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    PLEASE Check them out! Dubs, SES, Ka$h, Romes, Poot, Eddie, JMan and S.E. Zero and many, many more all worked extremely hard on them and even though the old show thread won't be used anymore doesn't mean we can't still showcase the past!!

    AS FOR NOW...

    This is your one stop shop for ALL JBW shows!! Now, you can sit back, relax and enjoy CHROME NIJI, CURBSTOMP FACIAL, SPEWING EPICNESS, ONOMATOPOEIA ADVISORY, MATCH OF THE WEEK, ADVENTURES IN JBW CREATIVE! and obviously last but not least, COUNTDOWN! and our iPPV specials! If you're looking for specific rosters for each show, please go to the first page of our discussion thread. Not only that but, if you want to become a talent in JBW please follow the guidelines for submitting characters to us! Thanks and enjoy your time reading!

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    JBW WARFARE (01) – 04.20.2013

    The crowd is alive and well as the cameras circle the arena while fireworks go off welcoming us to the show. We swing around and there at the announcer booth are JBW stalwarts, Pat and Dudley welcoming us to the show.

    Pat: And they said we were dead! Ha! We are back folks! This is JBW back to its roots. We are coming to you LIVE from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey for a sold out WARFare! Of course you know me, I’m Pat and sitting next to me as always, the one and only… thankfully, Dudley Ramirez!!

    Dudley: Hell yeah Pat! Look at us… in color and where we should be. JBW’s premiere show. Broadcasting as if its our last show ever. Wait, that was a couple weeks ago or something like that. Either way, its great to be back in your living rooms and great to be back in your lives.

    Pat: Preach on Duds. I didn’t think you were capable of such emotion.

    Dudley: My doctor prescribes pills for that.

    Pat looks at Duds for a second and laughs.

    Pat: Okay then folks, as we all know… a few weeks ago Eddie Juarez came on to your screen after the supposed last JBW PPV and said everything was dead in the water. In a complete shocking turn of events, one of the old co-owners R(ob) put his bid in and was granted the company. R(ob) is now the boss and on that note, we’re gonna let him take it away because well, he’s in the ring and he’s got a mic. Take it away boss!!

    The camera pans over to the ring and we see R(ob) standing there while the crowd chants for him. He smiles and begins speaking…

    R(ob): Look guys, I’m not going to take up anywhere near a lot of time so… I just wanted to say, thank you to the guys who stayed and the couple new guys who came. I know we can bring JBW back to its former glory. All we have to do is dig in and we’ll kick this motherfucker into high gear! We have a ton planned for tonight so please, sit back and enjoy the ride. We’re back. Back to reality. Back to basics. Back to fun.

    The crowd cheers as R(ob) smiles again.

    R(ob): Thanks again everyone. Now please, let me introduce to you the first match of the night with a person whom I think needs to air a couple things off his chest…


    The lights go black in the arena as this video begins airing on the JABETron…

    Artemis Eclipse walks out on stage with his hoodie on his head hanging down. The flag representing the City Of Boston draped over his shoulders. He raises his left arm high with the kendo stick lifted as well. He finally raises his head and looks around the arena as fans begin chanting:

    “BOSTON STRONG!” Clap,clap,clapclapclap

    “BOSTON STRONG!” Clap, clap, clapclapclap

    “BOSTON STRONG!” Clap, clap, clapclapclap

    Artemis is visibly stirred by the support of the NJ fans. Tears can be seen running down his mask as he starts clapping back. He sits on the ramp with the flag still draped over him. He pulls out a mic and begins to speak…

    Artemis: It’s been a long week. Too long. On April 15th, 2013… two sick and twisted men went into my home city with backpacks filled with explosives. They placed them strategically on the ground, in areas that would cause most damage. They… they placed them by kids. Kids I knew.

    They did this on what’s basically a holiday for Boston. We call it “Patriot’s Day”… you call it, “The Boston Marathon”… words cannot express how much sorrow and pain I’m currently going through for the people of my city. I’m so glad, SO FUCKING GLAD they killed the one and caught the other. Boston was shut down. Boston was lost. We lost too many. Too many injured. And for what?

    Boylston Street will never be the same… I will never be the same. Being there when it happened, seeing all of those bodies on the ground… seeing the dead. It looked like a warzone. Parts, blood, death… one of the worst scenes I have ever witnessed. I didn’t think, I went into action. I helped EMT’s, I helped kids, elderly and all that I could.

    Artemis begins crying.

    Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev… you will not get the best of my people. You will not get the best of my city. YOU ARE WORTHLESS!! YOU’VE KILLED AND INJURED… FOR WHAT? LITTLE KIDS,INNOCENT PEOPLE!! WHY?? YOU SPINELESS FUCKS!!!...

    Artemis puts the mic down for a second and looks at the ground. He picks it back up still looking down.

    Tonight. I fight. I fight for everything I have. I fight for the kids that are gone, the men and women that are gone, the people you hurt, the lives you’ve destroyed. All of it. No matter what from April 15th to April 19th, 20th and every day before and beyond, I am BOSTON STRONG!!

    He stands up, raising his arms high. The crowd is behind him 100% heading down the ramp holding the flag of Boston high as he enters the ring. He drapes it over his corner and calls down his opponent.

    Pat: Powerful. Simply powerful.
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    Dudley: Artemis is a man on a mission tonight Pat. Normally we see “The Bostonian Badass” flipping people off, cursing them out and generally being an amazing prick at it all. But tonight, he’s what he needs to be.

    Pat: Words really can’t explain how it feels in here right now, Duds. This is incredible.

    Mike Muir walks out on stage holding hands with April Snow to a mixed reaction from the fans. He stands center stage and looks out at the fans as April stands on her toes and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Mike smirks as he puts his arm around April’s waist (and she does the same) before they head down to the ring.

    Dudley: Talk about opposites attract...

    Pat: What do you mean Dudley?

    Dudley: Well just look at them. A hot gothic chick going out with a southern red...

    Pat: I'm going to stop you right there Dudley. That's profiling and I will not listen to it. I think they're cute together.

    Dudley: Yeah real cute. Like watching a swan with a wolverine.

    Pat: Can we go back to the show or would you like to judge some more? I've seen Muir wrestle and I think he's going to give Eclipse a run for his money tonight.

    Dudley: He might have a chance if he can keep from being distracted by April. Artemis isn't one to underestimate or take your eyes off of for any amount of time.

    Mike climbs up the apron as April takes the stairs. Mike sits on the second rope and holds up the top one, allowing April into the ring first. Mike steps over the ropes (Kevin Nash style), walks to the turnbuckle that April is sitting on, and leans back on it, staring across the ring at Artemis Eclipse (whose flipping Mike off) while April rubs his shoulders.

    As Mikes music stops, the ref steps in and signals both men to come to the center of the ring. Mike brings his head back and kisses April before walking to the center of the ring with Artemis. The ref whispers a few things to them before signaling to the bell man.

    Pat: And the first match of the night is underway!

    (stop at 9:55)

    Pat: Oh big neckbreaker from Muir! He's going for the pin...


    Artemis kicks out before the refs hand comes down. Mike looks frustrated...

    Dudley: Close call but Artemis is still in this.

    Mike is attempting to pick up Artemis while April is arguing with the ref about the pin count. Mike has Artemis to his knees when Artemis brings his arm up between Mike’s legs. The look on Mikes face says it all and this makes April argue with the ref more, trying to get him to look at what's going on in the ring. The fans cheer as Artemis looks up with a smirk.

    Pat: Uncalled for ...

    Dudley: Hey it's Aprils fault! If she wasn't distracting the referee...

    Artemis stands up as Mike falls to a knee. Artemis motions a kiss towards April before grabbing Mikes head and delivers a vicious knee to his face which makes him reel back but not fall. Artemis then runs backwards, bounces off the ropes, steps up on Mikes’ knee, and delivers another vicious knee to the back of Mikes head.

    Dudley: Requiem for a Dream! This match is over!

    Mike falls face first and Artemis quickly goes to turn over Mike as he yells at the ref, who is still arguing with April. The ref turns to see the pin and quickly goes for the count. April puts her hands over her mouth in worry.


    Mike quickly throws up his arm. April shouts in excitement (as do some of the fans) as Artemis slaps the mat, and stands up, the anger in Artemis' face is obvious.

    Pat: Wow that was close. This one is still going. What an awesome match!

    Dudley: That stupid ref!

    Artemis runs over to Mike, who is still out on the mat, gets on top of him, and starts punching Mike. After a dozen rights to the face, Artemis stands and looks toward one of the ring posts. He points to the top turnbuckle and smiles...

    Dudley: Oh I think he's going for Purity! This will definitely put this match to rest.

    Artemis walks to the ring post, grabs the top ropes, and quickly jumps to the top turnbuckle and nestles there, as Mike appears to be coming around. Artemis is egging Mike to stand up. When Mike is to one foot and one knee, Artemis starts balancing on the top rope. In the background, April is clapping and the fans are going along with her.

    Pat: The fans are behind Mike but will it be enough?!

    Dudley: Not if Artemis hits Purity...

    Mike is to both feet but he's dazed and has his back turned to Artemis. When Mike turns around, still struggling to keep his balance, Artemis then jumps off the turnbuckle, does one front flip in mid-air, lands on Mikes shoulders in a seated position with his legs wrapped around Mikes head and...

    Pat: Powerbomb counter from Mike!

    April and the fans erupt in cheers as the powerbomb impacts, but Mike doesn't let go of the clutch. He stands back up with Artemis body in a tree of woe position, places each of his legs in front of Artemis arms, and stays like that for a moment as he smiles out at the fans before jumping up and falling forward, slamming Artemis body beneath his large 6'5, 225 pound frame.

    Pat: The Redneck Ride!!

    Mike rolls Artemis over in the same position and sits up into a pin.

    Dudley: Kick out Artemis! Kick out!


    Pat: HE KICKED OUT!!


    Mike is enraged and in disbelief at the same time. Artemis begins laughing while on his back. Mike comes over to grab Artemis again but he’s met with a series of kicks, Artemis grabs him with his legs and brings him to his knees. Mike struggles to get out but Artemis keeps kicking him. Artemis lets go and stands. He races to grab Mike who is struggling to get to his feet. Artemis gets under Mike and scoops him up, Mike begins hitting Artemis in the face but its not quick enough, Artemis throws him on his head and sits.




    Dudley: DO IT ART! DO IT!!


    Pat: What a match to start off WARFare!

    Dudley: That’s for damn sure Pat!! These guys laid it all on the line tonight and...

    Pat: ... wait, what?

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    The lights go out and turn back on but with a gray tone and fog is quickly filling the arena floor.

    Dudley: No, no, no, no!!

    Pat: Oh yeah, I forgot you were on some crazy tirade against the Horror guys in the past. How’d that end up for you?

    Dudley just looks at Pat and crawls under his desk so all that can be seen is the top of his head and eyes.

    Pat: Such… a… little… girl. Haha!

    The Sandman appears on the stage. His eyes glowing through his gas mask. He doesn’t take the time to soak up the adulation from the crowd and makes a beeline for the ring. Mike Muir and Artemis Eclipse are still there, holding their heads and ribs from their grueling match. They look at each other as they see him coming. Mike shakes his head “no” and dives out of the ring next to April. He grabs her by the hand and lifts her over the barricade. He hops over and they exit through the crowd, leaving Artemis by himself. Artemis hobbles up and leans against the ropes breathing heavily as The Sandman enters the ring and stares at him. The Sandman walks over to Artemis and holds the ropes open for him to leave. He nods his head and obliges.

    Pat: Show of class from The Sandman there. Helluva man.

    Dudley: Screw that dude. He’s about as nice as The Joker beating a Robin with a crowbar.

    Pat shakes his heas as The Sandman gets ready to speak.

    The Sandman: I’m going to make my point clear, right here and now what my intentions are. I’m back in JBW, back where I belong. I’m not here to make friends, allies or anything else. I’m here to make people realize how precious their lives are. How precious their sanity is. But first and foremost, I am here for the JBW World Heavyweight Championship.

    TDA, I’m calling you out of retirement. You claim you’re done. You thought the company was going out of business so you packed your bags and left. You’re spineless. You win the biggest prize in the dance and leave? That’s not a Champion. So I’m telling you, I’m your number one contender. At our first Pay-Per-View back… I’m taking it. In three weeks I will be the new JBW World Heavyweight Champion.

    Come out, come out wherever you are TDA. Next week on WARFare, I’ll be in the ring waiting for you. And it’s in your best interest to be there too.

    The Sandman drops the mic and walks out of the ring to the crowd going crazy.

    Pat: What a bombshell!!! The Sandman has laid the gauntlet down to TDA for next weeks WARFare!!

    Dudley: I bet TDA won’t show up.

    Pat: You never know Duds. These guys have a past. They’ve had interactions and confrontations… but never settled their problems. If anyone has a shot getting TDA out of retirement, it’s The Sandman. But right now, we have to pay the bills so we’ll be back right after this commercial break!

    http://<a href="</a>

    A man is sitting in front of multiple TV screens going over many different returns and debuts in wrestling. Eddie Juarez appears on one of the side screens he is looking at.

    ????: Eddie Juarez in EWNCW was shocking and it lead to good match with an even more shocking end, but I need mine to be bigger and better if I want to win over the viewers.

    Another video of Ryan Wells making his IWA debut appears and immediately the screen is broken as the mystery man yells out angry.

    ????: No, No, No! I don't need to make ripples and fade out later on, I am here to make bigger waves and face the best.

    Suddenly, a two TV screens in the middle catch the man’s eye. The first is Tommy Thunder making his JBW debut and turning heel by attacking TDA and the second is TDA's shocking entrance into EWNCW, and the looks of the stunned audience.

    ????: Yes, I I know that will work! Big, showstopping, jaw dropping, and ratings went through the roof. My Warfare entrance needs to be like those, but bigger. But after all the history I have made, all fans I have gained, what more can I do to get them to watch? Who can I strike down to make my mark and why should I even give them my attention in the first place? So much to plan, so little time, but I can't appear yet, I need to see what the plot is like, who the characters are and most importantly, who brings in the ratings.

    The chair suddenly turns around to reveal Mike Hawk starring at the camera.

    Hawk: But rest assured JBTV, I will be watching and when you least expect it, the Ultimate Aerial Predator will swoop down and reveal his prey soon enough. The era of Hawk starts again.
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    Pat: Well, looks like JBW TV Champion Mike Hawk has decided to…

    Pat: Guess I won’t be finishing that thought…

    The Alpha Dog walks out on stage to a huge ovation from the fans. He's wearing his usual jeans, leather jacket, and Chuck Taylors combo and he's holding his EWN World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. He looks out among the fans as the camera zooms in on him. He looks excited. He looks into the camera and yells "DAMN IT'S GOOD TO BE HOME!!" before he heads down to the ring.

    Dudley: Oh come on! Not this idiot again!

    Pat: I am so happy to see The Alpha Dog back in JBW!

    Dudley: Why? This man is psychotic! He should be locked up in a loony bin so he can't hurt anybody.

    Pat: I hear he's actually doing better. He nearly went all of last week without getting into a fight and his psychiatrist...still alive.

    Dudley: I can't believe it. He is making progress.

    Alpha is running around the ring, slapping hands and yelling non sense at the fans before he runs and slides into the ring. He runs to a ring post, climbs it, holds up his title, and yells


    Fans: THE ALPHA DOG!!!

    Alpha jumps off the turnbuckle and he looks around at the fans as his music and lights turn off. Alpha goes to the side of the ring and asks for a mic. He looks around at the fans one last time before.

    Alpha: That's right bitches...

    The fans cheers get louder. Alpha starts shaking his head and he looks frustrated. He tries again.

    Alpha: He said "That's right BITCHES..."

    The fans erupt with cheers again and now Alpha looks pissed. Veins show in his neck and his face is red.


    The fans erupt again and it makes Alpha run over and start slamming his head into a turnbuckle. He does it a couple of times before he walks back to the middle of the ring, punching his head with the side of his fist.

    Alpha: Now if The Alpha Dog is going to get through this alive, you're going to have to stop that ok bitches. You see The Alpha Dog didn't take his meds today and it's hard to you know...

    Alpha twitches his head to the side.

    Alpha: focus and it's kind of frustrating. Now The Alpha Dog imagines you all have questions but seeing as how that would take all damn night, The Alpha Dog is just going to summarize. First of all, The Alpha Dog took a month off that he can't even remember. Then he went to Best In The World and (lifts up his title) won this bad boy in a Fatal Four Way.

    The fans cheer again and it makes Alpha start shaking his head again.

    Alpha: Sssshhhhh....

    The fans go quiet.

    Alpha: Other than that, The Alpha Dog has been doing the usual. He stopped drinking and philandering for a while, but that didn't last long. The voices were getting too loud and he needed to drown them out. But then word came through that something The Alpha Dog truly cared about, one of the only things he cared about, was about to have its plug pulled. This got The Alpha Dog to thinking, as much as "he" hates it when The Alpha Dog does that, and The Alpha Dog came to a conclusion. The Alpha Dog said to himself..."It's time to go home."

    The fans cheer at a respectable level.


    The fans cheer even louder. Alpha looks like he's trying to hold something back.

    Alpha: Shh...Shh...Ssshhh...

    The fans lower their volume. The Alpha Dog collects himself and continues.

    Alpha: The Alpha Dog will have other commitments (knocks on the title belt) but JBW will be his top priority. Now what The Alpha Dogs plans are, he's not sure but he does have to admit...this EWN World Heavyweight Title gets lonely. The Alpha Dog can only talk to it so much before getting weird looks from The Alpha Dog is going to find it...a partn...

    The lights in the arena suddenly go out and on the JABETron words are shown on the screen while RedRuM’s music plays in the arena.

    “Next Week, I’m back in JBW Nigga!!! Alpha Mutt, I’m COMING!!!”

    The lights come back on and The Alpha Dog is furious.


    The Alpha Dog stands in the ring for a moment before kicking a ring post.


    He drops the microphone and storms out of the ring as the cameras pan back to Pat and Dudley.

    Pat: Wow Duds! Next weeks WARFare should be interesting already! If Sandman gets his way and TDA responds… and now we have RedRuM apparently challenging Alpha. HOT DAMN!... What’s that?... ok…. What?... ok… Oh, I’m being told that we have to take it backstage at this time… LARRY ZBYSCO is back in JBW and is now the interviewer back there…
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    The camera cuts backstage to Larry Zbysco who quickly stashes A joint behind his back along with a bottle of jack Daniels as the camera comes in in him.

    Larry: Ladies, the love machine is here and ready to start. I'm standing by, well, I'm standing by because I was told that someone wanted to be interviewed. Unfortunately, they don't seem to understand the meaning of the word, "punctual". Because whoever the fuck this Alex Karen is, she's keeping me waiting. This bitch better be hot and Dtf when she rocks up because, I do not hang around to benefit women.

    ???: Dude, are you fucking retarded. I'm right here...

    Larry looks around, but still can't see anyone around.

    Larry: who the hell said that? Puff? Is that you? Have I finally caught the dragon?

    ???: Up here guy.

    Larry: daddy? What's heaven like?

    ???: Alright. Enough games. I'll come down to you.

    Larry: but daddy, you've been dead for years.

    ???: Oh drunkie, I knew coming here was the right decision. I'm not your dad. I'm the guy here for the interview.

    Larry: you don't sound like a female and why can't I see you? Where are you? Show yourself. I'm Larry Fucking Zbysco, no one plays games with me.

    ???: Oh well, I'm Ali Kazam and playing games in people's heads is what I do best.

    An explosion rips the air and Ali floats down into the frame.

    Larry: street performers? This is a wrestling show.

    Ali: Stop, stop, stop. Now. For just a moment, I'm gonna be serious. DO NOT EVER.... EVEEEEEER CALL ME A STREET PERFORMER. Unless you want to visit the hospital. If you avoid that Zbysco, me and you we can have some fun here.

    Larry: like I'm scared.

    Ali Kazam: Your pants are full of shit.... So obviously you are.

    Larry: my pants aren't... What the hell is this?

    Feces starts overflowing out of Larry's pants and leaking all over the floor around him.

    Ali: man... Use a bathroom next time. That shit stinks! I'm not gonna sit here and have an interview with a guy who can't control his bowels. Be gone.

    Larry: that's not how it...

    Larry Vanishes along with all the poop. In his place several beautiful ladies are standing surrounding Ali.

    Ali: it's a shame Larry had to leave. He would have loved this. Just like all you people are gonna love what's coming up. The most Entertaining man Alive, Ali Kazam is here in JBW. I am here, to give you what you want. What you need. I'm here to give you all of me. Starting with these ladies right here. Be ready because I'm about to blow your mind, my opponent, doesn't know what's coming. I can feel the magic in the air baby, tonight is gonna be a beautiful night, the start of the entertainment era. Its show time baby!

    Ali bends down and touches his foot before spinning upwards and out of the view as another explosion is heard and Ali is gone from the backstage area. Ali is gone but in his place, Larry is standing back where he started still holding his joint and bottle.

    Larry: what just happened? Have I had too much to drink?

    The cameras go back to the arena when the music of Ali Kazam hits the speakers.

    He makes his way down the ramp and upon entering the ring through the middle rope, a purple mist appears around him. As it dissipates Ali Kazam is no longer there. The crowd begins booing until they see him slowly descending from the rafters. When he lands in the ring many members of the crowd start cheering as he bows

    Dudley: Cheap tricks. And I’m not talking about the band. I bet his harness is hidden.

    Pat: Where? His abs? You’re ridiculous sometimes Duds. Magic is magic. Let it be.


    Nightwolf/MVP, Ali Kazam/Kizarny

    *start watching @ 1:27, stop watching @ 3:10*

    Nightwolf had just thrown Ali out the ring onto the arena floor. Nightwolf quickly slides out the ring and picks Ali up, walks over to a guardrail and drops him on it- Ali screams out in pain. Nightwolf then grabs Ali up again, this time dragging him by his head to the ring. Once at the ring apron, Nightwolf shoves Ali back into the ring and soon follows.

    A dazed Ali finally gets to his feet, Nightwolf is right behind him, waiting- he sets him up with a suplex, bringing him for the pin



    Thr…Ali raises one of his shoulders off the mat, breaking up the pin!

    Nightwolf quickly gets to his feet and starts stomping away at Ali- but the ref pulls him away after about 30 seconds- but it looks like the damage has been done. Nightwolf reaches down and grabs Ali by one of his legs and pulls his seemingly lifeless body near a corner.Nightwolf then climbs up to the top turnbuckle and looks like he is about to dive off onto Ali when the most of ring mysteriously fills up with purple smoke. Nightwolf slowly gets down to the ring and disappears into the smoke, looking for Ali. Soon the ref enters the smoke too. After about 10 seconds, the smoke finally clears but only Nightwolf and the ref are in the ring and they are both looking around for Ali but he is nowhere to be seen so the ref starts counting him out.






    A loud explosion is heard near the stage area and fireworks start to go off and out walks from the entrance way…..

    The REFEREE!! The one in the ring is quickly running down the ramp towards the ring.

    Nightwolf turns around to see the ref in the ring pulling his face off (really a mask of the official ref) revealing himself to be Ali, and Ali quickly catches Nightwolf off guard with a stiff elbow shot to the side of the head that knocks Nightwolf a little silly. Ali follows that up by Irish Whipping Nightwolf into the ropes and catches Nightwolf with a clothesline as he bounces back off the ropes. Ali smartly goes for the pin…



    Thre… Kickout by Nightwolf!

    Pat: CLOSE!!

    Ali pulls Nightwolf up then body slams him back to the mat. Ali then makes his way to a corner and smoke starts to build up around his lower torso and Ali seemingly levitates towards the top turnbuckle for his finishing move- The Levitation Backflip 540.

    As Ali is halfway to the top turnbuckle, Nightwolf springs to his feet and lunges at Ali, knocking him chest first into the top turnbuckle. Ali actually lands on his feet but is clutching his chest in pain. He turns around only to eat a Superkick by Nightwolf who quickly covers him for the pin!




    Pat: And Nightwolf picks up the win in an amazing fashion! Ali Kazam definitely is a different type of opponent and will prove to be a tough task for anyone to defeat here. I can only imagine he’ll come back stronger in his next outing.

    Dudley: This isn’t my type of match but, it was if anything, entertaining. I guess.

    Pat: Duds, you wouldn’t know entertaining if it smacked you across your face. Either way, lets take you to our backstage correspondent, Larry Zbysco
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