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    Dudley: This woman deserves the cheers- she took on two other guys and walked out the winner- and now holds her first piece of gold here in JBW.

    Pat: I usually don't agree with you all that much Duds, but this time I fully agree with you.

    Dudley: I just hope the fans don't make her too weak.


    (As Ali Kazam’s music pumps through the arena, green mist fills the immediate area as the magician floats down from the top of the entrance to a mixture of cheers and boos. He floats in mid-air, throwing his arms out and then floats down to the ring and over the top rope. He finally settles over the middle of the ring, he softly begins his descend and lands gingerly on his feet. He stares over at Athena in the opposite corner and just smiles and waves at her.)

    Dudley: Now this is one weird bird. He has tons of talent but the magic stuff, I don't know. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    Pat: Most times it does, but I think Athena is no big fan of this guy.

    (Both Athena and Ali Kazam are summoned to the middle of the ring by the ref who goes over a few rules, then sends them back to their corners- then calls for the match to begin.)


    Ali Kazam/Jason, Athena/Jazz

    start at 0:26, stop at 5:56



    Thre-- Ali kicks out!

    Dudley: Kazam barely kicked out. I have to say though, he has showed a bit more aggression tonight than he has in the last few weeks.

    Pat: Well he has to, not only did he piss off Athena two weeks ago on WARfare, but he, along with KJ Punk fell to defeat to her at For the Cause. He is really trying to redeem himself.

    (Athena pulls Ali up and tries to whip him into the ropes, but Ali reverse it to send Athena into the ropes, then hitting her with a hard clothesline that sends Athena into the ropes. Ali then hits Athena with a few chops to the neck causing her to gasp for breath. Ali then makes a rose appear out of nowhere in his hand, puts it in her hair, then gives her a kiss, then smiles at her.)

    Dudley: Now he is wasting time.

    (The kiss pisses Athena off, and as she has caught her breath, she butts Ali in the head, then shoves him to the mat. Ali goes to grab him, but Ali slides out of the ring to regroup. While Ali is regrouping, a fan ask for an autograph on his sign he is holding, so Ali makes his way over to the fan, makes a marker appear out of the ear of the fan, then signs the sign.)

    (While this was going on, Athena has made her way out the ring, walks up behind Ali and drags him back towards the ring. She hits him with a stiff forearm, then tosses him into the ring and follows behind.)

    Dudley: Like I said, he wasted too much time. He had a good part of the match under control until he started playing tricks.

    (Athena covers Ali for the pin.)



    Kickout by Ali!

    (Athena pulls Ali up and knees him in the gut. Ali responds with another chop to Athena’s throat then follows that up with a very stiff elbow to her face causing her to fall back onto the mat. Ali immediately starts stomping on the downed Ali, then arm drags her to the mat, then covers her for the pin.)


    Pat: Finally, Ali is focusing back on the match.


    Strong kickout by Athena!

    (Ali then climbs onto of Athena, his hands magically are covered in smoke and when it clears, his hands are in boxing gloves.)

    Dudley: What the hell?

    (Ali then starts pounding the crap out of her in the face. The ref threatens to DQ him - but Ali doesn’t stop so the ref starts a DQ count.)





    (Ali stops, rips off the boxing gloves, then pulls Athena’s head up and butts her in the nose, busting it open. The ref tries to pull Ali away, but Ali blows green smoke in the ref’s eyes, temporarily blinding him.)

    Dudley: Finally a magic trick that was not foolish.

    (With the ref blinded Ali starts pounding on Athena again, but this time with closed fist, busting Athena’s nose open even more- blood is gushing out of it by now. Ali, shocked at the sight of all the blood, stops beating on her, then out of thin air, produces a bandage out of thin air, then lifts Athena’s head up and starts wrapping the bandage around her head.)

    (The ref can see now and can’t believe what he is witnessing. He pulls Ali away, and checks on Athena who is pretty much out of it. The ref goes to call for the bell as he thinks Athena can’t go on, but she sits up and demands the match goes on.)

    Dudley: No surprise there. Athena is not one to throw in the towel. She’s a fighter.

    Pat: So true, that’s why she’s the champ.

    (Athena goes to get to her feet, but Ali rushes at her and Athena grabs him and pulls him down to the mat with her. But Ali manages to slip out the ring once more. Athena finally gets to her feet and is about to exit the ring but the ref holds her back.)

    (The ref then starts to count Ali out as Ali circles the ring.)



    (Athena removes the bandages from around her head, looks at all the blood on them then laughs. The she tosses them to the mat.)



    (Ali starts climbing the ring steps and gets to the ring apron and is about the enter the ring but Athena rushes over at him, but the corner fills with green smoke for two seconds, then dissipates and Ali is gone from the corner.)
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    Dudley: Now what?

    (Athena and the ref both look around and there is no sign of Ali so the ref starts counting him out once again.)



    (All four corners of the ring now fill up with purple smoke and a few seconds later it all dissipates to reveal Ali standing on each corner of the ring on the top turnbuckles.)

    Dudley: Sooooooo which one is the real Ali Kazam?

    Pat: They all are.

    (Athena gets in the middle of the ring and looks at all the Ali’s and tries to figure out which one is really him- she rushes over to one corner and grabs…..nothing as that Ali disappears. She rushes over to another corner and grabs….nothing as that Ali disappears too. She then gets back in the middle of the ring and dares him to come get her.)

    (Both Ali Kazam’s raise their arms in the air and leap at Athena who quickly looks to the right, then the left- At the very last second before the Ali’s are about to connect with Athena, Athena looks back to the right and catches Ali, and the other Ali disappears, and slams him into the mat with brute force knocking him out cold. She then covers him for the pin.)




    (Athena gets to her feet and her hand is raised in victory. A stage hand enters the ring and hands Athena the JBW Intercontinental title which she raises above her head to massive cheers from the crowd. She looks down at Ali Kazam who is finally coming to. He gets to his feet and bows to Athena then snaps his fingers and the lights go out.)

    Dudley: Dammit, just what the hell is Ali Kazam going to do now?

    Pat: Whatever it is, I hope its soon- I hate sitting her in the dark.


    Dudley: Ohhhhh shit…

    (The lights come back on, Ali is gone, as is the ref, and an aura hits the arena throughout that can only be described as cold, ominous, and intense. A beautiful young woman with a marvelous figure and chestnut brown long flowing hair steps out onto the stage.)

    (She wears a white tank top and short black mini skirt, with black pump high heels. On closer inspection she is Sasha Panzer, almost unrecognizable as she stands with a new deadly and killer look in her eyes. She appears calm but seething, obviously with a brand new attitude. She begins shouting out behind her, calling for someone unseen with her hand.)

    Dudley: Damn this girl is freaking hot. Hanging out with Ano Doom is doing her wonders.

    Pat: If you say so…

    Dudley: I just did.

    (The lights lower but do not fall out entirely, and then a loud explosion akin to a shotgun blast pops through the air, and the lights instantly shoot back up to normal. A massive, insanely jacked, and purely shocking figure now walks out behind Sasha and intensely stands alongside her, and she slowly turns, looking him in the eyes.)

    (The seemingly man beast is clad in all black, consisting of a leather vest laced with spikes, spiked black gauntlets halfway up his arms, Black longer shorts that fall just above black kneepads, black leather gloves, and black boots that have several spiked straps on them with more spikes lacing the entire width of the boot. A menacing, chilling black helmet covers his entire face, with white horns protruding from the sides at near the top.)

    (Smoke flows from out of the helmet from the eyeholes and it is clear its coming from his nose too, in massive quantities, as the individual gives off a monstrous presence. Stunning artwork laces his body in all visible areas, as tattoos cover his juggernaut like frame. Sasha turns and looks at him once more, then begins walking towards the ring behind him, shouting commands and pointing angrily with a purpose.)

    (The unexpected giant advances upon the ring as she begins barking orders in German now- Dies ist die nächste zu zerstören. Sie müssen sie leiden, müssen sie bluten. Sie müssen töten, die Schlampe! Dann erhalten sie ein stück von Pez!! Muscles ripple throughout the savage as the feeling of something major is in the air.)

    Dudley: Now this guy scares the shit out of me.

    Pat: Is that what I smell? I thought it was me.

    (Sasha enters the ring first and gets right into Athena's face, slapping her, Ano also enters the ring behind her.)

    Sasha: (Screaming at the top of her lungs without a mic.) Give me that damn belt! NOWWW!!

    Pat: Ummm bad mistake. Athena can kill this little girl!

    (Athena shoves Sasha down to the mat and looks up to see Ano Doom charging at her with The Terminator (A Ryback Hook Lariat ) It seems to nearly knock her head off, but it really just sends her crashing to the mat. Sasha picks up the IC belt and instructs Ano Doom to pick up Athena and and hold her still- which Ano does with Athena facing Sasha.)

    Sasha: Dies ist nicht deine. Nicht für lange. Nein! Ano Doom wird ihnen von glied zu glied rippen. Sie leiden unter den schlimmsten schmerzen in der Welt. Sie wird für den tod wünschen. Sie essen diese!

    (Sasha slams the IC belt into Athena's face a few times, causing blood to again flow from her nose and now her mouth, then Sasha throws the belt down to the mat and motions to Ano Doom to let her go- which she does. Athena falls to the mat a bloody mess as the crowd looks on in shock.)

    Dudley: My God…

    (Sasha motions to Ano to pick Athena back up and hit her with a Tombstone Piledriver, which he does. Sasha then exits the ring and looks for something under the mat, pulling out a table. She yells at a stage hand to help her and when he doesn't, she yells at Ano then points at the stage hand.)

    (Ano walks over to the ropes, looks down intensely at the man who decides its best to help Sasha now. After the stage hand helps get to table into the ring, he bolts backstage yelling that he quits.)

    Dudley: What a pussy…

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    Pat: I don't think this will end well…

    (Sasha reenters the ring and points to the table. Ano looks at Sasha, then at the motionless Athena. He walks over to Athena, picks her up at bodyslams her hard onto the table, breaking it in half- Athena isn't moving.)

    Dudley: Not many men can do something like to a woman like Athena.

    Pat: Ah yes, but Ano Doom isn't human- we need to get someone out to help her….

    (Ano Doom looks down at the twisted table and Athena's motionless body- he then looks over at Sasha, who nods at him. He then looks down at the JBW Intercontinental Championship Belt, picks it up, stares at it, then holds it high above his head as we fade to backstage to see JBW interviewer Ms. Mayhem knocking on a locker room door and April Snow answers it.)

    April Snow: And just who are you?

    Ms. Mayhem: Well I am the new JBW interviewer and I was hoping to get a word from Mike Muir. Seems Larry was arrested after he went missing and is now in a hospital detoxing.

    April Snow: Larry was a disgust pig anyways. And yes, Mike is available for an interview. Come on in.

    (April takes a seat next to Mike Muir, who was sitting on a bench. Ms. Mayhem takes a seat directly across them.)

    Ms. Mayhem: So Mr. Muir…

    Mike Muir: Call me Mike.

    Ms. Mayhem: As you wish. Mike, at For the Cause, you put on a great showing- one you should be proud of along with all the other competitors in the match. Were you upset that St George threw a few more guys into the match?

    Mike Muir: Not really. I mean in wrestling you have to be ready for everything. I fought men as small as TWEs JJJ and men as big as EWNCW's Raden Blaine. I've fought hardcore wrestlers, technical wrestlers, Luchadores, you name it. So it didn't matter who showed up unexpectedly. I did my best, but it just wasn't my night. Malcolm Cage came out on top and a big congrats to him. And an even bigger congrats to Holy Jose- the guys finally rose to the top after years of hard work.

    Ms. Mayhem: So you are not bitter about it?

    Mike Muir: Nope, was just another learning lesson. You learn from your loses, you move on, you improve. Even though I was eliminated from the match, I still watched the rest of it as to study their weaknesses, their strengths.

    April Snow: My Mike is always learning.

    (April leans into Mike and he wraps his arm around her.)

    Mike Muir: That’s right baby, I don't rest on past laurels like most people around here.

    Ms. Mayhem: So, what are your plans now here in JBW Mike? I'm sure you are gonna try to get back into the title picture as soon as you can.

    Mike Muir: Correct you are. I know I will have to work my way up to the JBW Heavyweight Champion again, but right now, it seems like there is one champion here that seems to need a new opponent- that being the JBW TV Champion. Mr. Hawk…

    Ms. Mayhem: You mean Mike Hawk?

    (Mike Muir and April Snow giggle, as does Ms. Mayhem.)

    Ms. Mayhem: Ah yes, Mr. Hawk

    Mike Muir: Correct. I've kept an eye on the guy since his debut in EWA- right out the box, the man held gold in the company and every place else he has gone, he has done great things. But.. he has been in the ring with me yet. I've seen his weaknesses. He was lucky to come out of For the Cause with his belt. Romulus almost had him beat a few times. And given the chance, I'll finish what he started. So St George, R(ob), either one of you listening- make it happen.

    Ms. Mayhem: Well I wish you luck Mike. Thanks for your time.

    April Snow: And thanks for not being like Larry.

    Ms. Mayhem: I don't think there is another human out there that is that disgusting. They tried giving me his old office, but that place was worse than a pig pen. Well, let me go. Again thanks guys.

    Mike Muir: No problem. And uh, could you lock the door when you leave?

    April Snow: Pretty please?

    Ms. Mayhem: Sure. You have fun now.

    April Snow: Oh we will.

    (Ms. Mayhem locks, then closes the door then stands there listening for about a minute before smiling and moving on. As we come back to the ring, it’s pitch black and the audience is confused why. Suddenly, Hawks music hits to a mixed reaction and Hawk comes out waving his title high into the air. As Hawk makes his way down high fiving the fans along the way, he stops and smiles in front of the ring and asks for a mic. Hawk gets into the darkened ring disappearing from the audience.)

    Hawk: Ladies and gentlemen, at For the Cause you witnessed history as I silenced JBTV's most vocal critic to my audience. Now despite what I said about Romulus scaring away my ratings, our bout was one of the most electrifying and highest rated segments of the show so I tip my hat to him for the effort but JBTV's highest paid actor isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So with that in mind, I decided to expand my presence here with a new show I like to call JBTV and Larry, this all came from me taking apart your show and selling the set pieces so thank you.

    Four TV's start to light up in the ring and as they come on, moments from past JBW shows appear on three of the sets and the last set has clips of Hawk's defining moments in his career. To the left of the ring, a big TV stage light comes on and in front of it is a couch and recliner and next to those, is Hawk sitting at a talk show host desk.

    Hawk: This is the set to what will be the highest rated, most innovated, talk show ever to be created, JBTV. Now I have had a lot of guys fighting to be the first guest and who could blame them since everyone wants some time with the JBTV champion, so I had to search around a bit for a good first guest and after some interesting meetings and offers...

    (Hawks starts to count a large stack of money discreetly under his desk.)

    Hawk: My first guest is another man who made his return at For the Cause, just not as good as I did of course, Mr. Smyth

    MR. SMYTH!

    (Even before the music hits, there is an explosion of boos that resonates around the arena. After a few moments, Mr. Smyth appears on the staging area, suit finely pressed and with a briefcase in hand. As he stands there, seemingly impervious to the booing, the fans start chanting "Asshole!")

    (Mr. Smyth walks down to the ring with a purpose, climbs the steps and into the ring. He places his briefcase next to the recliner, wanders over to Hawk and picks up a microphone from the desk. The music fades and Mr. Smyth has to wait for a few moments for the boos and jeers to die down.)
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    Mr. Smyth: Before we start this interview, I would like to take this time to say a few words. Many people have asked me the same question for a week now: why? Why, Mr. Smyth, have you lowered yourself to the standards of JBW? Is it money? Is it title opportunities? Well, before I go into what it is, I will go into what it is not.

    It is not because I have a love and desire for "Jabe." This company has been a sinking ship for a long time now and watching some of the garden variety troglodytes try their best in making something that is a pile of excrement into gold was pathetic beyond all means.

    (The fans boo, and an "Asshole!" chant starts up again.)

    Mr. Smyth: And it certainly wasn't for you dullards, who pay their $12 for a ticket to this circus. Day after day, week after week, I came out here and I had to endure the level of disrespect that you felt the need to bestow unto me. What did I get for it? My having to explain the simplest things to a bunch of idiots who ended up saying something to the effect of "Aw, Shucks! Now I understand!" Do you have any idea how much I have spent on crayons so I can explain things to you bunch of half-wits?

    (The fans boo even louder now.)

    Mr. Smyth: It wasn't money either, nor was it titles and it certainly wasn't for the love and enjoyment. I'm here for one reason and one reason only: because that's what's best for business.

    I left because I didn't see how this place could go on. Guess what, ladies and gents? I still don't see how it will work. When the new management took over, I requested that my contract be terminated, and that was granted. Two weeks ago, my office got a phone call. JBW wanted me back and I initially thought about sending a firm and polite response saying no, but then I thought about an opportunity.

    My goals in wrestling are well known: I want total power. At some point, I will own JBW, IWA, EWNCW and any other federation that pops up.

    (The fans boo.)

    Mr. Smyth: You still don't understand, do you? JBW will fail. That I can be certain of and when it does, I will swoop in, buy the company for a rock bottom price and go about turning this...oh, let's say "business"...into a global conglomerate.

    (Mr. Smyth walks back over to the recliner and takes a seat.)

    So that's why I am here - to pick the bones of this failed project and show the troglodytes how it's done. Now that I have said my piece, Michael, I would like to hear your first question.

    (Hawk starts to applaud, but after a minute his phone buzzes and he reads it intently.)

    Hawk: That was just great Smyth, I am certainly glad you are back and according to my boys, you are a big hit with businessman, white collar and political demographic, which mind you people are a tricky lot to attract. In fact apart from you and Romulus, I am the only other person here that connects well with that demographic since you know, I put on quality programing for everyone to enjoy. But then again, you wouldn't understand that since you aren't the TV champion.

    (Hawk raises the title high in the air in front of Smyth and the fans pour down some boos.)

    Hawk: Now then as far as the show is going, I think it could use a bit more me in the setting. You know something that says, "this is Mike Hawk's show" so if the network executives want to get rid of me when I start to ask for a salary increase, the have to rename the whole show and what not to get rid of the "Hawk" vibe it creates. But enough about my thoughts, since you were kind enough to save me time from asking obvious questions, where are your former associate from the old incarnation of JBW and do you look to acquire new ones?

    (A reminiscent smile crosses Mr. Smyth's face.)

    Mr. Smyth: Ah, yes. Lindsay and Aidan. Well, after JBW and I parted ways, I entrusted Lindsay to a different area of my business. As you know, Michael, I rate Lindsay very highly and I know that the projects that she has taken on in her new role will be challenging, yet rewarding. But you should never say never, and there is a chance that we may see Lindsay here in JBW again - just not in the very near future.

    As for Aidan Black, that there is a less happy story. I felt that Aidan wasn't living up to the potential that I had hoped. I am a true believer in giving people opportunities, letting them make mistakes and then coaching them through those low days to ensure that they learn from their downfalls. The problem with Aidan was that he never learned anything and if you are not willing to adapt to your environment for the better of business, then you are no longer an asset. Aidan Black will be a great mid-carder, there is no doubt about that, but I am looking for main eventers.

    I want to help build this business for the future and that does not mean relying on the old, the aged, the egomaniacle or the crying babies who've decided to come back to JBW because they didn't want it to die. Oh, and an interesting side note, all those guys that loved JBW so much; where were they when the place was going down? Nowhere. All they did was come in at the eleventh hour to save a company and massage their own insecure, volatile, fragile and insatiable egos.

    (Mr. Smyth pauses as the fans boo.)

    Mr. Smyth: Apologies for my digression, Michael. In answer to your latter question, I am always looking to take on new associates if they will be beneficial to the business for the next ten to fifteen years. However, saying that, that is not my primary goal here in JBW. I have some things that I would like to achieve before then.

    (Hawks takes a look at his phone again and nods approvingly.)

    Hawk: Good answer Smyth, in today's time executive guys connect really badly with a vast majority of the audience and as a result the viewership declines. But I think you handled that OK since you have a nice hold on the unemployed female demographic right now. As far as the old "Vets" of JBW, you'd think this place was an early morning buffet with all of the old people coming back.

    But despite them, I have been able to establish myself as a leader for this new generation and continue to push the boundaries of JBTV even farther. I now have broadcasts going in Paris, London, Beijing, Tokyo, and Moscow and all because I am the JBW Television champion.

    But there I go again talking about myself, that's material for the JBTV Biographical channel. So Smyth, if that isn't your goal here, what are you hoping to accomplish on JBTV this time around?

    (Mr. Smyth turns his head slightly and gazes on the JBW TV title, which sits on Hawk's desk.)

    Mr. Smyth: In the short term, that thing there. Your TV Championship.

    (The fans boo, as Mike Hawk cocks his head slightly with interest.)

    Mr. Smyth: I know what you're thinking: you thought my return wasn't about titles. Well, it's not but with every title comes power. I am a champion elsewhere. As a matter of fact, I used to hold two titles for two different federations at the same time and do you know what that gave me? Absolute power.

    In TWE, I am the voice of the board and I get to make critical decisions as their IronFist Champion. Whilst being the IWA Endurance Champion, I played the GM like a deck of cards and I proved to him on a weekly basis that I have more control than he would have liked.

    (Mr. Smyth looks into Hawk's eyes from the recliner.)

    Mr. Smyth: I can see what you're thinking. You're imagining the ratings which works for me, because I can see this as a fantastic business decision. 'Mayhem' Mike Hawk going toe-to-toe with Mr. Smyth. Whilst we look at it from different angles, we both see the huge benefits that would come from this.
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    (Mr. Smyth gets up from his seat and picks up his briefcase.)

    Mr. Smyth: So this is me putting you on notice. I want that title and I will be coming for it. It's only a matter of time before I make an official challenge, but heed this warning, Michael: I will take that title from you and take it up to the next level. Do you know why?

    (The fans boo, knowing what's coming.)

    Because that's what's best for business.

    (Mr. Smyth respectfully places the microphone back onto Hawk's desk and exits the ring to a barrage of boos. Hawk, on the other hand, leans back on his chair, puts his feet up onto the desk and creates a pyramid with his fingers whilst smiling as we fade to commercial.)

    (As we come back from break, a video begins playing the JABETron and the cameras are showing the outside view of a mansion. The camera man walks to the back side of the house where the pool is. A muscular man is swimming in the pool but you can't see his face clearly. The man exits the pool grabs a towel and puts it over his shoulder. He turns his back but the camera is not filming his face. The man enters the house grabs a glass of martini from the bar and sit on the pool table in the house.)


    (The man is Antonyo Angelo and he finally shows his face on camera. The JBW fans all over in the arena start booing like mad when they see his face on the video.)

    Angelo: All the cagnas around the world will get the chance to watch the best European talent now in JBW, me! And the board of directors reached an agreement and I'm proud to say that now part of the JBW roster.

    When Antonyo Angelo debut live in front of all you i expect nothing less than respect and appreciation from you idiots.

    (The boos are loud as hell you can barely listen Antonyo speak.)

    Angelo: The JBW you knew belongs to the past. It’s now Antonyo's Angelo's new home. And i don't want to say too much about my goals and what I intend to do in JBW after I debut, but you need to know one thing for sure. Antonyo Angelo is coming to dominate all the single divisions in JBW. So all the idiots in the back be warned because what i say i do and what i want i get. JBW is about to become very Italian.

    (Cameras get close to the face of Angelo who smirks to the camera and the words “Antonyo Angelo… Coming Soon.” shows up in the video. The fans never stopped booing the man.)

    Pat: There you have it folks! Antonyo Angelo will be coming to JBW! I wonder when?

    Dudley: I’m not really sure but judging by the words, I’m guessing “soon”.

    (Pat gives Dudley a dirty look as familiar music begins playing.)


    (The House of Jabe lights up like Times Square during Christmas - cheers roar across the arena as the familiar tune hits loud and strong! First to emerge from the back is Pisces Pink, holding her IWA Vanity Championship title... but she stops and holds her hand up, and is seen mouthing the words "Wait for it..." The crowd seems to hold their breath for a moment, slightly confused then, with a sharp hit of static, the song changes from "Faint" to...)

    NEW Theme

    (Blue and white lights flash on and off as a small yet fierce figure emerges from behind Pisces... he wears a white hoodie trimmed in royal blue, matching MMA trunks, and blue boots with white kickpads. He pulls the hood down, and Sagittarius Blue reveals his face to the crowd - with the JBW United States Championship belt over his right shoulder.)

    ("NOW OR NEVER" he yells, and the crowd follow suit. He reaches over and takes Pisces' hand, and the two make their way to the ring. Blue enters the ring as Pisces stands outside, with his mic in hand...)

    Sagittarius Blue: Ladies and gentlemen... THE STARS HAVE ALIGNED!

    (He holds the JBW US Title aloft and the crowd responds with thunderous ovation...)

    Sagittarius Blue: At For The Cause, I became the first-ever JBW United States Champion... an honor I will cherish for the rest of my life. This belt means a lot to me. Not just that I have a shiny belt... but that I am what I have always been: a fighter. In the cage, in the ring, in life in general... I never quit. I never back down. I never run away. I. WILL. FIGHT. And now that I hold this title belt, I will be a fighting champion. Bottom line: if you want a shot at me, I'm not hard to find.

    That actually brings me to my main point here tonight, folks... Shuriken Blade. For all you Jabesters that are in the know, JBW has been taking Twitter hostage - we've been blowing it up like crazy! Especially between myself and Shuriken... I've been a fan of his style for a long time. The man is a modern day, real-life Street Fighter.

    Larger than life. A living legend. A man whose fists make knives and bats look like toys. But the truth is... I've been wanting to take on Shuriken Blade. He's a fighter... and so am I. What real fighter wouldn't wanna test the mettle of another! Our little Twitter feud is growing with every tweet... but I say "Fuck the hashtags." Let's skip the e-fighting. Shuriken Blade, come on down... LET'S HANDLE THIS. NOW!

    (The lights go out in the arena as Shuriken's music plays.)


    (After a few seconds the song switches to another new one…)

    NEW Theme

    (The crowd goes crazy as Shuriken comes out with his new music. Shuriken comes out wearing a red vest, black pants with red stripes, and black boots with red outlines. He looks around the crowd and witnesses the eruption. He walks down the ramp and points at the crowd when they yell "BLOOD! SHED!" coming from his new song. He then smiles and enters the ring and asks for the mic. The crowd goes crazy as Shuriken and Blue are in the same ring. They chant…)

    "THIS IS AWESOME!" clapclapclap "THIS IS AWESOME!" clapclapclap "THIS IS AWESOME"
    (Shuriken and Blue look around to witness the audience roar.)
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    Shuriken: You're damn right that this is awesome.

    (The crowd roars.)

    Shuriken: I have kept my own on you, Mr. Blue and, congratulations on being the United States Champion. You should be praised by that feat!
    (The crowd cheers at Blue.)

    Shuriken: And yes....we have talked through social media and the crowd has been going crazy about us going back and forth. To be honest......I've been waiting for this.

    (Shuriken goes face to face with Blue.)

    Shuriken: I've kept my eye on you because you are the future. And as the future.....I want to test you. Push you to your limits. To see how long you can last against me. I want to see what the future is capable enough. The future. The champion. We will face each other.....with that title on the line or not....

    (Shuriken points to Blue's United States Championship.)

    Shuriken: I just want to fight you. A fair fight. In front of the whole world! The future that shines bright versus the legendary warrior of the business today. When we fight....SHOW ME WHAT YOU REALLY BELIEVE IN! SHOW ME YOUR SKILLS! YOUR DRIVE! BECAUSE I WILL BE COMING AFTER YOU! I RESPECT YOU BUT I WILL BE COMING AFTER YOU WITH THE INTENT TO BREAK YOU AND BEAT YOU!

    (Shuriken and Blue drops their mics, staring a hole at each other's head with such intensity. Shuriken offers a handshake at Blue, and Blue shakes Shuriken's hand but they both go face to face, with the intense look in their eyes. Sagittarius Blue looks deep into Shuriken Blade's eyes... and vice versa... before Sagittarius backs away, picks up his mic, returns and speaks... without taking his eyes off of Shuriken…)

    Sagittarius Blue: Shuriken Blade... I will show you what I believe in. I will show you my skills. I will show you my drive. I WILL SHOW YOU WHO I AM!!

    I won't lie... you claim that I'm the future of all this. But I see you as the measuring stick of this industry. Possibly the best pure striker... athletic ability beyond any other... and a fighting spirit so powerful that it could cut diamond.

    So do it. Come on! COME AT ME BRO! I want you to challenge me! There isn't anyone I can think of that I'd rather fight! This isn't going to be a regular match... hell, this won't even be the caliber of show they'd have on a PPV. No, this will be nothing short of LEGENDARY. The God of Fists, Shuriken Blade... and the Classic City Saint, Sagittarius Blue... FOR THE JBW UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP! Break me if you can, Shuriken... because if YOU can't break ME... THEN I WILL BREAK YOU!!!


    (Sagittarius Blue drops the mic while both he and Shuriken Blade maintain intense eye contact, both men almost frozen in a moment that will no doubt be immortalized. Neither man moves, neither man budges - for a time, neither man even blinks, as the crowd goes crazy as we fade to the back.)

    (The Alpha Dog is shown in his locker room, doing pull ups on a black bar rigged to the wall. He's breathing heavily as the sound of a door opening and closing becomes evident. Alpha continues as Selena comes into view wearing a black, tight, low cut shirt, a pair of tight blue jeans, and a pair of black knee high boots.)

    Selena: How many?

    Alpha: Lost count about five minutes ago. Expecting a different answer to your request?

    Selena: Well after Sunday, I was hoping you would have at least reconsidered.

    Alpha: You know The Alpha Dogs reasons.

    Selena: Right. The Mighty Alpha Dog is worried about hurting little ole me.

    (Alpha lets go of the bar. He walks past Selena and goes over to a table with a bottle of Jack on it. He aggressively grabs it and takes a drink with his back to Selena. He puts the bottle down hard and grips the back of the chair in front of him. His knuckles are white by the time he speaks.)

    Alpha: You're wrong. The Alpha Dog knows you could handle it.

    Selena: Then why not? I have money.

    Alpha: The Alpha Dog has already explained why. If you want The Alpha Dogs time, and he means more than his service already provides, you're going to have to come up with something better than something The Alpha Dog already has in abundance.

    (Selena thinks for a few moments. A brief look of something similar to pain appears on her face before she quickly changes it to something more...certain...more confident.)

    Selena: I do have another form of payment.

    (Alpha turns around and looks at Selena.)

    Alpha: If you’re talking about what The Alpha Dog thinks you’re talking about...

    Selena: Nope.

    (Selena starts walking seductively over to Alpha with an exotic smile on her face.)

    Selena: I know you already get an abundance of that. I'm talking about something more professional and more long term for both of us.

    (Selena reaches Alpha. Alpha looks curious.)

    Selena: I would like to offer my managerial services.

    (Alpha looks disappointed.)

    Alpha: Seriously?!

    Selena: Yes!

    Alpha shakes his head as he walks past Selena and over to a TV. He grabs a remote and turns on the TV. It's one of his old matches. Selena steps in front of the TV. Alpha tries to look around her

    Selena: I could showcase you, find ways to increase your fanbase, manage your affairs, collect payments on your appointments, make sure you're not getting screwed over on your merchandise deals...

    Alpha: First off, The Alpha Dog doesn't need anybody speaking for him. The Alpha Dog can do that just fine himself. Second, everytime The Alpha Dog walks out on stage, his bitches know who to cheer for and it's not just a select group, but the entire arena. Third, The Alpha Dog has made it this long managing his own shit and finally...

    (Selena reaches up with both hands, grabs Alpha on both sides of his head, and forces him to look only at her. Alphas face grows intense as he lifts up the remote, turns off the TV, and throws the remote to the side.)

    Alpha: Miss Selena...The Alpha Dog isn't one to hit women but that doesn't mean you should challenge it.

    Selena: This isn't a challenge. I'm just making sure you're listening when I tell you the best part. You see, I'll be the one walking you down to the ring. When the fans and other competitors see you and me together, the men are going to envy you and challenge you to matches just to try to impress me and women will fall over their heels to have time with you.

    I'll be your trophy. Twenty four seven, I'll be yours and only yours...except for when your with other women, in which I'm ok with.

    (Alpha looks Selena up and down and smiles. Selena lets go of his head and puts her hands on his bare chest.)

    Selena: All you have to do is say yes...

    Alpha: To your request. The Alpha Dog has to is tempting but he has to ask. Why are you doing this? There are easier ways to get what you want.
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    Selena: I don't want easy. I want the best and the reason I'm in this business is because of you so that makes you the best in my book.

    Alpha: There has to be more.

    Selena: There is...But that's my business. All you need to know is that I'm willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to see my goal accomplished.

    (Alpha thinks for a few moments.)

    Alpha: have a deal.

    Selena eyes light up with excitement before she jumps into Alphas arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Alpha holds her as she kisses him. Once she's done...

    Alpha: Don't get too excited. Your managerial services...and your training starts tomorrow but for tonight, what about you and The Alpha Dog commemorate this arrangement?

    Selena: Never thought you would ask.

    (With Selena in his arms, Alpha rushes out of frame. The sounds of stuff breaking and Selena laughing are heard before the screen goes back to the arena as someone’s theme begins to play…)

    (As Darius walks onto the stage, a mixed reaction is unloaded upon him. He smiles and makes his way down the ramp. As he gets into the ring, he looks around and begins talking.)

    Darius: I'm not usually the guy who runs around complaining or bitching about losing. I take the loss, I learn from it, and then I move on to improve ... But this time is different. Much different. The rebirth of Justifiably Badass Wrestling opened the door for many wrestlers who wanted a chance to showcase their in ring abilities and how they speak to all of the fans.

    Some of us wanted a chance at the world championship, and some of us earned that chance. Malcolm Cage, Mike Muir, and Van Darius. Us three men proved that we have what it takes to be the world champion, so we were ready to duke it out at For The Cause in a triple threat match to determine the new number one contender.

    (Darius looks down to the mat with a scowl, gritting his teeth beneath his closed lips.)

    Darius: But right as the bell was about to ring, that illiterate, gum-smacking redneck known as St. George came out and interrupted us. From what I could barely understand, I'm almost certain he said the match was going to become a "hexa-threat". A six pack challenge, and it did ... And then I hear Kings & Queens blare from the speakers. Mr. Smyth, the man that I forced to say "I Quit" at Night of Legends over on IWA was thrown into the match up.

    And then comes Many Men through the speaker, and out comes the IWA World Heavyweight champion himself, Shaz. Another man that I have had a ... Not so good history with. The thoughts flowing through my mind were that the TWE Board of Directors must have gotten together with the JBW Board of Directors, because the two men that have given me trouble in the past were now in the fucking match with me.

    And of course, last but not least, is a man I have no history with. A man I honestly don't care about, but this man is also a twisted mother fucker. Ano Doom. Honestly, I don't even think I'm calling him the right thing, because he sure as hell isn't a damn human. Which brings me to my next point of interest.

    (Darius walks over to the turnbuckle, climbs up onto it and sits on it.)

    Darius: At the end of the day, Those men were added to the match because the Board of Directors did not want me to become the number one contender. They hired Mr. Smyth, Shaz, and Ano Doom because they knew I would easily defeat Mike Muir and Malcolm Cage. I don't understand why they don't want me as the number one contender, the ratings soar through the roof when I am the champion!

    Maybe that is the problem though, maybe they thought "Oh, Darius will be too popular and no one will buy anyone else's merchandise!". I'll just give them the benefit of the doubt and say that is why they chose to screw me over. So I'll give them one more chance because I don't think they want me in a bad mood, because when I am in a bad mood, people start to get hurt. So whoever is in charge of handing out the number one contenderships ... I suggest you come on down here, and give me back what is rightfully mine. Give me back the world championship match at Luck of the Draw that you screwed me out of ... And I suggest you make it quick.

    (As Darius sits on the turnbuckle a spotlight shines on the entrance ramp. He jumps off and stands in the middle of the ring smiling. Out comes St. George to no music but the audience erupts at the sight of him. He immediately puts the mic to his lips and begins speaking.)

    St. George: First off, redneck? Redneck? Are you fookin' serious, mate? Lemme put it like this. I'm the one who makes number one contender matches here. And you want to talk about not understanding me? I do that shit for show bruv. I do that shit because the people love it.

    (The audience cheers.)

    Right. See? Right now, you got my attention. I'ma do you a good one. You beat your opponent tonight, you can go against Malcolm Cage to see who the real number one contender will be, sound good eh?

    Awright geeezzaa! Now, 'i' da fookin music fer dis match. I wanna see dis twat lose. Ball an' Bat. Sorted mate.

    (St. George smiles and walks into the back as Darius stands in the ring mumbling “The fucker called me a twat. Who does that anymore?”… then the music for his opponent hits.)


    (Nightwolf walks out on stage to a mixed reaction from the fans. He has an intense look on his face as he quickly walks down to the ring, ignoring the fans and keeping his focus on Darius.)

    Dudley: Look at the look on Nightwolfs face. His loss at For The Cause against Shuriken is going to give Darius a bad night tonight as Nightwolf looks to redeem that match.

    Pat: Nightwolf and Shuriken fought a great match. He shouldn't feel bad at all for it.

    Dudley: Pat, a loss is still a loss. It doesn't matter how great the match was, if a competitor isn't fuming after not gaining a victory in a big match, especially against a big name like Shuriken, then that competitor is an idiot. Fortunately, it doesn't look like Nightwolf is an idiot because if that ref wasn't there, Nightwolf would've begun applying his wrath before the match even began.

    (The referee is struggling to hold back Nightwolf. The ref finally points at his shirt and yells…)

    The Referee: I'm the referee and if you don't get in that corner right now, I will disqualify you!

    (Nightwolf reluctantly stops and heads over to his corner. He doesn't take his eyes off Darius as the ref checks him and his opponent. When the ref is satisfied, he calls for the bell.)


    <span style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%">
    (**EDGE/NightWolf, DARIUS/Dolph Ziggler, never mind Vicki and the WHC.**)

    Dudley: Nightwolf has pretty much owned this match.

    Pat: But Darius is still in it Duds. Don't count him out yet.
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    (Nightwolf has Darius up for a powerbomb. Darius starts fighting back with rights to Nightwolf’s face. Nightwolf moves his arms from under Darius, causing Darius to fall to his feet. Nightwolf tries to rebound with a big boot, but Darius runs under it, bounces off the opposite ropes, and after Nightwolf turns to face him, Darius hits him with a superkick. The fans cheer.)

    Pat: Both men are on the mat. It's anyones game now.

    Dudley: Darius better get on the attack before Nightwolf gets up. He's taken most of the damage in this match and if he wants to win, this moment is crucial.

    (Darius is on one knee as he's taking a breather, but Nightwolf is almost to his feet. Darius quickly stands up and grabs Wolf by the hair. He goes for a Irish Whip but is countered by Wolf with an Irish Whip of his own. At the end of the whip, Darius keeps a hold of Wolfs arm, runs toward Wolf, slides under him, and still keeping his grip on Wolfs arm, Darius puts him in a pumphandle clutch. Darius lifts him up and over his head. He now has Wolf in a Samoan clutch.)

    Pat: Darius is going to attempt to bring Nightwolf out back!

    (Darius spins around and almost hits the ref with Wolfs legs. As the ref ducks the legs, Wolf hits Darius in the eye with a thumb. A majority of the fans boo as Darius drops Wolf and looks blinded. After the thumb to the eye, Wolf quickly recovers, takes a few steps back, waits for Darius to face him, and with a smile on his face, hits Darius with a massive running clothesline.)

    Dudley: Oh...turn off the oven! This match is done!

    (Nightwolf smiles as he goes for the cover.)




    (NightWolf stands up and looks over at the stagehand and motions for a mic. Upon receiving it, he snatches it and starts yelling something indecipherable.)

    NightWolf: You all witnessed what I did here tonight. Things have been reevaluated in my life. The loss at For The Cause… my second loss… it will never go unnoticed. I will make something from nothing. JBW is about to get a facelift. A change. I will be the eradicator of it all.

    (NightWolf looks down at Darius and smirks. As NightWolf exits the ring, someone comes from the audience with a hoodie on and jumps into the ring. Security tries to grab him but he takes them out. He walks over to Darius and stands over him. He unzips the hoodie and is revealed to be…)


    (Diamond picks Darius up and hits "Diamond In The Rough" (Diamond Cutter) on him, flattening him in the middle of the ring. He throws his arms up and lets a scream go as he gets out of the ring and heads through the audience to go to the back. Referee’s are checking on Darius as we fade to the back to see Ms. Mayhem standing with Shaz.)

    Ms. Mayhem: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time...wrestling's Baddest MOFO, Shaz!

    (Mixed reactions from the crowd, but more cheers.)

    Mayhem: So Shaz, last week at FOR THE CAUSE- you made your return to the JBW. Why did you return to the company?

    Shaz: Ever since JBW closed it's doors, I was gutted. Because I never got a real chance to create an impact in the company I never got the chance to prove myself, and prove to the world what I can do. I've done it in various other companies, but JBW was the only company that I failed to shine in.
    And the fact of the matter is, I was always with JBW. I never returned. I was just scouting all of the superstars in the WARFare roster, to see what they are made of. Because they are originals. They are superstars who built this company. And they are the ones that young stars like me, need to look up to.

    But that's what they think. No offense to any of the originals, but they aren't in the same league as me. I'm in the league of the best, and there isn't any other superstar in JBW that is in that league. Don't believe me? I'll prove it anywhere, anytime.

    Mayhem: Fair enough, Shaz. What do you think of Holy Jose winning the world title?

    Shaz: I'm not gonna lie, he deserved that title win. It's been long overdue, and after a long, and rough two years- he finally got a world title. However it's such a shame that I don't give a fuck. I don't care about Holy Jose's world title win enough to tell you what I think of his victory.

    He's just keeping the belt warm for goes like me. And the JBW title will go so bloody warm, that it will burn his ass. And that will be the point where he will realize, that he isn't good enough to be a world champion. The only wrestler in JBW that is good enough to hold a world title me. Because I've actually been a dominant champion before.

    (Sleepy walks up to Shaz and Ms. Mayhem with a cocky laugh and a crooked smile visible through the mouth opening on his mask.)

    Sleep: You're a fuckin'clown Spaz. On one hand you try to kiss the asses of us O.G.s but then in the same funky breath you diss us. There is a reason the O.G.s here in the JBW are treated like gods of the efedding world. We built this company up from doing shows in bingo halls and high school gymnasiums to the most viewed fed in the world selling out arenas.

    What the fuck have you done in your short time as a professional efedder even compares to that? You sit here and talk about what you have accomplished in other feds but that don't mean shit here. I main evented in the first ever Best In The World PPV. So if anybody here deserves a shot at Holy Jose's heavyweight strap that would be me. And if you actually think you deserve it more than me, than shut your mouth and prove it.
    Shaz: You talk about achievements in other feds, and how it doesn't matter around here- and yet you're the one gloating about how you've main evented the first ever Best In The World PPV? How much of a hypocrite are you? In fact, did you even win that main event?

    From my knowledge, no you didn't win that main event. And you wanna know something else? You won't win anything in the JBW either, because as long as you have the sexy beast in Shaz lurking around here- the only taste of gold you will get, will be mid-card gold. You'll never get to feel a world title, let alone holding one.

    I wouldn't kiss any of JBW's originals asses, even if my life depended on it. Why? Because I'm not an ass kisser. I am an ass kicking machine. And I'll happily kick your ass all over the fuckin' arena right now!

    (Sleeper looks irritated by Shaz's comments and he is pacing back and forth like he isn't sure what to do.)


    (Sleeper stops pacing, steps up into Shaz's face and takes a deep breath to calm himself.)

    Sleep: Listen up fool, you may have the attitude that is needed to fit in with the other nothings in the locker room. But here in the JBW you’re gonna have to back your mouth up in the ring. You are looking at someone who has done everything there is to do in the JBW, except winning the JBW Championship. If I have to go through you to get closer to getting a match with Jose, then it is what it is.
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    You really think you will kick my ass all over the fuckin' arena? That's cool, I'll see you in a match. I hope you’re ready for the quick paced, high flying offense the Sleeper brings. We're both starting out 0-0, we will see who gets the first win here. I just want to warn you when I first started here I went six months without losing a match.


    (Sleep looks at Shaz with a vicious stare, as Shaz does the exact same. Both men look as if they wanna rip each other apart, but Sleeper moves and throws his middle fingers up at Shaz as he walks away.)

    (As we come back from break we see Pat and Dudley sitting there, ready to talk.)

    Pat: What a night! Eh, Duds?

    Dudley: Yeah, so many things happening around us its been hard to keep tabs on it all!


    (No one can get another word in because the WARFare GM himself, ST. GEORGE is coming down the ramp. Completely decked out in his Armani attire and smiling only as he can. As he gets into the ring he receives a mic from a stagehand and is ready to talk.)

    St. George: As we’ve seen tonight, people who open their mouths have to get it shut. Darius, you fookin’ reject… hope ye’ learned a good one bruva. Now, I’m findin’ out its extremely difficult to do everything that needs to be done. So, I hired me an assistant! Ya’ wanna meet tha’ lass?

    (Audience cheers.)

    Then lemme introduce ya’ to…. SUMMER HARRIS!!

    Pat: Who?

    (A video plays on the screen showing Victoria's Secret model Summer Harris. The fans cheer as Summer makes her way to the stage and down the ramp waving at the fans.)


    Dudley: Holy shit that IS Summer Harris!

    Pat: Again, Who?

    Dudley: Summer Harris the Victoria's Secret model. Aren't you familiar with the girls of Victoria's Secret?

    Pat: No, but I'm guessing our esteemed GM must be if he hired a model to be his assistant. What qualifications can she possibly have to assist him in the wrestling business?

    Dudley: I have no clue, but she sure looks great in lingerie.

    (Summer enters the ring and waves at the fans once more. Her music ends and she's handed a mic.)

    Summer: Good evening JBW Universe!

    (The fans cheer and she smiles.)

    Summer: As previously mentioned my name is Summer Harris and yes I am a Victoria's Secret model.

    (The fans cheer once again.)

    Summer: Well former Victoria's Secret model to be exact and I'm sure you're all wondering why I'm here. I mean obviously I was hired to be the Executive Assistant GM, but why me? What qualifications do I have? Was I hired solely for my looks?

    (She now gets a mixed reaction from the fans.)

    Summer: Allow me to answer your questions then. I was discovered as a model in college; I was studying to get my Business degree, I didn't have a lot of money at the time and I needed a way to pay my tuition so I joined a modeling agency and soon after I was chosen to become a Victoria's Secret model and not only was that a great honor, but it helped me do what I wanted which was get my degree.

    So now I'm fresh out of college with a major in Business and a minor in Marketing and I wanted an opportunity to make a career for myself in my fields of study so I quit my job at Victoria's Secret and I started sending out resumes to anyone who would take them. Then one day I got a call from someone about an interview here at JBW and I have to say I was excited, but nervous.

    I've been a wrestling fan my whole life because in my family I'm the only girl and I have 4 brothers, all wrestling fans so I grew up watching wrestling shows and playing wrestling games and when I told my family I was getting an interview at JBW they all wanted me to get the job. And here I am, the new Executive Assistant and I couldn't be happier.

    (The fans cheer once again.)

    Dudley: Guess she is qualified to be here.

    Pat: So she says, but that remains to be seen.

    Summer: Now, with that being said… St. George has asked me about a couple things regarding the June Pay-Per-View and I assured him that making a match between Sagittarius Blue against Shuriken Blade for the United States Championship would be great business and also making the match between Holy Jose and Malcolm Cage 100% official as well!

    Now, R(ob) will be out next week to explain the fresh, new and high concept that LUCK OF THE DRAW will provide so, with that we depart so that way you guys and gals can continue to enjoy this fantastic show tonight!!

    St. George: That's right! We'll see ya' fookers on da flip side ov a double cheeseburger, yeah? Sorted mate.

    (St. George and Summer wave to the audience as we go to the back. The Camera shows Black Blooded's Dressing Room, Mr. Blood can be seen taping up his hand as Mr. Black faces the door, sitting in a bench, his back to the camera.)

    (The back of his head can clearly be seen for perhaps the first time on national television, showing a mass of scar tissue, burn marks, and parts missing. What hair there is has been shaved close to the scalp, to allow the mask the best fit. Mr. Black's mask sits beside him, a brush and oil next to it suggesting it was recently cleaned.)

    Mr. Blood: You about done over there you two?

    (With a grunt, Mr. Black answers as Vivica rises to her feet in front of him, looking adoringly at the man she calls "Daddy" Smiling widely, she picks up his mask, fondly caressing it.)

    Vivica: I'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world! I have a Daddy that loves me, and Unca that adores me, and what's more, together they are the bestest tag team that there ever was! Nobody will ever take the JBW titles from you!
    Mr. Black: That's my girl.
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    Mr. Blood: These dumb fucks ain't never gonna realize that anyway though girl, I mean hell, we took out three other teams to get these fucking things, and have beat the living hell out of each and every team stupid enough to face us since. Last time, what was it, three more teams?

    Mr. Black: Yup.

    Mr. Blood: And again, we're the only ones left standing. I don't even know who the fuck they got us beating on tonight, but I can already tell for damn sure how it's gonna end.

    Vivica: It's..... Iconography?

    Mr. Blood: Icon-who? Wait, those fucking kids running around backstage kissing everyone's ass? Fuck those two losers are really a team? I thought they won a radio contest or some shit. Well fuck me, this is gonna be even easier than I thought. Might not even need to turn the bikes off.

    (All three members of Black Blooded begin to laugh as the Locker room door opens, a nervous crew-member sticking his head in, a clipboard in hand.)

    Crew: Ummm... Mr.. Black? Mr. Blood? Sirs, I was sent to tell you that...

    (Whatever the message was is lost as the man finally looks up, seeing Mr. Black's face without his mask the man immediately loses it, throwing up all over the floor and himself as he starts to sob.)

    Crew: Oh God! oh god what is that?!?

    (Vivica stalks over, her back to the camera as she crosses in front of the man's line of sight, leaning down in front of him on the balls of her feet.)

    Vivica: What's your name sweetie?

    Crew: TTTt... TT. TTommy.

    Vivica: Well now, Tommy, Why don't you be a good boy and run along now, Daddy ain't got his face on quite yet sweetie.

    Tommy: Yy Yes mam.

    (Tommy slowly gets to his feet, too slowly as with a predatory grin for her Daddy Vivica dives in, kicking him hard in the genitals and shoving him through the door, where he hits the hallway wall with a thud.)

    Mr. Blood: Wasn't that fun? Viv, go find someone to clean this fucking mess up will you? Black, bro, put on your face man, don't want whatver poor mexican they send over to get sick too.

    (Mr. Black laughs, a deep sound, as the camera feed cuts back to the arena.)

    Dudley: He must be one ugly mother fu…

    Pat: Well, now. We’ve had a great night tonight and we’re just getting started really. Our third match is just about to get under way here and it’s between to guys that are looking to make huge impacts here and are ready to show off indefinitely.

    Dudley: Artemis really has to get a win here tonight because he’s not had a good run recently. For The Cause proved to be a heartbreak for him because of the cheating ref.

    Pat: How did he cheat? It was a fair count. You need to really adjust yourself I think. Now, it appears were ready for the match.


    (KJ Punk’s music begins playing and a mixed reaction from the audience happens.)

    Pat: People don’t know how to take him right now because of what’s he’s been doing with Ali against Athena but, as we saw earlier… she has worse to worry about.

    Dudley: Yeah she does. Hopefully she’s getting the help and care she needs. I am of the understanding that she was taken to a nearby ER and they’re treating her as they can.

    (KJ Punk makes his way to the ring, not high fiving, not interacting and looking like he has something on his mind. He gets in the ring and doesn’t play to the crowd, he just stands looking at the entrance, awaiting his opponent.)

    (The lights go out and the audience begins cheering louder than booing. Finally, the lights explode into color when the theme begins playing.)


    (Artemis comes onto the stage with his arms up high, his kendo stick in his left hand and hood to his hoodie up, with his head down. He gets into the middle of the entrance and throws his arms out and head back. He turns around and walks backwards down the stage saying something into the camera.)

    Pat: This man is always so hard to read. I’m pretty sure he’s Bi-Polar. One day he embraces himself then he doesn’t.

    Dudley: Why do you have to analyze him so much? He’s amazing. That’s all that matters. Let him be him, you jackass.

    (He turns back around and jumps onto the ring barricade and begins walking it up to where the ring steps are. He screams “BOSTON STRONG!!” as he jumps off and onto the steps. He goes through the middle rope and sits on the turnbuckle looking in the ring at KJ Punk. He jumps off the turnbuckle and gets into Punk’s face. They exchange a back and forth, pushing and the ref gets in the middle of them and rings the bell to start the match.)


    Artemis/El Generico, KJ Punk/Christopher Daniels

    (*Watch from 00:05 – 17:10*)

    Pat: What a devastating suplex! These guys have been displaying an awesome array of moves here tonight showing off their depth and versatility indeed.

    Dudley: I’m nowhere near in agreement. KJ can’t hold a candle next to Artemis. Not many people can Pat. This guy is just that incredible, man.

    Pat: Yeah, that may be true but the suplex he just took on the outside of the ring will be causing him untold amounts of pain tomorrow morning.

    (KJ picks up Artemis and knees him in the stomach. Artemis crumbles on the ground and starts coughing. KJ throws his arms up and tries to get the audience behind him but they do not. He gets frustrated and grabs Artemis again. But Artemis counters and throws KJ into the ring post and he flies backwards and into the announcer booth.)

    (Artemis, grabbing his ribs quickly goes over to KJ and picks him up. He tosses him into the ring and slides in right behind.)

    Dudley: Complete pro move right there, Pat! Artemis got him back into the ring quickly and is now ready to make a pin.



    THR- Kickout by KJ!
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