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    Shawn Michaels as a face or a heel?

    I have spent some of my time day watching some old HBK matches and promos. And I've really noticed how awesome HBK is as a heel. I was watching some of his promos from 2005, 1997, and how he would get booed out of the building. Even in 2005 after being one of the top faces in the company for years, and after superkicking Hulk Hogan would get more heat than most wrestlers who have been heel their entire career. I also remember back in 1997 where HBK would say things that would make me hate his guts (I was a huge Bret Hart fan) and then he would wrestle, and I would cheer him, because he was so talented.

    Now as a face, HBK's character still had some elements of that he had when he was a heel. He was still a bit of a smart ass at times, and he was still a bit cocky. But he was so respected because of the amazing matches he had over his career. And no matter how many accomplishments he had, during some matches he was still consider somewhat of an underdog because of his small stature.

    So my question is did you like HBK more as a face or a heel?

    For me it was heel, I loved the fact that he had the ability to make me hate him, but still respect him. His promos were more entertaining, and I think he is at his best as a heel.

    Here are my favorite HBK heel moments.

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    I liked him as a good guy but he was better as a bad guy.


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