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    Cool top 5 favoraite Gimmicks?

    Idk if this was done before but I would like to know what everybodys top 5 fav gimmicks of all time are, just to get a sence of what everyone here likes

    1 for me is the Undertakers gimmick. There has never been anything like it anywhere. His entrances, especially a lot of WM ones, just captivate you. Thays one thing I never like to miss is an Undertaker Entrance. And then the storys they told when he was "the dark lord" and did the whole ministy thing. Its was friggin great. That the kind of story telling we need today. The way he cuts his promos. The dark mystery about him. I could go on and in and thats why this one tops my list

    2 for me would have to be Razor Ramon. Now Scott Hall did look nor sound Cuban. But he was able to pull the Characer off and it was one of the best gimmicks of that time.

    3 Would be Randy Ortons Legend Killer gimmick. Thats was a GREAT way to push a young talent climbing the ladder. And there were a lot of good matches and storys put on with this gimmick. I just wished they took the time to write storys and push tounger guys like they did him back then

    4 would be Stone Cold Steve Austin. I was toung watching the Attitude Era, probably around 8 whem it started to kick off. So what kid did u knoe in the 90s who didn't like watching a "badass" whether it be in the movies or television. There will never be another badass like Austin and the things he did with thay character rop of the line, iver the ropes, and just about unpredictable

    5 for me would have to be Cm Punks SES gimmick. I always like watching Punk sinc he arrived. I likd his look and I jusy thought yhe pepsi symbol was awesome. Lol don't juge me. And I loved what he did with Jeff Hardy who was my absolute favorate at the time. But the Straight Edge savior was just some thing he did thay made me live to hate i which resulted with him becomeing one of my favorites

    It was hard for me to just do just 5 when u got gimmicks like The deranged mankind, the kane with the voice changer, golddust (before he was a joke) Matt Hardy V1.o and many more. But I'm pretty satisfied with the ones I chose

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    I'm going to do current gimmicks because I'm cool like that.

    5.) Kane- Monster face is a cool gimmick. It's worked so far.

    4.) Antonio Cesaro- heel facade that's almost guaranteed to get heat.

    3.) Sheamus- Celtic Warrior, allows him to be an aggressive face

    2.) Daniel Bryan- Favorite guy on the roster... his crazy yes/no man gimmick has allowed him to get mega over.

    1.) The Shield- Clear best gimmick in today's WWE IMO... So much potential.

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    You know what right be fore I came back on I thought "I shouldve did current". But whatever. And ill agree that the shield had the best gimmick going right now. Not like thay Aces & 8s snooze fest

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    1. Undertaker/Kane/Paul Bearer

    2. Bryan Danielson

    3. Jimmy Wang Yang

    4. Jamie Noble

    5. Edge/Christian tag team/the Dudleys -tie

    Punk would be on my list- but any gimmick(being a heel or face) he does is great

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Mr. Backlund - Crazy oldman.

    Sean o' Haire - Devil's advocate.

    The Hurricane - Super Hero

    Matt Hardy - Mattitude V.1

    Mankind - Just a damn psycho.

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    There have been so many it is hard to list a favorite.

    Undertaker is a must for me, ive always loved the guy.

    The Rock N Sock gimmick was tons of fun when it was going on

    Kane back when he was a badass

    I was always a fan of the Hardy boyz, in a team or on their own.

    Muhammad Hassan was another one that could have been amazing in time.

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    Raven- Awesome gimmick,kinda like a grunge version of a cult leader

    Goldust-the way Dustin Rhodes embraced this gimmick and just was so over the top with it it was amazing

    Undertaker-just a great gimmick it stood the test of time,,i just didnt dig the Bikertaker,,American Badass phase

    King Booker- his mannerisims were hilarious i truly enjoyed his run as King Booker

    Muhammed Hassan-i have to agree with the guy above me,,Hassan was good in the ring and he drew mega heat i enjoyed his short run in wwe

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    Damn I forgor all abour Raven he was one of my favs

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    Picking a definitive top 5 was impossible for me so I'll just throw some out there.
    Kurt Angle: Was a huge fan when he first hit WWE, he was so corny with the three I's and "It's true" among other things.

    Mankind: Loved the boiler room, pulling out his hair, the creepy music and just how insane he was.

    Y2J: Too much to say, interrupting the rock in his WWE debut was a personal favorite moment.

    Rated R Superstar: Edge was always just there for me until he started up the rated R gimmick and solidified himself as a hall of famer.

    Crash Holly: Simply for the comedic relief, his best was when he'd defended the hardcore title 24/7 and billed himself weighing WAY more than he was. Carrying out the scale was amusing too.

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    The Undertaker (Not American Badass)

    Randy Orton (Viper Heel)

    Brock Lesnar (The Next Big Thing)

    JBL (Rich man stuff)

    Kurt Angle (Wrestling Machine)


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