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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    The Bike will be ridden by Christian next. She'll leave Ziggy to open up a spot for The Instant Classic
    haha a more possible use for Christian can't be found then yes i think she might!

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    Christian has had a pretty good career. Even if he came back tomorrow though I don't think hes a top 10 guy in the company. He shouldn't be anywhere near the WWE Title.

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    Christian is a bit like William Regal at this point. I think he would make a great stable leader and occasional wrestler. Give him the job of schemer, instigator, interferer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhyno535 View Post
    One more match!

    I have never disliked Christian and I have always seen him as the Matt Hardy guy. Matt Hardy is my top 5 favorite wrestler just in case you guys want to know that. Both have good charisma, good wrestlers, can storytell, but they both lack that special thing that makes them the top main event guy. I don't know why but my feeling is that he should go after the World heavyweight title and not the WWE title. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Christian can get a shot at the WWE title and do something good with it. We don't know because we haven't seen him in that TOP position.

    Can he carry the company by being the top champion?
    Yep give him ONE MORE MATCH!

    The guy deserves a much longer reign then the one he had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    The Bike will be ridden by Christian next. She'll leave Ziggy to open up a spot for The Instant Classic
    I can't see AJ and Christian together. Plus I think it's odds on that Christian will be a face when he returns, which pretty much rules out him aligning with AJ in her current persona of 'the village bike'.

    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    Christian will win the MITB in July
    If you're looking at things through rose tinted glasses, then this is a dream scenario. I can definitely see him in the match, but I won't get my hopes out for him winning it.
    Man can dream though.
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    Hate too say it but he won't likely see a wwe or whc run again in the wwe..

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    Christian's behind The Shield.

    ...ahem. The Christian boat has sailed a long time ago for me. I wouldn't care if he never shows up again. I don't hate the guy or anything, I just dislike the stop-start nature of his career over the last two or three years.

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    I can't wait until Christian returns. And with the roster as it is now. wwe need a veteran like Christian too feud with the younger talent.
    And also I want him too win the SD MITB match.


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