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    Now all four men are on their feet - Sleeper and Shuriken in the ring, Sagittarius and Shaz outside. Shaz and Sleeper are going at it in a war of words - Shuriken and Sagittarius simply staring each other down. Sagittarius looks over at Shaz - which catches Shaz's attention. And he looks back...

    Pat: And now we have another rivalry on our hands here! Shaz and Blue have history as well - their paths first crossed in TWE, then in IWA, and now here it looks like their own feud may continue! But what does this mean for the match?

    Shaz shoves Blue and asks "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE LOOKING AT JUNIOR?!" Blue looks down... then looks at Shaz... And then tackles him to the floor!

    Dudley: Damn, so we get two fights for the price of one! Best BOGO deal I've seen all month!

    The two scrap it out fiercely, with the fans enjoying every moment! In the ring, Shuriken turns back to his business at hand - straight into a fierce superkick from Sleeper! Sleeper holds up his trademark "LV" before lifting Shuriken for Sleepytime! But Shuriken escapes out the back door, hooks up Sleeper and lifts him for a tiger suplex! But Sleeper rolls forward and turns it into a forward roll prawn pin!



    Thr-NO! Shuriken kicks out! Sleeper stands him up and tries again for Sleepytime - Shuriken shuts him down and throws him for the ropes! Sleeper jumps as he gets to the ropes, landing on the top rope - reverse spaceman plancha on Shuriken

    But Shuriken leaps up, catching Sleeper with an anti-air spear! And transitions directly into a soul-splitting spinebuster that can be heard through the whole arena! Into the pin! The cover--




    Pat: And with that Shuriken Blade wins it! What a helluva match! Wait…

    As Shuriken gets up, Sagittarius makes it back into the ring. Shuriken and Sagittarius stare each other down and begin mouthing off. While they’re doing that, Shaz comes from behind and hits Sleeper who’s getting up, he knocks Sleeper in to Shuriken, who turns around and hits a roundhouse onto Shaz by mistake as Sleeper ducks. All men begin arguing…Sleeper freaks out and hits Sagittarius… they all stand there for a moment and then start brawling. Security comes to the ring and pulls them all apart. St. George comes out and gets into the ring while security holds all four men in separate corners.

    St. George: Next week you fookers!! I’m tired of everyone getting into brawls and nothing happening! Next week, tag-team match!! Shuriken and Sagittarius against Sleeper and Shaz. You bastards want to go after one another so bad? Well, work together!!

    St. George leaves the ring and Shaz breaks through security to go after Sleeper. He launches into the air and lands on a security person’s back and begins grabbing for Sleeper. The show fades out as the audience is cheering on Sagittarius who just broke free as well.


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    WARFARE (06) – JUNE 15TH, 2013


    Pyro goes off as the cameras make their way around the arena showing fans and signs in the audience as we settle at ringside, at the announcer’s booth where Pat and Dudley are putting on their headsets and sitting down in their seats.

    Pat: WOW!! What a night we have in store for you fine people this evening!! Welcome to WARFARE!!! This is the last stop before LUCK OF THE DRAW and I’m sure a ton of things will go down tonight! And of course, as usual, sitting next to me is the incomparable DUDLEY!!!

    Dudley: Awwww, shucks! Thanks you dignified cunt! Of course it’s me! Here in all of my splendid glory and then some.

    Pat: I was told that we have a couple announcements to make right here at the top of the show, SHAZ vs THE SLEEPER has officially been made and it’s for the Number one contender spot for the US Championship after LUCK OF THE DRAW determines who the actual champion will be of course.

    And we’re also announcing DARIUS vs CHRIS DIAMOND as well. Diamond has been on the attack of Darius as of late and there’s really been no explanation as to why. Maybe someone will get it out of him sooner rather than later. So with that, I guess LUCK OF THE DRAW has finally gotten most of its form:









    That is one helluva card right there, Duds!

    Dudley: And yeah, that’s actually as far as we know right now as well. More matches COULD be added tonight not to mention, the players of the 21 Black Jack game as well. The six players will determine match stipulations for the PPV and will be the ones responsible for the fates of the performers that night. So many things can end up happening it’s insane!

    Pat: That’s true Duds but, I’m being told it’s time to take it to the ring for the first match of the night!!



    Sagittarius Blue and Pisces Pink get a big response as they walk through the curtain. Pink gives the United States Champion a peck on the cheek before he goes hustling down the ramp. Blue slides into the ring and hops up on a turnbuckle to pose for the crowd.

    Pat: These people love Sagittarius!

    Dudley: Indeed they do. He’s in for a tough test tonight, though. He better bring all of his midget hoppy glory into this match. Because it’s…


    The crowd is decidedly mixed in their reaction for RedRuM as he comes out onto the stage. ‘RuM stays there for a moment, snarling, before bounding down to ringside. One foot on the bottom step, ‘RuM looks over at Pisces Pink and blows her a kiss.

    Dudley: Creepy and funny all at once, RedRuM is.

    Pat: Just like you, Duders.

    Dudley: Hey!

    RedRuM steps through the ropes and into the ring, at that, and this match of contrasting styles is set to begin.

    Cena=Redrum; Mysterio=Blue Stop at 9:40




    Pat: RedRuM kicks out! What a great back and forth match it’s been thus far.

    It has been but, now, both men retreat to opposite corners and, in essence, this match begins anew. After taking a second to gather themselves, ‘rum and Blue head to the center of the ring and start trading blows.

    Blue with a stiff leg kick!

    RedRuM with a right hand to the gut!

    Blue with a forearm to the temple!

    RedRuM with one of his own!

    Blue tries for an ensaguri!

    RedRuM dodges the kick and, with Blue’s back turned, hits a huge German Suplex on him. ‘rum has to drag Sagittarius away from the ropes before covering him.




    We get a quick shot of Pisces Pink cheering encouragement at her man before getting a look at RedRuM rising to his feet.

    Dudley: Blue just folded up like an accordion on that German.

    Pat: Maybe, but he’s still alive.

    Blue is indeed still alive but, with ‘rum now measuring him for a spear, that might not be the case for much longer. Sagittarius gets to his feet, RedRuM charges him and, at the last possible moment, Blue jumps, does a split and causes RedRuM to ram his shoulder into the ringpost. Sagittarius lands on his feet, pulls ‘rum to him, and connects with a backstabber. Blue moves quickly into a cover and hooks both legs.




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    Pat: Oh! So close!

    Not wanting to waste his momentum, Blue heads to the apron and starts climbing the ropes. As he reaches the top rope, though…

    http://<a href="</a>

    Pat: Shuriken?

    Dudley: What the hell?

    The music of the former WARFare World Heavyweight Champion is playing throughout the arena, but as we look out onto the ramp, there’s no sign of Shuriken himself. Sagittarius, still perched on the top rope, is just distracted enough to allow RedRuM to get up and shake the ropes. Shuriken’s music stops, conspicuously enough, right after Blue gets crotched on the top rope. From there, RedRuM loads Sagittarius into powerbomb position, walks to the center of the ring, hits the powerbomb, and stacks Blue up.


    Pat: This…


    Pat: ….isn’t….


    Pat: …right!

    Dudley: Hahaha! Good for Shuriken, I say.

    ‘RuM quickly bails from the ring and celebrates his way laughing up the ramp as Sagittarius and Pisces are left in the ring to wonder what just happened as we fade to the JABETron...

    We come onto a beautiful mansion. And go through a garage filled with an amazing array of cars. Some look futuristic and some look older. All in pristine condition. We comes around to see the back of a man waxing one of the more elegant vehicles. He turns around and flashes a smile, it’s Antonyo Angelo and as he begins to speak the film deteriorates and burns away. As it flickers we come back to ringside.

    Pat: Well folks, it seems like we’re having some sort of issue with the video. We completely apologize to Mr. Angelo and will hopefully have the issue resolved later on. But, we have Artemis Eclipse standing by with Ms. Mayhem in the back so, let’s take it there.

    The show fades to the back as we see Ms. Mayhem talking to Artemis and realizes the camera is on.

    Ms. Mayhem: So, I’m just going to get down to it Artie… you and Barbie Panzer have something serious going on or what?

    Artemis laughs and begins to talk.

    Artemis: Look, Ms. Mayhem… my personal life is just that. Personal. I’m not answering pertaining to that but I can say that I’ve known Barbie for a bit over a year now and she’s definitely a beautiful woman. But, anything else is a moot point, at this point.

    Ms. Mayhem: Okay, okay… fair enough I guess… now, what about you being a Black Jack player at LUCK OF THE DRAW and also having your match against Kyojin?

    Artemis: Here’s the deal, being a Black Jack player for this event is interesting because I can fuck with people. If I win, I decide their fate. I can make Faith defend her Championship in a barbed wire match… I can make ICONOGRAPHY and BLACK BLOODED have to face the Tag-Team lumber jack’s, and they all have weapons.

    And God forbid if I win the hand that determines the stipulation in my match against Kyojin. That fucker has everything coming to him he deserves. Tonight, he takes on JMan and obviously he and I have a history with #TeamFuckIt but, that doesn’t mean shit. We’ve also had a rivalry that really needs to be settled as well. And it will be, bank on it.

    Ms. Mayhem: So, does….

    Artemis walks away from the camera and leaves Ms. Mayhem standing there in disgust.

    As we come back from commercial, Nymphetamine hits the speakers as the cold, and twisted chanting begins, sending the crowd over the edge with anger. Boos let off like cannons, literally echoing and blasting all through the ringside area. Sasha walks out in somewhat of a new, updated look. She appears to be fully dressed for business...Lord knows how focused she is on managing The Man-Beast, so rightfully so.

    Ano Doom is geared up as usual, as his horned helmet, spiked leather vest, gauntlets, and boots, all add to the fear inducing intensity in the air. Smoke yet again flows out in ways that can not quite be explained, from behind his eyes, as Sasha turns and stands close to him, as her determined and furious, yet inexplicably calm, eyes meet the determined, intensity filled eyes of The Demon Cyborg.

    A demonic intent to massacre everything in his path waits in his hellish eyes as well. She begins hitting him on his shoulders, biceps, and chest area, shouting in seething German: "Hör mir zu meinem Leben Räuber! Heute setzen wir die Verwüstung! Nichts kann uns stoppen! Alle nicht schmecken ihrem eigenen Blut! Wenn sie uns im Weg stehen, müssen sie für ihre Bemühungen zu verwischen!" The physical amping up works too, like always, as he begins shaking uncontrollably, as the intensity begins to go through the roof. Ano Doom then nods his head, as he cuts his throat and transitions the gesture into a monstrous thumbs down.

    They walk down the ramp now, as Sasha keeps a hand on his chiseled from stone, and ink covered shoulder. Suddenly a chant breaks out from the first row that further ignites Sasha's fury..."Barbie's gonna kill you!". This sends her fully over the edge, even going as far as to take off her black glasses, as she quickly finds the originator, getting very close with him. Ano Doom grabs the foolish man by the throat so fast, he doesn't even know what's happening until he sees the giant savage's gloved hand entirely around his neck.


    Sasha then turns and nods at Ano Doom, signaling him to release his unforgiving grip. He does, as the man cowers very lowly in his seat, feeble position style. Her hand goes back to the shoulder that moved with such power the night he remorselessly crashed into Athena with The Terminator. Boos turn into an uproar now, getting loud steadily, as "YOU SUCK!", follows now. Ano Doom lifts Sasha effortlessly onto the apron as they finish the trek down the ramp, and then leaps right onto it himself, as if stepping over a crack.

    Sasha demands the microphone from the ringside area, with outrageous fury, as she begins seething more and more by the second. She is handed it as boos continue more and more, every word draws more hate.

    Sasha: Shut up! Shut your god damn mouths now! If you think my Walking Nightmare can't come out there and demolish you all one by one for not giving me respect, you're sadly mistaken! He will very soon be hurting those who don't treat me right! Just like Athena...That wannabe man bitch slapped me, and he sent her to the hospital!

    Sure, I helped wreck her face, but the fact remains she was punished by him for assaulting me! Now, let's talk more about the soon to be former IC champion! The first woman to hold that title, but it won't stay with you for two months! You're marked for death bitch! If you think for one second, that you can withstand the hell fire I will make sure is poured upon you at LOTD, you are not only damaged physically from the last time you felt the power of the Man Beast, but fucked up mentally as well!
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    Sasha's overloading anger reaches new heights as she is interrupted by Athena's music. The Amazon makes her way to the stage as the sound of cheering fills the arena. Sasha appears angry and mouths some words at Ano. Athena then lifts her title with one hand causing the fans to cheer louder and holds a mic in her other hand.

    Athena (in sing song): I'm BAAAACK!

    The fans cheer some more and Sasha glares at them and then back at Athena.

    Athena: Did you guys miss me? I know you did because I got all your flowers and your "get well soon" cards. Oh wait, that wasn't you, it was the fans that sent me all those things. You not only didn't send me anything, you were the ones who put me in the hospital in the first place.

    The fans begin to boo.

    Athena: Then to add insult to injury you come out here and you run your mouth about me, calling me a "wannabe man bitch"... that's very original by the way, I've never heard that one before *she rolls her eyes*... and trying to tear me down mentally. But you see what I find funny is that Ano did all the work attacking me, but it's his little BITCH Sasha that does all the trash talking.

    Sasha turns to Ano Doom with rising anger on her face, as her lip quivers, she stares into his eyes briefly , as her full of stewing anger brown eyes come to life, before turning back to Athena on the ramp. A hint of madness is almost shown on her face, but she manages to hold it back perfectly and in expert fashion.

    Sasha: WHAT?!? What did you just call me, you steroid injected transsexual !? You should already fully know better than to dishonor me in any way, shape, or form! Last time you treated me wrong, you got left laying on your back, in ways you have NEVER been around here! Since you started in IWA and JBW, NO ONE has EVER physically slaughtered you the way I instructed my Ano Doom to! He was the first to beat the fucking shit out of "The Mighty Amazon" ! Sasha raises one bicep in the air next to her head as she says this.

    Let me tell you something! You know, maybe we would have sent you something, if, one - My Killing Machine and I felt remorse, compassion, or empathy for those who get punished like redheaded stepchildren! Two - If I didn't think your damn overly pumped up ass wasn't too MASCULINE to not like flowers and sweet cards! Look and act like a woman, and maybe you'd get sympathy like one hoe!

    Now that you mention that, I think what I'm about to show you will change your mind and make you rethink that last statement! You say it was My Man-Beast who dealt out the form of punishment you have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, taken in front of a live audience before, but turn around, watch this!

    Sasha then points to the big screen, as Athena curiously turns around, and then footage of the initial attack begins rolling.

    Athena shoves Sasha down to the mat and looks up to see Ano Doom charging at her with The Terminator (A Ryback Hook Lariat ) It seems to nearly knock her head off, but it really just sends her crashing to the mat. Sasha picks up the IC belt and instructs Ano Doom to pick up Athena and and hold her still- which Ano does with Athena facing Sasha.

    Sasha: Dies ist nicht deine. Nicht für lange. Nein! Ano Doom wird ihnen von glied zu glied rippen. Sie leiden unter den schlimmsten schmerzen in der Welt. Sie wird für den tod wünschen. Sie essen diese!

    Sasha slams the IC belt into Athena's face a few times, causing blood to again flow from her nose and now her mouth, then Sasha throws the belt down to the mat and motions to Ano Doom to let her go- which she does. Athena falls to the mat a bloody mess as the crowd looks on in shock. The clip ends.
    Sasha: Now, I know you saw that, and I guess all the blunt force trauma to your head must have made you forget it happened! Contrary to what you just said in a ludicrous attempt to insult me, I was the one who cause your face to be covered in blood, after you nearly attempted to commit assisted suicide, by shoving me!

    It was ME who tore your face up with YOUR OWN DAMN BELT! I will tell you this now to get it out the way: My Fall Of Humanity, no longer has time to argue with bitches and fools like you, for he is focused purely on the blood spilling of our enemies and those who have wronged me! Also, If you keep on insulting me, your return to WARFARE will NOT last very long!

    Boos pour into the ring upon Sasha like a thunderstorm, and serve as nothing but further fuel for her anger, as she cannot STAND disrespect in any way.

    Sasha now stares through Athena, with controlled viciousness in her stunning eyes, then she wipes her mouth with her arm, removing a slight bit of foamy spit as she begins whispering to Ano Doom, all the while still shooting daggers towards Athena.

    Athena chuckles a bit.

    Athena: You know Sasha you're really something, I mean if I had lost my memory as you said then I'd easily believe right now that the way you attacked me 2 weeks ago and made me bleed was all on your own, that you had absolutely no help with that.

    Athena points at Ano Doom. Sasha turns to look at him and looks angrily back at Athena.

    But you see I haven't lost my mind, in fact if anyone's lost her mind here it's you.

    The fans cheer loudly and Sasha looks around glaring at them.

    Do you really think that THING next to you can protect you forever? Do you think you're anything more to him than a cheap midnight booty call? Cause I gotta tell you I've been listening to you talk for the last few minutes and I already have a headache from whiny nasally voice of yours. I mean seriously it sounds like someone banged a couple of cats against a wall.

    The fans cheer once again as Sasha glares furiously.

    And as for your childish attempts to hurt my feelings with words like tranny and she-male I say you're just gonna have to try harder sweetheart cause I've heard them all before and not one of them gets to me anymore.

    So to sum it all up you're a whiny, nasally, bitchy, unoriginal, sorry excuse for a late night booty call who could never achieve half of what I've already achieved, but is perfectly content watching from the sidelines and clapping. Did I leave anything out?

    Sasha looks shocked and furious upon hearing Athena's words, but Athena just laughs. The fans are cheering loudly and chanting "holy shit".

    Sasha: You say you have good memory, but the fact that you came out here to look at the Man-Beast that put you out of action temporarily, tells me otherwise! If you truly had the part of your brain that stores memories intact, you would never return to JBW!

    You would never even want to see myself or My Ano Doom again, let alone, stand there and insult me, and you obviously didn't learn your lesson before, either! Treating me wrongfully like you are doing tonight is just what caused you to nearly have a broken neck! You talk about usual insults, but all the clichés you have just spewed to me out of your fucking mouth...I've heard all of them before!

    Fuck you, fuck your mouth, and fuck ALL of these damn idiotic people! Get your mother fucking ass down here NOW, and prepare to get round two of the shit that put you in the hospital! At this moment, Your IC reign is over for you!

    The fans begin to go nuts with boos at Sasha's diatribe towards Athena, not to mention the insult thrown at them. Sasha now gets the wildest look in her eyes, breathing heavily as she begins shouting in German to Ano Doom, who nods his head several times, then she goes through the motions of the usual amping up, as she physically sends him further into the zone. He then points at Athena methodically, with true viciousness, then cuts his throat, transitioning into a thumbs down.

    Athena: You know Sasha you call these fans and myself idiots, but the only idiot I see right now is you. You're an idiot for thinking that your big mouth plays any part in what's going on here tonight or will play any part in whether or not I get to keep my title. If you were smart you'd be challenging Faith for the Bombshell title, but instead you're here wasting everyone's time when nobody wants to hear it.

    The fans cheer once again and Sasha looks pissed.

    Your big mouth may be an asset to Ano Doom when you're in the locker room, but in this ring it's just getting in the way of what the fans really want to see which is my big boot up your man's ass.

    The fans continue cheering and Sasha is fuming.
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    But I realize that no matter how hard I try you're not gonna listen to me and you're gonna stick by his side so I'll tell you what, I'm gonna make a 2 for 1 special today and shove my boot up both your asses. And no need to come over here, I'll come to you!

    Athena starts walking down the ramp towards the ring to Sasha's shock and the delight of the fans. As Athena gets closer, Security rushes the ring grabbing her. She quickly overpowers them and continues her beeline. Now, more security, referees and JBW officials make their way down to get in the ring and keep back Ano and Sasha while more keep Athena at bay and push her up the ramp and towards the back. The audience boo’s at their separation as Athena holds the Intercontinental Championship up high as we go back to the JABETron.

    A man sits on a chair in a dark room with a singular light shining down, a spotlight. The man lifts his head and it’s Israel Pamich. As he goes to speak the film begins to deteriorate and burn. We go back to the arena where Pat is shaking his head when, all of a sudden…

    St. George

    St. George struts on stage with Summer Harris and gives her the mic to speak after he looks her up and down and she pushes his shoulder and smiles.

    Summer Harris: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! My boss here wants me to announce that those vignettes burning for Israel Pamich and Antonyo Angelo were no mistake at all. He did it. He did it because those two will be facing each other at LUCK OF THE DRAW in a debut match for the both of them! The winner of that match will get a very special surprise at next week’s WARFARE! So let’s light the Mohegan Sun Arena up fellas! Now, my boss here has something he wants to say as well.

    Summer passes the mic back to St. George.

    St. George: Thanks my lovely. Now, onto another matter. We’ve been having re-debuts and debuts since we’ve been back and tonight is no different. We have to amazing old-school Jabesters returning tonight and I would like to introduce the first one now. Blam.

    Out of nowhere the lights in the arena darken as White Trash Millionaire plays throughout the arena. A figure standing 6’2, 230 lbs. of farm raised muscle steps out, shadowed by the arena lighting behind him. He slowly walks to the ring looking like he just walked in off the street, wearing nothing better than a pair of old, worn out jeans, a flannel shirt, and a dirty Ole Miss hat.

    He looks around the arena at the confusion of the fans and takes a drink out of a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Still shadowed by the dim lighting he steps into the ring and grabs a microphone.

    Stranger: Y’all sum bitches miss me?

    The lights suddenly come on and in the center of the ring stands the former JBW Southern Champion, the Redneck Wreckin’ Machine himself, Leonard Ray Beauregard. The audience roars in cheers and applause.

    Pat: My God, is that LRB?

    Dudley: He hasn’t been seen in close to a year!

    LRB: That’s right, y’all’s favorite redneck is back. From the sounds of it I guess y’all did miss good ol’ Lenny Ray.

    Audience roars again.

    LRB: Now y’all might be wondering “Lenny Ray, where you been?” “Lenny Ray, why you back?” “Lenny Ray, can I have yer baby?” and a whole mess of other questions that probably can’t be asked without an adults only disclaimer at the top of the program.

    Well, I decided to take a lil’ time for myself and travel round. I did some travelin’ over in Japan, did some travelin’ down Mexico way, went back up to spend a lil’ time with my buddy Lance Storm in Canada, did a lil’ trainin’ with my buddy Roy Nelson. All that good shit. Hell, I think all the time I put in I needed a lil’ time to rest my body and my mind.

    Lenny Ray drinks the rest of his beer and tosses the bottle out in the crowd.

    LRB: There y’all go, I better not see that shit on E-bay.

    Pulls a can of Copenhagen out of his back pocket and puts a wad of dip in his lip.

    LRB: Now onto the important question. *Lenny Ray points to a very attractive redhead sitting in the second row* Yeah, you can have my baby, I’ll see you in the back. Haha, naw, y’all is wondering why I’m back ain’t y’all?

    Audience yells in approval.

    LRB: Well, long story short I’m here to whip ass again. I’m here to climb my way to the top of Jay Bee Dubya. I’m here to sell Lenny Ray merchandise ‘cause I could use a new combine for the farm. I ain’t gonna rest till the name Lenny Ray is said in the same breath as the name Jay Bee Dubya. I’m here for gold and I’m here to whip the asses of the best sumbitches to step in a squared circle.

    So if y’all thought y’all was tired of seein’ the Redneck Wreckin’ Machine before, y’all best get a damn pillow cause y’all gonna be some tired sumbitches. Now hit my music and y’all be sure to run to the tables and buy the Lenny Ray shirts and the Lenny Ray beer cozies!

    White Trash Millionaire plays again as Lenny Ray steps out of the ring and hops the guardrail. Walking through the fans and back into the bowels of the arena.

    Pat: WOW!! What a night so far! And I’m not mistaken but, I heard St. George say we have ANOTHER return? Man… heavy stuff indeed but, now it’s time for the second match of the night! Darius and Chris Diamond are teaming up to take on Shaz and Sleepy. Not so sure that’s such a great idea- I mean nobody gets along with their partners.

    Dudley: Bet you 50 bucks Shaz and Sleepy just sit back and get high while Darius and Diamond bicker back and forth who will start the match!


    Darius comes onto the stage and looks around shaking his head “no.” He’s carrying his Championships with him and looking behind himself. He can be heard saying “You never know anymore around this place.” He makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction and awaits his tag team partner.

    Dudley: I like this guy. He already holds gold, it’s only a matter of time when he holds JBW gold!

    Chris 'The Prodigy' Diamond

    The Prodigy out to raucous boos. Screams into the camera 'Fuck You I won’t do what you tell me!' Stands in the middle of the ramp and stretches his arms out as fireworks erupt behind him. He rips off his coat and camera swivels round to see the words ‘Fuck You I won’t do what you tell me' on the back.. He rushes into the ring and gets in Darius’s face. The exchange a few words, then await their opponents.

    Dudley: As much as I like Darius- I really like Diamonds style. He screams “Champion”!!

    Pat: I don’t care for his language. The word ‘Fuck’ has no place on a show like this. You’ll never hear that word out of my mouth, ever. And if you do, slap me.

    Dudley slaps Pat hard. Pat gets pissed and starts to say something but Dudley stops him

    Dudley: What? You said to slap you if you said “Fuck”, and you did.
    Dudley lets out a coy smile as Pat leers at him.


    Shaz comes onto the stage smoking a blunt. He looks around at the fans who are cheering him. He slowly makes his way to the ring with his blunt in hand. Before he enters the ring, he finishes the blunt, then enters the ring laughing at both Darius and Diamond who are now bickering with each other.

    Dudley: See, I told you they’d be bickering. You owe me 50 bucks!

    Pat: Go to hell.

    Dudley: Can’t wait to see how Shaz and Sleepy coexist!

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    A black lowrider comes out from a side entrance, the cameras zoom in on the driver- who turns out to be The Sleeper. The Sleeper, pulls up the bottom of his mask and lights up a blunt and smokes it as Darius, Diamond, Shaz and the fans look on. Once he’s finished, he hops out the lowrider and makes his way to the ring and completely ignores Shaz.

    Dudley: What an entrance!

    Pat: First our talent curse on live TV- and now they are smoking pot on TV. Can’t believe management allows this!

    Dudley: Oh stop being a pussy!


    Sleepy & Shaz/Briscoes, Darius & Diamond/Young Buck

    Start @ 2:25, end @ 6:07…ignore titles

    After double teaming Darius in the corner, Shaz turns his back on Sleepy and plays to the crowd a bit.

    Dudley: Surprisingly they are all working pretty great together. Smart move by Darius and Diamond attacking Shaz and Sleepy before the match started but it did pay off all that great in the end. Shaz and Sleepy really have been dominated. Must be the weed.

    Shaz turns around and eats an All Up In Yo' Grill (Superkick) from Sleepy- knocking him to the mat. Darius gets to his feet and tackles Sleepy to the mat and tries to hook his legs for the pin but Chris Diamond, who has recovered, slides in the ring and pulls Darius off Sleepy. Darius gets to his feet and starts arguing with Diamond and as they are doing that, Sleepy gets to his feet, gets behind Darius and suplexes him, not letting go and bridging him for the pin.

    Before the ref can even start counting the pin, Diamond kicks Sleepy in the nuts, causing him to let Darius go. While all this had been going on Shaz has gotten to his feet again. Chris Diamond steps back, backing into Shaz and when he turns around, Shaz hits him with a Shaz-Ma-Taz (KO Punch) knocking him out cold. Darius gets to his feet too, at the same time as Sleepy and soon all three are arguing…

    Pat: Well this broke down after a great start… what?

    St. George

    Dudley: What the hell does he want now?

    St George, along with Summer Harris make their way onto the stage and Ms Harris ask a stagehand for a mic. She is soon given one, then hands it to St George. Everybody in the ring stop arguing and look up on the stage- as does Diamond who is slowly getting to his feet.
    St. George: Gard dammit, Iya can’t stand by dis total disregardness uv da rules. Dis supposed to beya tag match but see en dat evy body wants to bez in da ringz at da same a time- lets make dis a Toronado match. Damus yuza and Diamond boy will wirk togetha and Sleeps and Shaz you boys besta wirk togetha. There will be ya winner. Let’s geta dis Toromato match started!!!!!

    Dudley: Ok, what did he just say? A tomato match? What the hell?

    Pat: Tornado match, least I think…

    St George: Anda itza starten now!!!

    St. George and Summer Harris then leave the stage and go to the back.

    Dudley: Is he speaking German?

    Pat: No English- again, I think

    The ref again calls Shaz, Sleepy, Darius and Diamond to the middle of the ring and gives them instructions for the match before restarting it.

    Pat: And here we go again as the match has been restarted!


    Shaz/Miz, Sleepy/Swagger, Darius/Rey Rey, Diamond/Riley

    start @ 3:57, end @ 6:28 ingore that Rey Rey is shorter than everybody

    Diamond covers Shaz for the pin after hip=tossing him off the top rope.

    Pat: Again, they are all working great with each other. But it’s not gonna last. It’s gonna break down again…



    Thre.....Shaz kicks out- barely!!

    Pat: That was close!!

    Diamond pulls Shaz’s head up and is about to hit him when out of nowhere- Sleepy hits Diamond with a low dropkick to the head, knocking him to the mat. Sleepy quickly covers Diamond for the pin.



    Darius rushes over and pulls Sleepy off Diamond. Darius turns around to eat a spear from Shaz. Shaz quickly covers Darius for the pin.

    Dudley: What a spear!!



    Kickout by Darius!

    Pat: A lot of pin attempts, least each member of the teams are working together!

    Sleepy gets to his feet, as does Diamond, but Diamond quickly DDTs Sleepy, then covers him for the pin.




    Shaz pulls Diamond off Sleepy and soon Diamond is on his feet and both he and Shaz are trading punches.







    Diamond knees Shaz in the gut, then shoves him back- and Darius spears the hell out of Shaz, sending him into the ropes and almost out the ring.

    Pat: Shaz has to have a few busted ribs from that spear!!

    Darius and Diamond both see Sleepy get his feet and then hit him with a double dropkick. Darius goes to pin him, but Diamond pulls him back and soon both are arguing who gets the pin. After a few seconds Diamond tells Darius to go for the pin. Diamond starts to back away, but walks back to Darius, offers his hand to him and they shake.

    Pat: Great sportsmanship by these two!

    Diamond starts to walk away again but surprises his partner with a Diamond In The Rough (Diamond Cutter).

    Dudley: So much for sportsmanship. It’s all about one upsmanship!

    Diamond gloats a bit, then turns around and Shaz hits him Shaz-Ma-Taz(a KO Punch), knocking Diamond to the mat. Shaz then runs to the corner, climbing to the top turnbuckle, jumps off- hitting Diamond with a perfect Shaz Splash(Frog Splash)- then covering him for the pin.



    Sleepy crawls over and grabs Shaz’s foot trying to pull him off Diamond but….


    And Sleepy was too late- Shaz got the pin!

    Shaz gets to his feet as does Sleepy and Sleeps doesn't look like a happy camper. The ref gets inbewenn them and raises both their arms in victory. Sleepy then shoves the ref away and kicks Shaz in the gut, then just as quickly Irish Whips him into the ropes and hits Shaz with SLEEPYTIME(a TKO)!

    *stop @ :08

    Dudley: Shaz may have got the win for his team, but Sleepy got the last laugh.

    Sleepy gets to his feet and stands over Shaz and motions for a stagehand to come to the ring. Sleepy tells him something and the stagehand walks to Sleepy's lowrider, opens its glove compartment and grabs something out f it and makes his way to the ring and hands it to Sleepy. Its a blunt. Sleepy lights it up as Diamond and Darius exit the ring and we fade backstage for an interview.

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    Miss Mayhem is seen standing backstage next the TWE Vixxxen's Champion Eden Sky who is holding the Championship over her shoulder.

    Ms. Mayhem: Ladies and gentlemen I'm here with the number one contender for the JBW Bombshell Championship, the gorgeous Eden Sky.

    Eden: I think you forgot to mention I'm also the TWE Vixxxen's Champion, She displays her Championship. And soon to be the first dual crown champion in women's wrestling.

    Ms. Mayhem: My apologies.

    Eden: Don't apologize, just do it again, but this time do it right.

    Ms. Mayhem: Very well. Ladies and gentlemen I'm here with the number one contender for the JBW Bombshell title the TWE Vixxxen's Champion and self-proclaimed future first dual crown champion on women's wrestling Eden Sky.

    Eden: No see you messed it up again, you were supposed to say soon to be the first female dual crown champion and you also left out gorgeous this time. Do it again!

    Ms. Mayhem: I'm not going to do it again. I did say future which is the same as soon to be and everyone already knows you're gorgeous so it's not like they need to be reminded.

    Eden: Am I detecting an attitude from you? You said "self-proclaimed" which leads the fans to believe you don't consider me good enough to be the first dual crown champion and people may already know I'm gorgeous, but it never hurts to remind them. Now do it again!

    Ms. Mayhem: No!

    Eden grins a bit surprised at Miss Mayhem's defiance and slaps her hard across the face causing Ms. Mayhem to drop her mic on the ground.

    Eden: If you're not gonna do it right don't do it at all now get out of here!

    Ms. Mayhem holds her cheek and walks away. Eden bends over to grab the mic from the ground.

    Eden: Good evening, my name is the gorgeous Eden Sky, current TWE Vixxxen's Champion and soon to be the first ever dual crown champion in women's wrestling history. All I have to do is defeat Faith Lepoop once again and this time I’ll win the JBW Bombshell Championship.

    Now let me give you a brief history lesson. I am the most dominant Vixxxen at TWE, I've beaten every single Vixxxen there including both Panzer skanks, Hippo Pink and of course Faith Lepoop herself. I am the first and only Vixxxen’s Champion and I've never even come close to losing the title. Oh and I always get what I want and what I want right now is to win the Bombshell title.

    As Eden is about to walk away, Faith LeFlur walks up to her and gets in her face, grabbing the mic out of Eden's hand.

    Faith LeFlur: What the hell was that? You come in here like you own this place and can boss everybody around, Miss Mayhem was just doing her damn job. And you think you really have what it takes to win my Bombshell Championship belt?

    Sure you may have beaten me once before in TWE, but I've grown as a wrestler since then. I am always learning the game. But you, you just rest on your one shining moment- winning the Vixxxen’s Championship- barely defending it. You're a pathetic excuse of a champion, you don't even fight honorably!

    Eden slaps Faith in the face then grabs Faith's top, pulling it, and Faith, towards her, ripping it off in the process. Faith fights back though, yanking at Eden's hair and pulling her to the floor, then ripping off Eden's top as we fade back into the ring.

    Dudley: Wait, why did we cut away- I wanted to see them rip each other’s clothes off!!

    Pat: Well, as you can see here Duds, we have JBTV set up in the ring and we don’t want to keep Mike Hawk waiting anymore!

    Dudley: What did I tell you about that Patricia?

    Pat: Oh… ummm… yeah. Forgot.

    Hawk's music hits but this time, the arena is filled with cheers instead of boos or mixed reaction which stuns Hawk. But he quickly recovers and continues down to the ring with the JBTV set up.

    Hawk: First off let me just say that I am honored that you all have come around to me as your TV champion, the road hasn't been quite smooth but I think I have found my pace. Now on to business, last week I was being introduced to JBTV's newest backstage correspondent, and gentleman she is quite the ambitious one, since it is my job to make sure JBTV runs on all cylinders when I was jumped and a fight broke out between Muir, Romulus and Smyth and I. Now all of these men will be on the show tonight but why don't I tell you a little bit about their on screen careers, but just a little because I am sure they have a lot to say about themselves.

    First off, you have the man who has been with JBW for the longest period, but who's career is probably the least impressive, the lovable loser, Mike Muir. He wants my title because he thinks it will bring him a bit of my charm and help him out a bit. His viewer demographic is made up of third rate athletes and the little guy and the crowd that is not found of him are people that like to succeed. So let’s bring him out!


    Mike Muir stalks down the ramp, he rolls into the ring, jumping up on a turnbuckle to a mixed reaction from the crowd before jumping back down, staring at Mike as though daring him to move. He gets in his chair and sits down he grabs his microphone and sits back putting his feet on the table, much to Hawk’s displeasure.

    Pat: Mike Muir, a very talented guy from Jackson Mississippi.

    Dudley: That's all we need here, more Rednecks.

    Pat: Speaking of, have you met the new ABSOLUT--

    Dudley: Not now!

    Mike Muir: Now, now, now, Hawk… my career has been quite impressive- a lot like yours. We both started out in EWA then moved on to bigger and better things since they closed down. I could talk about the titles I have won along the way but why? It doesn't mean shit here. No, the only thing that matters here is winning JBW gold. And that piece of gold you hold- well I'll gladly take it off your hands. Then you're precious little TV Show will get shit-canned.

    Mike Hawk: Fascinating, really. I’m just glad you could leave your trailer long enough to join me here in the civilized world. You made sure to put it behind a lot of tree’s so it can’t be repossessed while you’re away, correct?

    Mike Muir goes to answer but Hawk keeps talking with a bemused look on his face at Muir’s anger.

    Next up is Ronaldo Romulus, the man I beat at For the Cause. He is world champion on EWNCW and for a good reason, he is cunning and ruthless, just like Hannibal. But why he will fail is because even though he may find himself to be better qualified to hold my title, he isn't TV material.

    His viewer demographic is made up of stuck up parents who think their kids can do no wrong and over rated athletes and the crowd that hates him is well, just about everyone else. So please welcome the weird on…

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    Ronaldo Romulus walks straight down the ramp, seeming not to even notice the audience he walks directly to the ring, climbing in and glancing briefly at Muir and Hawk before climbing the turnbuckle, clasping his hands briefly, he bows his head in prayer before spreading his arms wide. He smiles and sits down in his seat.

    Pat: Another talented guy, though he kinds gives me the creeps, like someone should stamp "Possibly the next Hitler" across his forehead or something.

    Dudley: Well go on up there and do it.

    Pat: I'm good.

    Hawk: Nothing to say Romulus?

    Romulus shakes his head, no.

    Well, fine then. I guess onto our next guest… finally we have the first JBTV guest ever, Mr. Smyth. Your corrupt business man is great at doing damage control to keep his name clean but none of his tricks are going to work on me when I get my hands on him for that cheap shot. He appeals to guys on Wall Street and CEOs and the people that hate him are the unemployed, environmental activists, and hard working citizens. So please, with utmost contempt… lets welcome…


    To an eruption of boos, Mr. Smyth storms out through the curtain and towards the ring. After getting into the ring, Smyth grabs a mic from the stagehand and even though the fans are still booing, he immediately begins to speak directly to Mike Hawk not even paying attention to the other men in the ring.

    Mr. Smyth: I’m sorry. Corrupt businessman? How dare you call me corrupt? I am a one-hundred-percent legitimate businessman who has earned his money, stature and reputation through hard work and perseverance. I’m sure this ‘TV star’ gimmick is all very sweet to your average viewer who enjoys watching crap on TV, but you do not throw around wild accusations like that and expect not to have any repercussions for it.

    Michael, two weeks ago I had a respectful conversation with you and whilst we are rivals, for you to lower yourself to cheap name calling means that I have lost a lot of respect for you. You’ve shown that you are nothing more than any of the cheap gimmicks who use the expense of others to get themselves over.

    The fans boo loudly again.

    Mr. Smyth: We’ll leave your slanderous comment to the lawyers. In the meantime, let’s move on to the topic at hand. For some reason, I have been asked to come out here and again state why I want to be in possession of that title right there. Well, ladies and gentlemen, in case you missed it two weeks ago...

    Mr. Smyth points at the JABETron and footage plays from two weeks ago when Mike Hawk interviewed Mr. Smyth.

    But there I go again talking about myself, that's material for the JBTV Biographical channel. So Smyth, if that isn't your goal here, what are you hoping to accomplish on JBTV this time around?

    Mr. Smyth turns his head slightly and gazes on the JBW TV title, which sits on Hawk's desk.

    Mr. Smyth: In the short term, that thing there. Your TV Championship.

    The fans boo, as Mike Hawk cocks his head slightly with interest.

    Mr. Smyth: I know what you're thinking: you thought my return wasn't about titles. Well, it's not but with every title comes power. I am a champion elsewhere. As a matter of fact, I used to hold two titles for two different federations at the same time and do you know what that gave me? Absolute power.

    In TWE, I am the voice of the board and I get to make critical decisions as their IronFist Champion. Whilst being the IWA Endurance Champion, I played the GM like a deck of cards and I proved to him on a weekly basis that I have more control than he would have liked.

    Mr. Smyth looks into Hawk's eyes from the recliner.

    Mr. Smyth: I can see what you're thinking. You're imagining the ratings which works for me, because I can see this as a fantastic business decision. 'Mayhem' Mike Hawk going toe-to-toe with Mr. Smyth. Whilst we look at it from different angles, we both see the huge benefits that would come from this.

    The fans continue to jeer as the camera focuses back on Mr. Smyth and Mike Hawk.

    Mr. Smyth: Exactly the same reasons as two weeks ago. Added to the mix are two others but let’s face it, a four-way dance is not as good for business as an old fashioned one-on-one. This little circus here, it’s just a show. The real business is you and I, Michael. Working together, we can change the fortunes of this flailing company but whether it is one-on-one, a fatal-four-way or any other type of match you can think of, the result will remain the same: I will become JBW’s Television Champion and all the power that comes with it.

    And that, Michael, is exactly what’s best-

    Mike Hawk: Best for business… yes, yes, yes. We all know your diatribe by now Mr. Smyth.

    Mr. Smyth: Don't you dare interrupt me at my place of work. You don't see me interrupting you whilst you’re down dark alleys performing fellatio of transsexuals.

    The audience reacts loudly with “oooohhhhhhh!!!!”.

    Mike Muir: As for Mr. Smyth here, you're all talk and no action. Didn't Darius run your sorry ass out of IWA? I guess you did the only thing you know how to do after that- buy yourself into the company.

    Mr. Smyth: I could eat a bowl of alphabet spaghetti and defecate a better promo than that. Just look at yourselves. The three of you are pathetic examples of the human race. How can you call yourself championship material? You asinine troglodytes honestly believe that you are worthy of that championship?

    Mike Hawk: Obviously, I am. I’m holding it right now. And after LUCK OF THE DRAW, the only man leaving with the Championship is..

    Ronaldo stands up sharply and puts the microphone to his mouth.

    Ronaldo Romulus: Allow me to beg your indulgence for a moment. I…

    Ronaldo is cut off by a familiar theme


    St. George comes out onto the ramp smiling and ready to talk again.

    St. George: Right ya’ fookers! Before this shit gets out of hand like last week, we already ‘ave the intellectual asshole standing up over there so lets do it this way… We ‘gonna go to commercial right now. But, when we come back… the t’ree competitors fer the TV Championship match will be in a triple threat. Bruva’s, be ready and crew… Get this JBTV shit away from my fookin’ ring!!

    St. George walks into the back smiling and leaves everyone in the ring.

    We come back and see the three competitors in the ring and ready to go.


    Pat: We are back and ready for our third match of the evening, it promises to be a classic between three very talented men-

    Dudley: Jesus Christ, JR! Shut the hell up already!

    Pat: I'm just setting up the match, you know, my job?

    Dudley: Why bother, we all know how it's going to end.

    Pat: And how will it end Dudley? How?

    Dudley: Disappointment. Like usual.

    Pat: I don’t even and can’t even begin to understand why you’ve become depressed all of a sudden. You have got to be kidding me.

    (watch until 14:39. Mysterio-Muir, RKO-Romulus, Angle-Smyth)

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    Pat: And Romulus is down in what has been a very impressive match so far.

    Dudley: Wait, was Muir wearing a mask there for a second?

    Pat: Shut up Dudley!

    Mike Muir turns and Mr. Smyth goes for the kill, grabbing him quickly he gets Muir on his shoulders, the sinister business man wastes no time, flipping the other man down onto his face as he goes for the Rule!

    Dudley: This is gonna hurt!

    Muir's face bounces off of the canvas as Smyth rolls him over quickly, going for the pin!

    Pat: Smyth could have it here!

    Dudley: Of course he does!




    At the last moment, Romulus dives in, breaking the count, he picks Smyth up, hitting a hard right that sends the smaller man reeling, however Smyth comes back with a swing of his own!













    Pat: And Smyth is on fire here!

    Dudley: About time you admitted his greatness!

    Pat: I never said he wasn't good, it's just his attitude that's shitty.

    Smyth gets the upper hand, backing Romulus up to the corner, he backs up, a cocky grin on his face as he charges in at Romulus, His opponent proves the quicker however, getting a boot up just in time to catch Smyth in the jaw, dropping him like a sack of rocks.

    Pat: Romulus had that scouted, and it looks like Smyth may be on an all-applesauce diet for a few weeks.

    Romulus dives in, immediately going for the pin to end the match, hooking the leg of the dazed businessman.

    Dudley: No! It can't go down like that!




    Muir dives in, breaking the pin at the last second!

    Pat: And Muir in with the quick save here, can he take advantage?

    Romulus grabs Muir, angrily lifting him to his feet as he rises, his hand wrapped around the other man's hair as a handle to lift him to his feet, before letting go only to deliver a sharp kick to the gut, causing Muir to double over in pain. Smyth, unseen by either man, rolls out of the ring as Romulus picks Muir up for a powerbomb!

    Dudley: Guess he can't.

    Muir hits the mat hard, the air leaving his body in a rush as his spine seems to spasm from the force of the move, his body bouncing back up a few inches to fall back to the canvas. Mr. Smyth chooses this moment to re-appear however, sliding into the ring behind a distracted Romulus with a steel chair in hand!

    Dudley: Now business is about to pick up!

    Pat: This is uncalled for!

    Mr. Smyth, still on his knees behind his opponent, wastes no time, turning the chair vertical, he lifts it hard, coming to his feet with the move as the chair slides right up Romulus's legs, catching him completely unprepared and without any defense, he flips forward with the force of the move, coming to land on his back, both hands clutching at his damaged genitals.

    Dudley: Hope he didn't want kids, or testicles.

    Pat: C'mon man, this is a family show!

    Smyth, now on his feet eyes Muir, seeing him still laid out from Romulus's attack, he throws the chair aside as he goes for the cover!

    Pat: And this could be over!

    Dudley: You're damn right it is!




    Muir shifts his weight, rolling Mr. Smyth onto his back he pins the surprised businessman!

    Dudley: That's not fair!!!




    Pat: And Muir gets the surprise victory! A great match!

    Dudley: A Travesty! He cheated!

    Pat: How? How did he possibly cheat?

    Dudley: shut up!

    Mike Muir rolls out of the ring, a grin on his face and his arms raised high as he backs up the ramp, not giving either man a chance to vent their frustrations out on him. Mr. Smyth, dejected, gets to his feet slowly, his face a mixture of confusion and rage, while Romulus merely closes his eyes in resignation, his body still curled up on the mat, pain evident on his face, before the scene cuts to the backstage area, where K-Jammin can be seen walking towards the ring carrying balloons and queue cards.

    Pat: And it looks like next we'll be joined by K-Jammin

    Dudley: OUR SAVIOUR!!! He’s coming to the ring!! He’s ready for his brother in arms to make his return!! ROMAN FLARE RETURNS AFTER THE BREAK!!
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    We come back and we’re in the backstage area where Darius is seen walking and muttering something to himself. After a few moments of walking, Darius stops abruptly when he turns a corner. Darius cocks his head to the side a bit and then grins.

    Darius: You know, we may have a bit of a past ... But, I actually think we have something in common here.

    The cameraman tries to get a shot of the man/woman Darius is talking to but fails.

    Darius: Everyone around here knows that management is up to no good, especially that St. George guy. You saw what he did to me at For The Cause, right? Intentionally brought people into the match who have a reason to hate me. Doesn't that just SCREAM screw job to you? It does to me, and quite frankly its bullshit.

    Darius extends his arm out for what seems to be a handshake, but half of Darius's arm is behind the wall so the camera cannot see it.

    Darius: I'm letting you know right now that you're not alone here and that maybe together, you and I can do something about the corrupt fiends that plague this company. It won't just benefit us, oh no no no ... It'll benefit all of JBW. What do you say?

    Darius turns his head and sees the cameraman trying to get view of the other man, so Darius steps aside. The cameraman slowly moves in and reveals the other man to be none other than KJ Punk.

    Punk looks down and shakes Darius’ hand as he smiles.

    Punk: Darius, I’ve not always liked you, hell I still don’t really, but I noticed a brother in the bunker with me. Management here like to treat me like a puppet. Let me get a title match and have me lose and then have me get squashed by lesser performers. I’m better than everyone else here, yet I’m buried underneath the rubble because somebody doesn’t like me. But me and you, together, we can change that. I don’t wanna benefit all of JBW. I wanna benefit me and you. Fuck this company, fuck the management, fuck the other workers, fuck the fans. It’s all about me and you.

    Us two are two men in the bunker of a war. Shots have been fired and have covered us with mud and shit. But we’re about to rise out of that bunker and unleash hell. We are an Army of Two. And destruction and enlightenment of the true ways of JBW will follow.

    KJ pats Darius on the back as they lead off still talking about plans with one another. As we come back to ringside, Pat and Dudley are there to greet us. Pat begins to talk when all the lights go out.

    Pat: Well, okay then.

    After a few moments the JABETron comes to life. A new theme song is playing and a man walks out on the stage. As the lights come back on, the audience goes insane as it’s revealed SNAIR has returned to JBW!!

    Snair stands on the ramp as if he can't believe this...He slowly walks down the ramp feeding his ego as the crowd chants his name. After a good 4-5 minutes his music stops and he asks for a mic much to the delight of the crowd.

    Snair: It's moments like these where I wonder why I ever left this place. Moments like these make me feel I made a mistake by walking out on JBW when it needed me. I felt as if I walked out on JBW saying NEVER AGAIN!

    Boos from the audience. Snair looks bemused.

    But I couldn't stop myself from watching the product and I must say, I was quite impressed with the "new guys". Weeks went by and I became a fan again, even though I had my hands full at BITW, happenings here in JBW always had my attention. So, I was just like all of you when JBW was on the verge of giving up and like always JBW reigned supreme because you people never gave up. The people behind the back never gave up and most importantly JBW wrestlers never gave up.

    The audience likes the tone of that statement.

    And after seeing that I finally got my reason to come back where I once belonged, a place where my career was made....I felt it was about time to set things right. By that, I mean signing a multimillion $$$ contract and giving the audience the ABSOLUTE BEST they deserve week-in & week-out!

    Crowd gives its approval by letting out a huge roar of an applause.

    Now as said before, I've been watching the JBW roster & I think they pack some serious HEAT! I happened to think that where would I stand among these talented wrestlers? And the only way I can think of is by fighting some of the very best that JBW has to offer. So who was it gonna be?
    JBW champion Holy Jose? Who I believe has become unstoppable after wearing a SNAIR shirt!!

    Snair winks at the camera.

    The Alpha Dog? I do have unfinished business with the dog but he's more eager on training divas now. Or is it gonna be the Saviour K-jam? But with Roman Flare coming back after this, I guess he'll be busy backstage and giving Rome the love he deserves. I tell you what, It's not gonna be any of these JACK ASSES but there is someone in the back who I like to fight. He's an egomaniac, charismatic and he calls himself the best thing to have ever happened to JBW television. You might have heard of him, he goes by the name Mike Hawk! So I wondered whether the audience would like seeing The MAN OF GREATNESS stomping some sense in Mike Hawk's untalented butt??

    The audience wholeheartedly agrees.

    Mike, I think, I made my point.... I know you were already out here earlier but, you might wanna come out now and do something about this or else these people will consider your balls equivalent to that of Kristen Stewart's boobs. in other words, COMPLETELY INVISIBLE!

    Snair drops the mic from his mouth and looks on at the ramp. After a few moments and the audience booing, Snair begins to talk again.

    Just as I thought. The biggest TV star can’t handle what the biggest movie star has to offer. You may not be here now but, I know where you’ll be at next weekend. See you at LUCK OF THE DRAW, Mr. Hawk.

    Snair throws the mic down and walks into the back as we return to Pat and Dudley at ringside while the ring crew sets up "THIS IS YOUR LIFE".
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