View Poll Results: Poll: What is the single biggest reason for the decline in WWE programming today?

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  • They do not consider themselves to be a wrestling company?

    7 9.72%
  • Misuse of money? Such as Linda's senate campaigns and WWE Movies?

    1 1.39%
  • Untalented talent roster? Less experienced due to no territories?

    1 1.39%
  • Non-prestigious championships/feuds?

    7 9.72%
  • No competition? Such as a WCW to motivate them?

    21 29.17%
  • PG Rating?

    7 9.72%
  • The hiring of soap opera writers who do not necessarily have knowledge of wrestling?

    16 22.22%
  • Inability to create new headliners?

    12 16.67%
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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    all of them are some more than others
    the way they apply money such as wwe movies and linda's senate is in itself pretty wrong and a waste of the fan's well earned money that should be used to benefit the company instead of being transferred to vince and his family's own pleasure rather than their own legacy which is wwe.
    the fact that they dont consider themselvs a wrestling company is downright pathetic to put it gently...but it doesnt hurt them as much as it does to us so at the end of the day it doesnt stick out as a number 1 problem
    The untalented roster isnt exactly untalented, wwe cant make the current talent blossom the way they used to, because all deep inside almoust every wrestler there now is talented one way or another, it just takes time to find the real talent.
    No prestigious championship feuds..? well how do u expect that to happen? u would need to bring back the foley's the hbk's the HHH's the taker's etc without them a championship doesnt feel as prestigious as let's say Alberto del rio vs swagger or Daniel bryan vs big show, i understand that but with what the roster u currently have in right now, u learn to accept it eventually..
    The pg rating plays only a small role and i believe alot of people make a big fuss about it..then again if wwe is looking forward to make it even more G rated than what it already is then that can be a problem..but every now and then we get a small glimpse of the old attitude and of some ruthless agression, just a small little glimpse and that in a g rated show can feel a whole lot more significant to us. so pg is a tough card to has two being the obvious bad one and the other is a good one that shows us how to be resiliant and come to accept the terms of what the program displays for us or where it stands as far as a limit..
    the hiring of soap opera writters is all stephanie's doing and of course what the lil princess wants is what vince gives her even if he think it's a bad idea inside..i do too i think it's a TERRIBLE idea..such writers had to come up with the john cena aj lee angle and the paul bearer taker cm punk angle at mania which was horrible imo too
    soap opera is a poor excuse to create drama...drama that usually overexagerates upon itself..and i almoust clicked this one..
    Headliners are not exactly a big issue, because u have to define who is a headliner to u.
    i could sit here and say cm punk is a headliner.
    most people would agree
    if i said ryback was also a headliner
    i think half of the people here would only agree
    so it's a situation on how ur point of view again is on..a headliner can be made if wwe just rolls the ball with them, with this whole new spurt of talent from nxt we are prone to more and more fresh new talent and soon we can have a new or few new headliners till the end of the year.
    but the one i voted for was the lack of competition with another company..
    THIS is what's dragging wwe down and it's not exactly a problem that "they" created
    well sure if vince never bought wcw back in the day maybe competition would still exist and both shows would be toe to toe with eachothers?
    but competition means EVERYTHING, from marketting to businesses and even in entertainment..if u have a rival company trying to overtake u in ratings ur sure to be in a battle and pull out all of the stops.
    if a company let's dare say..tna competes with wwe in 10 years time..wwe will make sure to work harder to display better content and maybe an even more edgy product to try and steal the fans from that other's how it was done in the late 90's and it's how it would be done now too.

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    I think the problem is too much in to social media,too much ad breaks to get in to a match as it is a break every 5 mins,and the pg era ,i was 5 when i started watching wrestling that was at the end of the attitude era,i loved it matches brillant,charactors very good strong champianships,i didnt understand most of the storylines but still loved the matches i think it should still be for that age.if parents think its too inaproviate dont let your kids watch,crowd was better ,you need proper trash talk,factions there should be more 3mb not a faction,having comedy turning wrestlers in to laughing stocks,tensi,brodus clay,santino .and finaly cena i liked the dr of thuganomics,but know he is superman without a weekness even superman had 1,he got 2 sigzags a sleeperhold hit with a cage and slammed by big e still kicked out bad writing should get new writers .i dont think had a real exiting champ since hhh when he was world champian would do anything for it passion to hold it also heels win cleanly instead of dirty and really short matches

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    Although all of your options are legitimate reasons, there is one you left out: because they can!

    Since purchasing WCW and virtually becoming a monopoly, WWE now has a solid chunk of fans and customers that they will never lose. Who cares if the RAW ratings drop a couple hundred thousand one week or if WM orders barely take a dip. This company has been in cruise control for over 10 years. They will make millions of dollars even if they put the title on Hornswoggle! Have they lost touch with some of their hardcore fans, of course, but they are not in the business to cater to us. You gotta learn to accept it and be less cynical when trying to enjoy it.
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    I went with inability to create new headliners... All to many times you see someone get a push then they go on face John Cena or etc and lose.... Something that i didn't see as a choice is Vince McMahon really think it time for him to step down, let WWE BoD appoint Stephanie as CEO...
    Linda's run for senate has little to do with the WWE...
    Writers are writers regardless of what they write..... so i wouldn't say writers are to blame....
    I wouldn't say the PG rating is the problem...if that was the case why do ratings stay pretty consistent??

    If i could pick something else it would be the lack of experience some guys have, due to territory wrestling there still some around but either they under the NWA banner or to small to matter if WWE would invest in one somewhere be it Texas or Calfornia or Nevada..

    Competention mixed about do WWE needs it yes, but do they need it on Monday night no...
    Feuds and championships.... Esp the midcard when someone the WWE is high on gets hurt, it set back... certain times they push the titles, but usually they don't get much attention other then change champions..
    We all judge others even if it isn't our place to judge, but supposedly at the end we are all judged by one!!!
    Wrestling, women and money who could ask for more???

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    Only focusing on a handfull of talent and not trying to make more stars. Ppl are getting tired of seeing the same thing over and over and over again. Granted u have kids who watch who probably forget what happened a year ago but come on. These little bras are not your only audience and youe boring the hell out of fans whom u spoiled in the 90s when u had damn near a roster full of Big names, A thriving main event a thriving mid card a thriving tag division, and GOOD STORY TELLING

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    Too many choices lol! All of them are whats wrong

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Even though I clicked bad writers I also believe it is due to no competition they can give out a god awful script and people will still watch so why bother making it good? bad gimmicks, bad promos, bad storylines, bad feuds. I sometimes wonder if a group of monkeys would do better than writers

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    Feuds to me is the biggest problem. WWE has been entertaining with some good years post WCW being closed.

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    Well there are so many problems ruining the wwe. Personally i think there are too many titles. If you got rid of the US title it would make the Intercontinetal title more prestgious. Or just have four: wwe,inter,tag and diva title.

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    For me there is a lot of things wrong with the wwe.

    1. No originality:Need something new or surprising to happen like a Cena heel turn.
    2. PG Rating: Something a simply as cussing while talking about another wrestler made them hating each other more believable, also who didn't enjoy the bra & pantie matches?
    3. Crappy Character Gimmicks: The dancing shit is stupid Fandango & Clay, Then I do not like how Big E is just someone side kick he should have been brought up alone hes a legit big guy who can work a mic and sell moves. Swagger's America shit is annoying as hell. Is it really that hard to do this?
    4. Heel/Face usage: Orton, Truth, Kofi could all be heels in the main event but yet are buried as faces. I'll give them the benefit of hoping Punk will face turn when he returns.
    5. TNA: Not taking them serious could be a huge mistake in the long run they started taking shows on the road recently and from what i've heard have gotten solid drawings as far as fans. Which means more money, they are more creative in my option.
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