pat: What next? Samuel Ka$hmen?

    ???: Bruvas, are you high or sumtin’?

    Dudley: Hahaha! Good call, Patty.

    Ka$hmen, ironically enough with a blunt hanging from his lips, is met by chants of “We Want Ma$$!” as he walks onto the stage, five paces behind Redrum.

    Ka$hmen: Seriously, bruvs, ‘dis ain’t even a conversation. I’m the legend. I’m the icon. I’m the next world fookin’ champion!

    Dudley: Don’t do drugs, kids….

    Pat: Hahaha!

    With that, Pamich slides into the ring, followed a second later by ‘rum and a second after that by Ka$hmen. The tree men in the scheduled match, all of whom were watching the spectacle on the ramp, are now fighting each other and the new arrivals in a 6-way free for all. George, still at the timekeepers table, begins repeatedly hammering the ring bell with one hand and waving for security with the other.

    And for the second time tonight, to the dismay of the crowd, a small army of arena and JBW security come streaming down the ramp. They gain control of the situation in the ring fairly quickly, even if a few of them eat punches and elbows for their efforts, and it’s on that image that we fade to break.

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    We come back to see St. George standing in the middle of the ring holding a microphone.

    St. George: Look… I’m tired of this. People are getting hurt. People are being messed with. Next week’s WARFARE will be something different, something special bruva. I’m dubbing it… “CHAMPIONSHIP WARFARE”!!! One night, one rumble. Two entrants begin, every 60 seconds, another one enters.

    Whoever wins the rumble will get to face Malcolm Cage at COUNTDOWN! One night before whoever wins the tournament at BATTLE TACTICS.
    That’s right. We could see Malcolm Cage defend his JBW Championship two times in two days. Have fun.

    St. George drops the mic and walks out of the ring. The Camera goes backstage, focusing on JBW's own Ms. Mayhem…

    Ms. Mayhem: Please welcome my guest at this time, the dealer of Luck Of the Draw, and JBW's newest competitor, The Vegas Kid!

    The view zooms out, showing a man standing next to Ms. Mayhem, his back to the camera, allowing the audience ample time to soak in the Gold suit, a design on the back of the Jack of Hearts, done in glittering stones. On the feet of this magnificently overwrought man, are what look like snakeskin cowboy boots, but surely there are no royal purple snakes to be found anywhere on this planet.

    The man spins around, his hair, died to match his boots, flipping around to reveal a royal purple dress shirt, open to the chest, and a belt made of the same mystery animal that donated his skin for the boots. He smiles at the camera, his hand going smoothly to cup the side of Ms. Mayhem's jaw, she looks at him confused as he turns and winks at her, pulling his hand away to reveal the Queen of Diamonds, his signature scrawled across the surface. Without a word he hands the card to her.

    Ms. Mayhem: Wow, thank you. Well, let's get started right away, first off, what made you decide to be the dealer for the Blackjack game at Luck of the Draw?

    TVK: The cards speak in tunes, to those that can hear. like mystical runes, if you hold them quite dear. To me they've been friends, through all of my days, so far back that it blends to the Halcyon days. As for why I dealt that special game? Was simply to teach JBW my name. Was the perfect match, as I'm sure you'll agree. and at my special moment, all eyes were on me.

    Ms. Mayhem: They indeed were, now I heard just earlier tonight that you have signed on to a full time contract here in JBW, what is it that brings you here?

    TVK: You ask why I'm here, as if I can say, what it is that makes me desire to stay, to hear my name chanted through this arena, spitting better rhymes than that punk John Cena. The Kid's here for riches, glory and fame. Here to rise to the very top of my game. Right now I'm the Jack, a single agitator, soon enough I'll be king, the graceful Dominator.

    Ms. Mayhem: So you say you want to make a name for yourself, but what is it that sets you apart from all the other rookies flooding to the revitalized JBW?

    TVK: The Kid's got three things that set me apart, and turn what I do into works of art. First is my Skill in survivin the world, and succeedin in places no other man could. Next is Charisma as it's plain to see, I got so much it rolls off of me. I am the full package, never you doubt, whether I'm inside that ring or out. Which brings us to my favorite quality, sealing that winning trinity.

    The Vegas Kid stops, Ms. Mayhem leaning towards him almost as if ready to kiss him as she stops, catching herself.

    Ms. Mayhem: What is that third quality, if I may ask?

    TVK: That answer's been plain to see for a while, the thing I've got in spades is pure Style! My flow is as pure as a natural spring, and it works it's way into everything. My style's addictive, spawning countless clones, but they don't feel it, not deep in their bones. I'm one of a kind, never forget, a night with me is never regret.

    Ms. Mayhem: Are you saying?

    The Vegas Kid nods, taking Ms. Mayhem's hand and pulling her off screen as the camera cuts back to the commentary desk, Pat and Dudley both with shocked looks on their faces.

    Pat: Are they about to?

    Dudley: That slut!

    We go back outside the arena and catch up with Malcolm Cage again. He is walking down another street. This street is darker than the previous one as it seems that the day has turned to night. A camera is following him as he talks with his face forward.

    Malcolm Cage: At Luck of the Draw I beat Holy Jose, a guy who came up when I did, a guy who got his start right here in JBW, just like me. I beat him twice for two different titles, two titles that he didn't deserve and two titles that I held and will hold for longer than he did.
    This JBW Championship has been held by legends of our time and a time before us. I made it my goal, my job, to be in that league, to be on that tier of greatness. And here I am holding the title that they fought for, the title that I have had dreams about holding.

    Cage continues to walk as the camera cuts to another camera in front of Cage.

    Malcolm Cage: FINALLY... I have that dream in my hands. FINALLY... I have made it to the top tier. FINALLY... I am king!

    Malcolm Cage has gone by many names, Rehmix... The Ultimate Underdog... The Caged Assassin... but now, Malcolm Cage will go by only one name, the only name that is going to matter. I... Am... CHAMPION. JBW is finally under rightful reign. JBW finally has a new face to rely on. JBW finally has someone that it can count on, someone who won't quit, someone who has been here from the beginning. Someone who has never left in the ups and downs. I AM THE ONLY ONE LEFT! AND I AM THE ONLY ONE HOLDING THIS BELT NOW!

    Malcolm Cage stops at the end of the road and the camera in front of him stops with him.

    Malcolm Cage: I am the JBW Champion! And no one does it better than ME!

    Cage walks past the camera which spins around and watches him walk away toward a building, the camera pans up and it we see that Cage is heading toward The Staples Center. The crowd pops as it seems that the Champion is in the building tonight.

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