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    Pat: Well, guess the pin wasn’t meant to be there. Artemis is moving quick though and he’s picking… MY GOD! He snapped him down that quick!!

    (We see Artemis hit “I’M SHIPPING UP TO BOSTON!” (Rubix Cube) and he quickly goes for the pin again.)




    Pat: And Artemis has picked up the victory here tonight and when he did it was in an extremely quick fashion as well!

    (There’s a secondary picture coming up and we see Barbie Panzer standing at one of the monitors in the back looking on at the match ending and she smiles. Oli and Karl walk up behind her and silently watch what’s going on. They give concerned looks to each other and tap her on the shoulder. Oli says “Come on sister, let’s go.” And as they walk away, Barbie takes a look back.)

    Dudley: Well, ain’t that some interesting shit?

    Pat: Yeah, it definitely is.

    (Artemis sits up and looks at KJ lying there and laughs at him. He slowly gets up and mocks KJ as he leaves. KJ lies motionless on the mat for a few moments before sitting up with one knee up and his arm around it looking down.)

    (He surveys the crowd for a few seconds and sees Artemis walking up the ramp doing the *crying* motion while going through to the back laughing. KJ uses the ropes to help himself up back in the ring. “Give me a damn mic” he can be heard saying as a stagehand hands him a microphone and scurries back. KJ breathes heavy into the microphone.)

    Punk: I thought things would be different.

    (Punk lowers the microphone and looks down. He slowly lifts it back to his mouth.)

    Punk: See I came into JBW needing a fresh start. I came here and things went good for a bit. Really good. I became Number One contender for the JBW TV Championship. Did I win? No. So guess what? I earned myself another shot against Mike Hawk. Did I win then? No. Then JBW went through a management change. So I was like, “Oh here it is, a fresh start. Things will be different now.”

    And they were. I became one of the top contenders for the vacant JBW Intercontinental Championship. I don’t really know how because I only won like one fuckin’ match but whatever, I don’t book this shit. But more things change, the more they stay the same. Because guess what? Did I win the JBW Intercontinental Championship at For the Cause? Hell fuckin’ no. I lost. To a woman. Now, I’m not knockin’ Athena because she’s a tough bitch, but deep down, it hurts a man’s soul to lose to a woman.

    Then, I come here tonight. Alright, time to change things around, get back on the ole horse and fight my way back KJ Punk style. But guess what? I fuckin’ lost. Again. Frankly, I might just lose my shit if I lose again. I’ve done some soul searching and I’ve decided that I’ve been going about this the entirely wrong way here in JBW. I’ve been coming out here trying to please you fans. Is that what I want to do? Yes, it still is. But I’ve come to the realization that you are unappeasable.

    It’s not enough that I win a few and send you home thinking “Wow that was a great show, but that KJ Punk match was fuckin’ awesome!” That doesn’t satisfy me anymore. I’ve had an epiphany that to survive in this business, you’ve got to be a bit selfish. You’ve got win for yourself. Being a champion of the people doesn’t lead to being THE champion of the business. So, from here on out, I might still win some for you…

    (KJ looks into the camera with pent up anger in his eyes.)

    Punk: but I’m going to win all for me.

    (KJ drops the mic and slowly leaves the ring and heads up the ramp as we go to commercial break.)

    (As we come back from break, we see Pat and Dudley standing in the middle of the ring, a curious sight indeed.)

    Pat: You may be wondering what we’re doing here and quite honestly, we’re still wondering why we were chosen to announce this as well. But, considering we’re JBW staples, the big wigs thought it would be nice to have us do this.

    Dudley: So please… let us introduce to you…

    Together: JBW ABSOLUTION!!

    (A video package airs talking about JBW’s new show that’s coming soon. The audience erupts while the package is airing on the JABETron and a banner rolls down from the roof showing the new logo…)

    Pat: That’s right ladies and gentlemen, JBW is getting a second show! This is not some sort of brand war, no drafts will take place, this show will allow us to showcase our talent in a more robust fashion. There is no “A” or “B” show… it’s just simply JBW!

    Dudley: Correct Pat! ABSOLUTION will provide you with the same action and awesomeness that WARFare does week in and week out. We’re pleased to know that everyone seems to be on board and we can’t wait to get the first show out to you soon enough!

    Pat: With that being said, lets introduce the man who will be the play by play commentator for ABSOLUTION…. Sly Sylvesterstein!!!

    (The Audience goes crazy when they hear the other long time JBW announcer has gotten his job back. Sly comes out on stage with a mic and is ready to speak.)

    Sly: Thank you all very much! I’m glad to be back in the house of Jabe and can’t wait to be on ABSOLUTION bringing you the best action and drama that only JBW can produce. Not only am I here tonight but, I also brought along my new broadcast partner as well. Do you want to meet him?

    (Audience cheers loudly.)

    Well here he is… the man, the myth and the… FACKING legend… ROBSTAR!!!

    (The audience goes insane at the announcement of Robstar becoming commentary for JBW. He comes out from the back and looks around for a bit then grabs the mic from Sly.)

    Robstar: This right here. Do you know what this is?? FACKING BULLSHIT!! I honestly don’t even know why I signed on for this but what the hell, why not?? I’ve literally got nothing better to do right now. Thanks for having me you fackers. It’ll be a pleasure to insult you weekly!

    (Robstar hands the mic back to Sly and starts giving the middle finger to everyone. Sly tries to stop him but doesn’t succeed as Rob goes to a hot woman and starts talking her up.)

    Sly: Well, now that Mr. Star seems to have found his entertainment for the night,what do you guys say, want to see some of OUR ladies in action?
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    (The audience cheers loudly.)

    Sly: Ladies and gentlemen… I asked… DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE BOMBSHELLS???

    (Sly walks off stage and into the back while Pat and Dudley settle in at ringside.)

    Pat: This is ready to be a good one! Eden and Barbie are about to have the first Bombshell match on WARFARE in quite a long time!

    Dudley: I’m anticipating a good one for sure. Cannot wait to see bouncing and fun going on!

    Pat: You disgust me.

    (Eden Sky’s music begins playing but she doesn’t come out.)

    Pat: Umm… she does know she needs to come out… right?

    (A few more seconds go by and Eden comes flying out of the entrance and lands hard on her side.)

    Pat: What the hell?

    (Barbie follows close behind laughing.)

    Dudley: Well, there’s your reason.

    (Barbie grabs Eden by the hair and begins dragging her down the ramp. She picks he up and leans her against the ring. Mushes her face in and smacks it. She tosses Eden in and this one is ready to go.)

    MATCH. 04: EDEN SKY vs BARBIE PANZER (#1 Contender To Bombshell Championship)

    Barbie Panzer = Brooke Tessmacher/Eden Sky = Mickie James - start at 1:43, stop at 3:55

    Pat: Gotta say, I'm surprised that these Bombshells are wrestling such a straight up match... both of these ladies have reputations as unrepentant rulebreakers!

    Dudley: Well I know that they have reputations... but probably not the kind you're talking about ha! But you're just overthinking things. As usual. You and your hyper-moralizing. It's all about the game... and how you play it.

    (Both Bombshells are fighting hard in the grounded headlock - Barbie doing her best to remain in control, and Eden struggling to escape. Neither of them have any luck in changing their positions or coming out on top... until -)

    Pat: Look - Eden just raked Barbie's eyes! Wait, no, Barbie just raked... no, both women just took a swipe at each other's eyes at the same time! Now we see their true natures start to come out - and interesting that they had the same idea at the same time!

    Dudley: Or you could just say "Great minds think alike." Jeez. Way to demonize the whores - I mean talent, Patsy.

    (Barbie and Eden roll around on the canvas, clutching at their wounded eyes as the ref chides them for cheating and warns them to not do it again. The warning falls on deaf ears as the girls eventually get themselves together... and lock eyes as they get to their feet. They circle each other, moving like a pair of dueling tigresses... Eden fakes a clothesline, Barbie feints a double-leg takedown. But neither woman commits to their moves...)

    Dudley: Now see, this is why both of these slu - I mean, stars - are top-notch... they're feeling out their opponent's weaknesses, putting together a battle plan... shame, though - I wish they were feeling up something else –

    Pat: And stopping you right there, Duds. Both of these women, these Bombshells, are no doubt ring-savvy, crafty, and frankly conniving... and regardless of what pervy daydreams you have about them, Dudley, regardless of their reputations outside of the business, neither of these women are anything to sneeze at!

    (The women go through a couple more traded feints, a teased tie-up here, a fake test of strength there... the crowd is antsy as they wait for the Bombshells to get it on. After a few moments, they simply stand about a yard apart, looking each other in the eye. "What's wrong, bitch?" Eden asks... "You scared?" Barbie fires back "You're the one stalling - come at me, slut!" And then the insults start to fly. Hard.)

    Pat: More and more, we see these women show their colors... and it's getting uglier by the moment!

    Dudley: That's because you're looking from the wrong angle. Where I'm sitting, I see London, I see France, I see Barbie's –

    (Duds is cut off as a loud SLAP reverberates across the arena... and Barbie Panzer stands stock still, holding her cheek, with a look of shock on her face as she looks at Eden Sky... who has the world's ugliest, most condescending look on her face.)

    Pat: Dear God... what a slap! I see a fire-red handprint on Barbie's face! The - the sheer... ugliness of Eden Sky!

    Dudley: Ugly? Your eyeglass prescription is looooooong overdue, pal! Eden Sky is nothing short of paradise on Earth! She's smart, sexy, accomplished, sexy, athletic, motivated, sexy - hell, she's the TWE Vixxens' Champion to boot! You don't get any better than that... except maybe Barbie Panzer - a member of the Panzer Division - in some circles called the Panzer Dynasty... a member of one of the most accomplished and feared wrestling families in the world! And she's sexy, too. Very sexy –

    (He is once again cut off as Barbie kicks Eden dead in her shin - causing her to drop to her knees - and delivers an open hand to the side of Eden's face while she's down. Eden hits the mat! Barbie immediately places her foot on the side of Eden's face and shouts "Thought you were used to being on your back, you fake-ass whore!")

    Pat: Hell the fuck YES! Forget the Bad Girls Club - THIS is what real women do on television! Though if this were something like Cinemax –

    Dudley: NO, Dudley. Just no. What we are seeing - these women are unleashing their mean streaks. Quick tale of the tape - Eden Sky is the power type between the two. Don't let her looks fool you - Eden is extremely physical and likes to brawl first and finesse later. Barbie Panzer is more of the technician - slippery, quick and knows countless holds. Wait, look!

    (The ref gets Barbie away from Eden with no small amount of trouble - Barbie gets in his face "DON'T YOU PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME YOU FUCKING PERV!" and backs him up to in the corner with a raised hand. Giving Eden enough time to recover - Barbie walks right into a hard belly-to-belly suplex!)

    (Eden quickly gets back up and drops a knee on the chest of Barbie, joking about popping Barbie's silicone bubble before going for a lazy pin - only getting a bare two count. Eden rolls over onto her hands and knees gasping for air... Barbie stands close and bends down to taunt her again - Eden grabs her by her hair and slams her face into the mat! And rubs her face in the canvas, too angry to speak!)

    Pat: Folks, I don't have any words for how violent this match is becoming... the bad blood between these lawless Bombshells is unbelievable! Now Eden has Barbie up to her feet - short arm clothesline! Follows up with another! Picks Barbie up, shoots her for the ropes - Barbie hangs on to Eden's arm, lifts her foot to Eden's face –

    (Barbie into the pin.)

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    Thr- NO! Eden JUST kicks out! And Barbie is FURIOUS!

    Dudley: If that ref doesn't learn to officiate properly, Barbie is going to eat his fucking children haha!

    Pat: The ref is doing his job, Duds. What Barbie needs is to get it together and focus on keeping up the pressure on Eden!

    (Barbie manages to regain her composure as Eden begins to stir... and backs into a corner. Measuring Eden. Eden barely gets up to vertical... turns around as Barbie yells "Say cheese slut!")


    (No dice - Eden sidesteps Barbie and runs the ropes as Barbie staggers from missing the shot - comes back –)

    Pat: OMG what a shot - tremendous discus clothesline from Eden Sky! The cover - the count...



    Thre-NO! Barbie's shoulder goes up on instinct!

    (Eden flips out, pulling at her hair while screaming bloody murder! The ref tries to control her, to which Eden blows up "You fucking BACK THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW." And the ref gets so scared, he cowers in the corner, covering up so that he can't see the end bearing down on him!)

    Dudley: This is why JBW needs a REAL man to referee this match! That man doesn't have the testicles to do his job! Me, on the other hand...

    Pat: How do you know if he has testi - wait, who's that??

    (The crowd pops as someone races down the ramp and into the ring, standing next to the fallen Barbie...)

    Pat: It's Sasha Panzer!! What the devil is she doing out here - this isn't her match!

    (Sasha is holding Eden's Vixxens' title belt as she stands next to Barbie, who is just now beginning to try and stand. She looks at the belt for a moment, then up at Eden who just noticed what was going down... "This belt should be MINE." The words come out of Sasha with an ominous tone - just as she goes to plant the belt in the face of Eden Sky.)


    Dudley: NO! You can NOT be SERIOUS!!!

    Pat: She... Sasha just took out her own sister!

    (Barbie had noticed that Eden was near and had quickly stood up - not aware that Sasha was behind her with the belt... and had stepped into the line of fire, taking the belt shot to the back of her head. And goes back down to the mat. Eden points and laughs at Barbie, then points at Sasha and yells "Get your filthy hands off my belt, you little disease ridden SKANK." Sasha gets a face like this...)

    (Before going straight for Eden. But Eden stops her with a high kick to the dome that sends Sasha out of the ring, dropping the Vixxens' belt. Eden goes to pick up her title belt... And gets rolled up by Barbie! ... But there's no count - the ref is still cowering in the corner and doesn't see a thing! Barbie is mad as hell as she goes to get the ref - but Eden swiftly grabs Barbie's tights and pulls her back as she stands up... double axehandle blow to the side of Barbie's head!

    (Barbie's knocked for a loop... stumbles around in a haze as she sees double... Right into a gut kick from Eden! She grabs two handfulls of Barbie's hair as Barbie doubles over - yells "YOU SAY CHEESE, CUNT!" and drops Barbie facefirst onto the Vixxens' title belt!!!)

    Pat: WELCOME TO PARADISE!!! EDEN SKY HIT WELCOME TO PARADISE!!! Kicks the Vixxens' belt to the side and pins Barbie as the ref looks to see what's happening!




    Pat: Your winner, and new number one contender to the JBW Bombshells Championship - EDEN SKY!

    (Barbie rolls out of the ring as Eden holds her TWE Vixxens' title high - and chases off the ref ("You do not touch me, LECH!") before she smiles her trademark princess smile, drawing unbelievable heat from the fans...)

    Dudley: What a match, Patsy, what a match! Both of these gals ran a damn good fight, but Eden was the one who capitalized and showed that she is the true Queen of Mean of JBW!

    (Barbie stalks at ringside, the air around her seeming to darken with her rage. She looks first at Eden Sky as she walks up the ramp to the back - while taunting Barbie from afar of course... then back at her little sister Sasha as she tries to shake the cobwebs from Eden's attack. She helps Sasha up to her feet, consoling her…. then tosses her headfirst into the nearest ring post!)

    Pat: Oh my God - Barbie's lost her damn mind! She's damn near killing her sister Sasha - who came out to try and help Barbie win her match! We've heard that the Panzer Sisters have had a powerful sibling rivalry, but now it's hit a new level - they'rethrowing down right here in front of the announce table!

    (The sisters are slugging it out hard and ugly, Barbie yelling about her sister being a traitor, Sasha yelling about trying to help an ungrateful bitch of a sister - with Sasha ultimately dropping Barbie by way of a steel chair - when someone jumps the nearby barricade, pushes Sasha aside and picks up the fallen Barbie...)

    Dudley: Holy cow, Artemis Fucking Eclipse! HELL FUCKIN' YEAH MAN!!!

    (Sasha looks on as the Bostonian Badass gives her a scornful look before turning to leave, still carrying the injured Barbie Panzer... who never stops staring at Sasha as she mutters "It's... ON. BITCH." )

    Pat: ... Wow. This match has given us more than we bargained for. We've seen Eden Sky come one step closer to holding gold in two different companies - a rare feat for most female competitors... we've seen the struggle for sibling dominance reach new heights between Barbie and Sasha Panzer over their earlier miscue... and now that Artemis Eclipse is involved, where can this all go?

    I mean, that got vicious fast! I’m shocked I’m saying this but, I’m glad Artemis was there to save Barbie tonight. That could have gone a lot worse. I mean, Artemis will eventually have to answer for touching Sasha but for now, he did what he had to do.

    Dudley: And yeah, isn’t that an interesting pairing, eh?

    Pat: Who? Artemis and Barbie?

    Dudley: Yeah.

    Pat: Umm… you… HAVE seen Ano Doom and Sasha together, right?

    Dudley: Yeah, they match with each other. Freak and freak. Artemis and Barbie seem to be opposite ends of the spectrum.

    Pat: I see what you mean but hell, you know they say opposites attract, right? Either way, congratulations to Eden Sky on becoming the number one contender to the JBW Bombshell Championship, I’m sure she’ll get her shot soon. But I’m being informed that Ms. Mayhem has Ben Reilly Kent and Jason Todd Kent, ICONOGRAPHY in the back and ready for an interview. Take it away Ms. Mayhem!
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    (The cameras show Jason, Ben and Ms. Mayhem standing in the back.)

    Ms. Mayhem: Thanks a lot dudes… I’m here with two of the most awesome comic collecting, video game playing, pizza and Chinese fools around! ICONOGRAPHY! What’s up dudes?

    Jason: I’m sorry ma’am but not to be rude… we don’t speak in ebonics or slang. I apologize and don’t mean to offend but, I literally understood only a couple words there.

    Ms. Mayhem: Sorry, sorry… umm.. okay, how do you guys think you’re going to fare against BLACK BLOODED tonight? I mean, they’re two of the hardest motherfuckers around so, what’s the strategy?

    Ben: Well, we feel that we can overcome them with wit more than anything else really. The one advantage we have is our speed and smaller size when compared to those ginormous men. They are two of the most awesome individuals I’ve ever laid eyes upon though. I’m really excited actually ma’am.

    Jason: Like my brother said… this is will be one for the ages! I mean, we could pull off a paradox like River and Clara did and be one in the same! Oh… SPOILERS! So sorry, didn’t mean to do any damage to the show for you Ms. Mayhem!

    Ms. Mayhem: What the hell are you even talking about?

    Ben: Doctor Who ma’am. The season… or series finale as they call them in Britain was this past weekend and my brother is still reeling from it. He believes that River and Clara are the same person because a mind link was still open… much like The Whisper Men are The Great Intelligence. Very riveting stuff is Doctor Who. You might want to watch it some time.

    Ms. Mayhem: I’m sure I won’t but, thanks for the offer.

    Jason: Not to be rude ma’am but, do you have anything else to ask us? We have to get to the locker room to mentally prepare for our match in just a little bit.

    Ms. Mayhem: How do you guys mentally prepare?

    Ben: Well, we read this weeks comics of course. No matter where we are in the US of A, our comic shop has them delivered to us! And it’s time to read the new Batman and Superior Spider-Man!

    Ms. Mayhem: No… I guess I don’t have any more questions I guess. Please, go enjoy your comics…

    (ICONOGRAPHY jump up like giddy school kids and run to their dressing room leaving Ms. Mayhem just standing there.)

    Ms. Mayhem: And they didn’t even look at my cleavage. They are as genuine as they say they are. Heh… back to you Pat and Dudley!

    (We go back to the arena and see Dudley’s hands resting on his jaw and Pat just staring at him.)

    Dudley: I think I’m in love Pat. I really think I’m in love.

    Pat: You’re probably one of the most ridiculous men I have ever met in my life. I just…

    (Pat is cut off as the lights go out in the arena again and silence falls over the audience. All of a sudden a theme song begins playing and the lights come back up.)


    Pat: What the...

    Dudley: OH MY GOD?! IT CAN'T BE...

    (K-Jammin walks out and for the first time in his career, is met with a thunderous cheer!)

    Dudley: It's him!! It's actually him! Our saviour has returned!!

    Pat: Well I prayed this day would never come folks, but K-Jammin, one of the most vile sadistic human beings in this business, is back in JBW!

    Dudley: We're not worthy, we're not worthy!! THE SAVIOUR HAS RETURNED!! HE’S FUCKING RETURNED!!!

    (K-Jammin makes his way to the ring, avoiding all of the fans asking him to high five them.)

    K-Jammin: Ladies and gentlemen, do not adjust your TV screens, your saviour, and the sexiest motherfucker to ever step foot inside a wrestling ring, is back!

    (The audience cheers as K-Jammin smirks.)

    K-Jammin: You see, I knew this would happen. When I left, all those many months ago, JBW was a shell of its former self. We had guys in the main-event, who had no fucking right to be main eventing anything! When I was here, all of you clueless fans, and all of the clueless wrestlers backstage, hated me. But when I left, well, let's just say business started to drop didn't it?

    (Audience now starts to boo heavily.)

    K-Jammin: You've had several months to comprehend what's happening here but you choose to ignore it. Let me come right out and say it... J...B...W... is dead!

    (Audience starts a "Fuck you KJ" chant.)

    K-Jammin: But instead of admitting defeat, this companies management continues to put out their no talented, inbred useless wankers to try and sell tickets. Well let me tell you, NO ONE, in this shit fucking dreadful company can match up to what I do best. But let me tell you, I'm back now, and I'm here to kick some fucking arse, and I'm here to fuck everyone's whore of a girlfriend up the arse as well.

    Because even their useless tiny little brains know, that I'm more of a man than anyone on this godforsaken JBW roster can EVER be. One by one, I will demolish the entire roster, and don't you worry, I already know who my first victim is going to be.

    I'll tell you, I've had my eye on this prick for a very, very long time. You wanna walk around like you're the big fish here? Haha, you're a pathetic little goldfish that you win at a carnival. Me? I'm a shark, and I'll tear my way through this roster with ease. I promise you, I promise you all. This time in 5 months, JBW will be no more.

    I will be its doomsday. Because I built this place, and if anyone's gonna tear it apart, it's gonna be me! And once I'm done, I'll dance and spit on JBW's grave. And to everybody who cheered for me earlier, go fuck yourself.

    I didn't become the best wrestler in the world as a result of your cheers, I became the best wrestler in the world because I'm just that fucking good. Like I said before, i know who I'm gonna take out first, but I won't tell you now, but you will find out very, very soon. Try not to cry, it's nothing personal, it's just that I'm K-Jammin, and you're not.

    (K-Jammin throws the mic onto the ground, and walks back up to the ramp laughing.)

    Pat: Well it's nice to see that piece of shit has changed! JBW has only gotten stronger since you left you son of a bitch!

    Dudley: We're not worthy! We're not worthy! OH MY GOD WE’RE NOT WORTHY!!!

    Pat: You can shut up now Duds… and sorry to everyone at home for cussing but that vile man brings out the worst in me. I have to regain composure… tonight’s main event stems from everything that happened at FOR THE CAUSE. This match may be a slaughter or it may be one of the best matches we’ve ever seen. I for one cannot wait to see ICONOGRAPHY go one on one with BLACK BLOODED to see who really gets the gold here in JBW!

    Dudley: I still can’t believe K-Jammin is actually back with JBW! I know you could care less Pat but this is absolutely amazing to me! And for the record, I’m looking forward to this match as well! Both teams work extremely well together and are at the top of their game right now. High hopes indeed.

    Pat: And we definitely don’t have to wait long! The match begins now!!

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    (The twin brothers make their way to the stage to the audience going crazy for the young guys. They motion for the fans to rise up and then Ben taps Jason on the shoulder and does a circle motion. Jason nods and they both jump off the entrance ramp and make their way to either side of it. Jason to the right and Ben to the left. They go down the whole side giving high fives and signing autographs as they make their way to the ring.)

    (When they meet up again in front of it, they look at each other and jump to the ring apron together then split and jump to separate top turnbuckles in one leap. They throw their arms out and pose for the crowd. Then jump down simultaneously and meet back to back in the middle of the ring where they fold their arms and smile. The audience roars with excitement )

    Pat: THAT is how you make an entrance! WOW! Incredible!

    Dudley: Yeah, so incredible that they’re winded completely.

    Pat: Ermm… Duds, they’re not winded at all haha. They’ve only just begun.


    Dudley: You gotta respect these guys, they are currently some of the longest reigning champions in JBW

    Pat: I respect the skill, I just don't get the anger. These guys are far too talented to take such a low road.

    (Black Blooded ride out on custom Harley-Davidson bikes as their music blares, Vivica seated behind Mr. Black, holding on tight as they roll down the ramp and circle the ring, flippling off the crowd, Mr. Blood talking shit even over the sound of his bike as they finally park, Vivica hopping off first and taking each man's tag team title before kissing her "Daddy" Mr. Black for luck, watching eagerly from the bikes as the men get into the ring, immediately going for the challengers, not even waiting for the bell!)

    (BB = Acolytes - ICON =E&C watch until 4:25)
    (Just pretend Mideon doesn't exist, that's what I do, or pretend he's vivica, for major wierdness)

    (Jason rebounds off the ropes, coming back into a clothesline from Mr. Black, who follows him as he rolls out of the ring. meanwhile, in the ring, Mr. Blood picks Ben up, going for the Blood Drop! He gets his head locked, but can't grab both arms as Ben fights with everything in him to avoid the painful finishing move, Finally, Ben drops to one knee, forcing Blood to lean over and pick him back up. As he does so however, Ben takes advantage of Blood's shift in weight, rolling him into a pin!

    Pat: Here it is! They could have it here!

    Dudley: No fucking way!!




    (As the referee's arm comes down Mr. Blood gets a shoulder up, a split-second too late. The Ref calls for the bell, declaring this match over as Mr. Blood angrily gets to his feet, Mr. Black stepping over the top rope to join him as they confront the referee.)

    Pat: Uh-Oh, what are they doing here? This could be trouble...

    Dudley: They're explaining to that dumbass, that he just failed at his job and should restart the match, no way did Black Blooded just lose the titles to a couple dweebs!

    (The argument in the ring continues, Iconography getting involved as Mr. Black and Mr. Blood seek to intimidate the ref into restarting the match. Finally, seeming to see reason, Black Blooded turn to leave the ring. )

    Pat: Good, looks like things in the ring are settlin-

    (Mr. Black turns, and with one motion charges the ref, lifting a foot high at the last second he blasts the referee with a big boot, dropping him like a sack of potatoes.)

    Dudley: Holy shit that was awesome!

    Pat: No it wasn't! That was completely uncalled for. The referee was just doing his job.

    (Black Blooded isn't done, as Mr. Blood stalks towards the referee, and evil look in his eyes as he smiles, picking the ref up and setting him up for the Blood Drop. but Ben runs in to prevent it, going for a clothesline on the long-haired biker.)

    (He gets close, until Mr. Black steps forward, catching him and spinning him around before slamming him to the canvas, the ring shaking with the force of the move, followed closely with another shudder as Mr. Blood hits his finisher on the referee, sending him face-first into the canvas.)

    Pat: He didn't deserve that, we need security out here!

    (Jason, seeing his brother taken down, rushes in, enraged, as Mr. Black gets back to his feet. He grabs the larger man, kneeing him in the face as he beats on his back, desperately trying to keep Mr. Black from getting to his feet, when suddenly he stops, his entire body stiffening before he hits the floor, Vivica standing up behind him, twirling around the lead pipe she used on his genitals. )

    Dudley: Damn, remind me not to piss her off.

    (Security runs down finally, but Black Blooded is ready, both men to their feet as the security officers attempt to get in the ring to subdue them, jumping up on the apron just to get knocked back down. as 8 guards surround the ring, each looking to jump up, the odds finally seem to be shifting back towards restoring order.)

    Pat: There we go, that should be it now.

    Pat: it can't be, no way Please no!!!!!

    Dudley: It is!!! THE GEARS HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!

    (Six leather clad men rush down the ramp, each wearing a red and black helmet that covers his or her face, shaped to look like a grinning skull they circle the guards, immediately diving into the fray.)

    Pat: These are the mystery men and women, the army of Black Blooded that helped them rise to prominence in IWA, A couple of defections aside they have remained unfailingly loyal and only called out for the most vile dirty work!

    Dudley: Hell yeah, business is gonna pick up!

    (Black Blooded leave the ring, throwing security and crew members around as they seem hell-bent on destroying everything in sight. Vivica happily skips along, cutting the cords holding the ring apron on with a straight razor while Mr. Black stalks behind her with a lead pipe, swinging at anyone he can, sparing only the rest of his gang, A security guard, seeing Mr. Black's back open, charges in, jumping on the much larger man and attempting a sleeper hold.)

    (Mr. Black drops to one knee, starting to weaken as on the other side of the ring from him, Mr. Blood is busy handcuffing the unconcious Jason Todd Kent to the turnbuckle post, his body hanging outside the ring by his ankles. The pain wakes him up, as Mr. Blood grabs a kendo stick, taking shot after shot at the smaller man's ribs.)

    Pat: This is insane! Somebody do something!

    (With a roar Mr. Black jumps back to a standing position, turning and throwing himself backwards, he uses his own body weight to slam the security guard through the announce table, causing it to almost explode under the force and weight of the man, The guard on his back drops his hold, seemingly knocked out as Mr. Black gets back to his feet, his pipe forgotten as he eyes Pat.)

    Pat: No.. nononono…

    (Mr. Black grabs Pat roughly around the throat with one hand, an evil grin evident even under his mask. He lifts the commentator up for a chokeslam, but suddenly Ben is there, punching and kicking at Mr. Black, until finally he tosses the commentator away and turns to deal with this new threat.)
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    (He grabs ben roughly around the throat and thigh, lifting him high above his head he roars again, the sound catching the attention of his partner before he throws the new tag team champion into the ring, where Mr. Blood rolls in waiting for him to rise, As Ben gets to his feet, Mr. Blood runs in, hitting a stiff clothesline that flips the smaller man head over heels.)

    (Outside the ring, the gears are still fighting it out with the security guards, throwing them into each other and taking the few remaining down, they turn to their leaders for instruction. Mr. Black stalking Pat, backing the man into a corner against the security barrier as Mr. Blood handcuffs Ben opposite his brother, in much the same fashion, before signaling to the Gears, who grab every crew member they can find, punching and kicking them, ultimately lining them up roughly on their knees. Vivica grabs a cameraman, kicking him roughly as she takes the camera away, forcing him with the others.)

    (Mr. Black, having finally caught Pat drags him roughly to where his broadcast partner is already kneeling, a look of terrified horror passing between the two men as they lock eyes. Mr. Blood, seeing that all the crew has been rounded up, grabs a Microphone, walking in front of his hostages.)

    Mr. Blood: We told you, We told you we would rule this company, or see it burned to the fucking ground.

    (Vivica laughs, a twisted little-girl sound as she jumps up and down, the camera jumping with her.)

    Mr. Blood: Now watch what happens when you try to fuck over Black Blooded.

    Mr. Black turns, grabbing a couple of galleon jugs from the saddlebags of his bike, he pours the contents liberally over the sides of the ring, before grabbing a third and simply tossing it into the middle of the ring, where the top pops off, spilling the liquid all over the canvas.

    Mr. Blood: Either we rule, or nobody does. It's that fucking simple. It's been that fucking simple since the beginning,

    (Mr. Blood drops the microphone, walking up to and kicking each kneeling crewmember in the face, he comes to Pat and Dudley last, Dudley can be heard saying "But I always liked you guys" before he too, gets knocked out. Meanwhile, Mr. Black has grabbed a large match, used to light fireplaces, and strikes it once against his mask, setting it aflame.)

    (At the sight of the flame and the smell of the Gas, both of the new tag team champions start to scream, over and over as Vivica laughs, her closeness to the camera causing the sound to weave in and out with their terrified shrieks. R(ob) Runs to the top of the ramp from the back, the entire roster running out behind him to stop the madness, but it's already too late as with a negligent toss, Mr. Black sets the ring on fire.)

    (The camera starts jumping up and down as Vivica still has it. The last thing we see is the beginning of an all out brawl as Vivica laughs like a child, pulls the camera around to see her face, smiles.)

    Vivica: BYE BYE!!! Hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

    (She throws the camera down and all you can see is the audience leaving, and moving, you can see a corner of the flames as a hammer comes swinging in. The feed statics out and the show ends with the last sounds being Vivica still laughing.)


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    JBW: WARFARE (05) – JUNE 1ST, 2013

    The cameras are outside looking at the parking lot for a moment when a Jeep pulls up and sits there. The camera stays but the only thing that happens is the Jeep turns off and you can hear a sigh. We go back into the arena where the audience is going crazy, signs are being shown and we settle on Pat and Dudley who are sitting down at their seats, putting their headphones on.

    Pat: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! WELCOME TO JBW WARFARE!! I am as always Pat and to my left, good old Dudley!!

    Dudley: That’s right! I don’t care about our intros though. I just want to know who the hell that was!

    Pat: I’m sure we’ll find out Dudley. We’re not WCW. The people in the back won’t start with something and not end it.

    Dudley: Hahaha!

    Pat: Well folks, we’ve kept our owner waiting long enough I think. Standing in the middle of the ring right now, please welcome JBW’s owner, R(ob) with an important announcement about LUCK OF THE DRAW!!

    We go around and settle on the in the ring to see the JBW owner R(ob) standing in the ring smiling.

    R(ob): Well, well, well… I bid you all a welcome to WARFARE!!!

    Audience cheers loudly.

    R(ob): Hell yeah you have a reason to cheer. I’m only here because St. George and Summer are out talking to a former Jabester who wants to come back into the fold. If it all goes well, we’ll have an announcement later on tonight after they get back. But, for now… I want to talk to you all about our revolutionary Pay-Per-View… LUCK OF THE DRAW!!!

    Audience pops.

    R(ob): See, this Pay-Per-View is unlike anything I believe has ever been seen. This show will emanate from Las Vegas at the Mohegan Sun Arena! The card isn’t fully decided yet but it will be soon enough. Now, what makes this such a special show is because of the format of it. On the top of the entrance stage, we will have a 21 Blackjack table set up. The purpose of that is, whoever wins that round of 21 Blackjack will be able to decide the stipulation for the following match. No competitors or anyone else knows what they’re getting in to.

    There will be a dealer and six Blackjack players. I was going to wait until later on tonight to announce the players but, I feel really good about St. George signing the dotted line on that Jabester that, I’m going to tell you all now.

    R(ob) has us focus on the JABETron as it comes to life... all six players head and torso pop up on screen with a mixture of cheers and boos.

    Ryan “The Freak” Wells

    Amadeus Frewin



    KJ Punk

    Artemis Eclipse

    R(ob) smiles.

    R(ob): Those men will decide the fates of the competitors that night on June 22nd, 2013! Good Luck to everyone involved!! Now, I have to be the bearer of bad, yet good news here. Black Blooded…

    R(ob) gets cut off by an extremely mixed reaction.

    R(ob): Look, they’re suspended until the Pay-Per-View. Truthfully, I don’t want them there. They tried to destroy JBW last week. They tried to destroy everything that my crew and myself have been trying to rebuild. They didn’t. And they will pay. But, I do owe them a return match. So, with that being said, at LUCK OF THE DRAW, the new JBW Tag-Team Champions, ICONOGRAPHY will have to defend against Black Blooded. In a tag-team lumberjack match!

    Every tag-team in JBW will be around the ring to stop The Gears if they decide to show their faces. Now remember, there’s still the stipulation to be chosen by the Blackjack games as well. With that said we now have three matches ready for the show:




    I simply cannot wait for the show to get kicked off officially tonight and speaking of which… we have a special surprise right now actually. We’re managing to keep a lot of things secret on the internet recently with all of our returns. We’re getting so good that THE ‘E needs to take notes. But please, help me in welcoming a special man back to JBW…. KYOJIN!!


    The crowd is unsure how to react as Kyojin walks out of the curtain with his Superstar of the Year theme. He stands in the center of the stage and holds his arms out, as pyro falls down from the JabeTron behind him. The pyro stops and he slowly makes his way down the ramp.

    Pat: That...That’s Kyojin!

    Dudley: We’ve seen him here before in JBW but I've gotta wonder- why is he here?

    Kyojin reaches the bottom of the ramp and walks around to the timekeeper’s position. He grabs a microphone and slides into the ring. He looks around at the crowd, before looking down at the JBW logo on the canvas. He brings the microphone up to his lips while still staring down at the canvas.

    Kyojin: Well I never expected to be here again.

    He looks around at the crowd, who give a mixed reaction- noting that Kyojin is showing no signs of favoritism or not towards the fans.

    Kyojin: I don’t believe any of you understand just who in the hell I am! I am the Superstar of the Year! I am the Master of True Wrestling! For over a year now, I’ve been proving to the entire world why I’m in the position I’m in- and now it’s time for me to take JBW to storm. Because let’s face it, this company needs somebody like me. They need greatness.

    Why? Because a joke.

    The fans boo loudly as Kyojin laughs.

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    Kyojin: You are all in denial. You like to come out here and watch your little favorites battle it out week in, week out. You like to see Holy Jose as the JBW Champion- because you people have never been introduced to the idea of somebody with ACTUAL talent. Somebody that can actually hold a candle to the very best in this industry.

    Let’s face it right now Jabe fans- and that’s stupid as well, a little nickname for your company. You’re the only wrestling company in the world that has a nickname. Nobody can take a company with a nickname seriously- but let’s be honest. The last great talent you had in this ring was JMan. And look where JMan is now. Do any of you know? He’s in early retirement. Do any of you know why?

    Because of me.

    Another echo of boos rings out through the arena before a JBW chant is heard to start, but Kyo just talks over it.

    Kyojin: That’s why I don’t get you people. I’ve come here with a message to open your eyes. I’ve come here to make all of you people see that there are such things as good wrestlers out there. Somebody nothing like Holy Jose- who is the most incompetent of them all, and it’s ironic that he’s the World Champion here, because that’s another reason that this company has fallen to where it is.

    So the real question here is why are you people not cheering the fact that I’m here? Why? Because you’re as mindless as everybody else in the back. You cheer for the people you are told to cheer for. You cheer for guys like Malcolm Cage because he has worked for where he is. In that case then, why do you cheer for Sagittarius Blue? He’s a relative newcomer and he still gets the big reaction. The simple fact is, you’re deluded.

    But don’t worry- because now you can be clear. I AM going to show you all what true wrestling really is about, and I’m going to prove to you that the guys you currently have on this roster aren’t anywhere near the standard that I am.

    I’m not here for me. I’m here for you.

    The fans boo loudly once more.

    Kyojin: And that’s how you react. It’s despicable that you can even treat me with such disrespect. I’m the Superstar of the Year. That’s a title all of you voted for and that’s a title all of you gave me and yet, you don’t know how to treat your Superstar of the Year. Well worry no more, because I’m here to take this company to a whole new level.

    I will not rest until I have cleansed this company from top to bottom. This company is a disgrace but now that I am here, it’s only a matter of time before I become the JBW Champion, and there’s not a damn thing that Holy Jose or anybody else that has the balls to face me in this ring can do about-


    Artemis comes out on stage with a smirk under his mask. He stares at Kyojin for a couple seconds and shakes his head.

    Artemis: You stand here claiming nothing but nonsense. You know just as much as I do that this company will thrive no matter what. I know I'm arrogant but you, you take this shit to a whole new level. I'll tell you what Kyo good buddy. You think you're so great, you think you're SUPERSTAR OF THE YEAR? How about I come down there and show you what this company is really made of? You've ducked me everywhere. Back when we were in Japan, ICW, IWA, BITW, everywhere.

    I'm sick of you running. So, maybe if I broke your legs, you wouldn't be so much of a pussy. We need to end this, I... I need to end you. You talk about cleansing the company, I need to cleanse you from life. You put down Holy Jose, and with good reason. Hell, I hold a victory over him. He's basically holding that strap for me and keeping it warm while doing so. And you, you're just here to try and set back something that's being built up. Your ego won't allow you to see something happening before your eyes with you not involved.

    So with that being said. How about you keep your ass right in that ring so we can put this to rest.

    Artemis begins walking to the ring when Kyojin stops him when he's at the middle of the ramp.

    Kyojin: Woah, woah, woah! What do you mean, I THINK I'm the Superstar of the Year? Oh no Artemis, I won that award. I beat your ol' buddy TDA, I beat the people you dislike, Van Hooligan X, Tommy Thunder, I beat Chris Jericho and perhaps most importantly, I beat JMan to prove just what I am. You think that I've been ducking you? No Artemis, we've fought before, remember that? What happened then? I beat you.

    I simply know that I am better than anything you could ever be. It's not called ducking somebody when it would be a waste of my time to kick your ass all over again. I've got better things to do with my time than to face some wannabe reject who stands in the remains of a once great company. But let me just tell you Artemis, you don't surprise me.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Kyojin: No, I knew that you'd be itching to get a match with me because you're jealous. Because way back in ICW, over a year ago now- when I was first starting, you were top dog. You were the guy that everybody wanted to see and then over the course of just a few short months, I not only took your spot as the face of that company, I did something you couldn't do and became the World Champion.

    Sure, ICW closed but in IWA, you came over there and at the same time you had this big personal problem with Chris Divine, I was kicking JMan's ass from here to the retirement home he's currently sitting in. We need to end this? End what Artemis? Your pathetic pining trying to get a match with me? Yes, that does need to end- but I get why you're doing it. It's because when we did step in the ring together, you were taught a lesson by the kid. The kid that nobody knew.

    And now look at me, I'm in the position you wish you were in. In just one night, JBW will have new records for ratings and it's not because of any other reason than the fact that Kyojin just walked through the damn doors.

    The fans boo loudly once more.

    Kyojin: So believe it or not Artemis, this company needs me. Unfortunately, I don't need you. I don't need to beat you again because I have nothing to prove. You, on the other hand, have everything to prove. You just got your ass handed to you by Sagittarius Blue, you haven't done anything of note in months, while I have gone from strength to strength. The fact is Artemis, and full disrespect intended, you're not worthy enough to stand in this ring and go toe-to-toe with me.

    Artemis begins laughing and sits on the ramp.

    Artemis: You know what Kyo? You did beat me. And I accept that but you and I both know it was a fluke. I'll still let you savor it though considering it means so much to you. And look, yes...

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    I do have a ton of resentment for what happened. For how everything went down but the fact of the matter is, the owner of that company didn't want me to excel and you know it. Month after month of me being there... hell, I was the first person to join IWA. And I was treated like shit because of where I came from.

    It's no secret that the owner of the company didn't like me. And to prove that, he pushed me down and beat me down. Yeah, it got me wondering about my capabilities but, I know more is in store for me. You're right, I do need to be in the ring with you, I do need to get a victory. And yeah, you're definitely where I should be right now and trust me, I will be. I will be right where I need to be. I'm focused and determined. I'm ready for you but regardless of that, you still seem afraid.

    Maybe it's because I am hungry? Maybe its because I'm more of a threat now more than I ever was? And yeah, you remember how bad I always beat you in Japan? I do. I know that all you wanted to do was beat me in the ring, officially... and you got that. I never got my rematch so of course I want another shot. I need to show the world that even the "great" Kyojin has chinks in his armor. To show that you're not as invincible as you think you are. And that Kyo, that is why you will accept this match. Even thought it's YOU who'd afraid...

    Kyojin: And that's why you don't deserve this match Artemis, because you'll blame everybody under the sun for why you'd lose again. You can try and try to coax me into this match but I ask you again- what do I actually have to prove? You seem to be under the impression that I'm scared of you- and yet I can see in your eyes that you know I'm not. You know that I'm better than that.

    Deep down, you know I'm better than you.

    The fans boo loudly as another JBW chant breaks out.

    Kyojin: But you know what Artemis, I will face you.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Kyojin: Just not tonight.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Kyojin: No, if I'm going to shut you up for good, it needs to be on a stage that I'm worthy of being a part of. You see, JBW has this little PPV coming up called Luck of the Draw and for obvious reasons, this company wants to keep the tournament there as an actual tournament. It doesn't want to put me in it because it knows that with me in there, there won't be a challenge- I'll win and that'll be that.

    So instead, Artemis. You and I. One more time. One-on-one. What do you say?

    Artemis stands up and nods his head yes. He backs up the ramp and we go to commercial break.

    A video is playing on the JABETron and the cameras are showing the outside view of a mansion. The same mansion we saw last week. Antonyo's Angelo's mansion. The camera man walks towards the door were the Butler opens it and welcomes him into the house. We get a good look of the luxurious house of the Italian Stallion while the cameraman walk a long hallway following the butler. The cameras are entering a room which is Antonyo's office. There is man sitting on the office with him back turned.

    ???: A big hello to all the cagnas who are watching right now!

    Antonyo Angelo turn his back and the cameras are getting a close look on his face. Antonyo is wearing a tuxedo and he is smoking a cigar. Antonyo has a glass of brandy on the office and is taking his time to drink some of it and then to smoke his cigar blowing the smoke to the cameras.

    Angelo: Last week i revealed to all of you that Antonyo Angelo has officially signed a multi-million contract with JBW. Now i don't believe there is someone around the world who follows wrestling and doesn't know Antonyo Angelo. But despite that I would love to say a few things about myself. Some things you must know about me. You stupid fucks need to know that Antonyo Angelo is giving you the chance to see him wrestle now in JBW as well.

    The best talent that ever came out of Europe has come to your miserable country and now in JBW to become the best of the best. Do you understand what a big honor is to all of you to see me wrestle? No you don't because you don't know shit.

    The fans are booing immensely at Angelo.

    Angelo: From what I've seen so far from the other wrestlers in JBW I only have one thing to say to them. I'm not impressed. I know for sure that my skills are 25 times higher than the other idiots in the back. There is enough garbage in the back almost as much as this stupid city has. And let me make one thing perfectly clear to all of you pathetic fools. You have to stand up and give me a standing ovation in appreciation for me when i show up on your tv or in the arena. Is it simple enough to all of you. Do you want me to say this again but this time talking slowly to understand what I'm saying? Huh?

    The boos keep coming for Angelo.

    Angelo: My only goal is to dominate all the divisions and become a champion... And when I win my first JBW gold i will come here to my mansion with my friends, my women and have the biggest party ever. And when I do that I'm gonna force you all to show me the respect that I deserve. That respect that a champion deserves. So make sure in the coming week all of you to follow Warfare because the Italian Stallion is debuting soon. You don't want to miss it.

    Cameras get close to the face of Angelo who has a cocky smile in his face he smokes his cigar and blows the smoke again on the camera while the fans are keep booing the man loudly. The words" Antonyo Angelo Coming Soon" shows up in the video before it fades to black.

    Pat: Well now, someone is definitely looking to make a splash here when he shows up.

    Dudley: He could end up like a quarter of the roster though. Debut to a thud.

    Pat: I don’t think so but, I have to change subjects here. Last week, Athena got completely mishandled by the monster Ano Doom. Sasha was leading the way as the giant destroyed Athena. Well, we can tell you that she’s at home resting now but, earlier in the week she had this message recorded from the hospital bed she was in so please, take a look.

    Athena is seen laying in a hospital bed with a cast on her right arm. An unknown and unseen interviewer approaches her with a mic on hand.

    Interviewer: Athena mind if I ask you a few questions concerning last week's assault at the hands of Ano Doom and Sasha Prater as well as your current state?

    Athena: Go ahead, but keep it short.

    Interviewer: Very well. First of all how are you feeling right now? Is your arm broken? And how long do you expect to be out of action?

    Athena: I've had better days, but I'll live. My arm isn't broken it's just badly bruised so the doctor recommended the cast so I would avoid moving it much and let it heal. As for how much time will I be away I'm hoping to be back in the ring by next week, my injuries are not severe and I'm a tough woman so.
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    Interviewer: Indeed you are. How did it feel to be attacked by Ano Doom last week, an attack that was completely unprovoked and appeared to be somewhat random at first until he held up your Intercontinental title?

    Athena: I think when you become a champion in this business you immediately become one of the best, that's not to say you need a title to be one of the best, however, when you win a title you might as well paint a big ol' bull's eye on your forehead cause you know you're about to become a target even if the people coming after you have no previous issues with you.

    I knew what I was getting myself into when I won this title so I'm not too worried, but I hope that Ano knows what he just got himself into because I'm about to bring a world of pain down on him. The attack Ano Doom gave me last week was cowardly and disrespectful and of course Sasha played a part in it as well so that bitch is going down with him.

    So, those two have this week to stay worry free because when I return next week they better watch out for every noise and every shadow cause it just might be me coming for them.

    The camera zooms in on Athena's determined face and then cuts.

    Pat: Glad she’s doing great and I’m sure when Ano Doom comes out later on tonight, Sasha will speak her mind about everything.

    Dudley: Yeah, and the big idiot will just stand there, flex and nod.

    Pat: Yeah, and when he comes over to you much like Sandman did last year, you’ll cower in fear and soil yourself.

    Dudley looks away and we go to the entrance ramp…



    Ka$hmen makes his way to the ring flexing and shouting BRUVA!! To the audience as they shout back. He gets in and poses Herculean style and takes off his unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and smiles as he awaits Mr. Smyth.


    Mr. Smyth makes his way onto the stage and gives a look of disdain to the audience. He’s in a freshly pressed suit, shoes shined and staring down at the ramp. He lifts up his briefcase and blows his breath on it to shine the handle. He makes his way down the ramp, avoiding people coming near contact with him. He gets into the ring and stands in the middle of it, now looking around and gripping the briefcase with both hands. He can clearly be heard muttering “This is the best you have for me Jabe? Tsk, tsk.”

    The bell rings and Ka$hmen comes out from his corner pumped up and trying to amp up the audience. Mr. Smyth is still taking his suit jacket off and about to fold it when Ka$hmen pushes him…. Mr. Smyth ignores it. The ref tries to move Ka$hmen back. He shoves Smyth again and WHAM!! Ka$hmen is laid out by Mr. Smyth’s briefcase. The ref looks and can be heard saying “I told him to stop.” Mr. Smyth puts his foot on Ka$hmen and the ref counts it.




    Pat: Well, that wasn’t much now was it? That lasted almost as long as how many shows we put out in 2012.

    Dudley: Damn. That’s low Pat.

    Pat: Truthful. Not low. Now, I’m being told that Ms. Mayhem is standing by in the back, take it away!
    Ms. Mayhem knocks on the Bombshells locker room door and no one answers so she turns around to walk away but runs into Mike Muir, April Snow and Bombshell Champion Faith LeFlur.

    Ms. Mayhem: Well hey girls and Mike. Mind if I steal Faith for a few minutes? Need her for an interview.

    Mike Muir and April Snow nod yes, and Faith gives them both a hug and they go off down the hall. Faith opens the locker room door and invites Ms. Mayhem in- and they both sit down across from each other.

    Ms. Mayhem: Hope I didn't interrupt any plans you guys had.

    Faith LeFlur: Oh, no worries. We just came back from eating. We were gonna get ready to watch the rest of the show together.

    Ms. Mayhem: Well, didn't mean to stop you. You can still...

    Faith: Again, no worries. You're her to interview me- and as champion, its my duty to do as much PR for the company as I can.

    Ms. Mayhem: Ok, well I guess the most important question is what does the Bombshell Championship mean to you?

    Faith: It means a lot of things. I mean I know I have worked my ass off, not only here but in TWE and EWA. I went from just being a backstage interviewer, to training with Karl and Oli Panzer. And while the Panzer brothers and Barbie turned their back on me, I owe them a lot. I owe it to not only myself, but to them and all the fans to show that I have what it takes to be a winner- not only a winner, but someone worth being a champion. And it was here where I finally got a chance to really do that.

    And I had to prove myself against on of the nest this sport has ever seen in the one and only Nicole Belzova. She held the Bombshell Title for over a year. It was no easy feat beating her, but I did. And I am working my way up to being a champion of her stature. And I think I'm almost there.

    Ms. Mayhem: Well that’s all good, but it gave you a big target on your back.

    Faith: That’s true, but I'm not gonna back down from anyone that wants a shot.

    Ms. Mayhem: Even if its a friend.

    Faith: Sure. April and I are great friends, but we know if we ever have to wrestle each other its just business. The better woman would win that night- either her or I. And Sasha Panzer- the same. We aren't as close as April and I are, but still consider her a friend.

    Ms. Mayhem: Even with her hanging out with Ano Doom? You would still consider her a friend?

    Faith: Yeah, I mean she can be friends with anyone she wants to. I'm sure she sees good in him.

    Ms. Mayhem: Did you see what she made him do last week?

    Faith: Well yeah, but that’s her thing now. I don't agree with it, but I still care for the girl.

    Ms. Mayhem: You should have her committed.

    Faith gives Ms. Mayhem a dirty look.

    Ms. Mayhem: Sorry, didn't mean to upset you. Lets change the subject.

    Faith: Lets…

    Ms. Mayhem: Ok, last week Eden Sky beat Barbie Panzer for the number one contendership for your title. And in a twisted way, it was because of Sasha Panzer.

    Faith: Sasha was just trying to help her sister out- why I don't know as she treated Sasha like scum her whole life. But I have no love lost for either Eden or Barbie- so the outcome didn't matter. I'd take on both of them at the same time if I had to

    Ms. Mayhem: Well with Eden being the winner, I know you two have had a history with each other in TWE. She has a few wins over you when you got a shot at her title.

    Faith: Well...

    Barbie Panzer barges thru the door and shoves Ms. Mayhem into Faith, then jumps on top of both of them and starts hitting them both.

    Barbie Panzer: YOU STUPID BITCHES! You whores! I'll kill you both if you don't tell me where my skanky sister is. I KNOW SHE IS HERE!

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