View Poll Results: Poll: What is the single biggest reason for the decline in WWE programming today?

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  • They do not consider themselves to be a wrestling company?

    7 9.72%
  • Misuse of money? Such as Linda's senate campaigns and WWE Movies?

    1 1.39%
  • Untalented talent roster? Less experienced due to no territories?

    1 1.39%
  • Non-prestigious championships/feuds?

    7 9.72%
  • No competition? Such as a WCW to motivate them?

    21 29.17%
  • PG Rating?

    7 9.72%
  • The hiring of soap opera writers who do not necessarily have knowledge of wrestling?

    16 22.22%
  • Inability to create new headliners?

    12 16.67%
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    Poll: What is the single biggest problem with WWE programming today?

    Hey Guys and Dolls ,

    Firstly, I always try to look at the positive things when it comes to watching the WWE. As a long-term fan I am simply too interested in the product to stop watching and have learnt to take the rough with the smooth.
    Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the product itself is a shadow of its former self. Respect to Vince McMahon for maintaining a profit under these tough economic times. But there is no denying it is not as exciting as it could be.
    With this being said, what do you believe is the SINGLE biggest and influential reason for the product being the way it is?

    For me it is easy.
    They do not consider themselves to be a WRESTLING COMPANY!
    Who'd have thought... The biggest wrestling company in the world not caring about the sport that has made it what it is.
    Most other problems are developed because of this reason in my opinion.

    What do you think?
    Discuss your thoughts below...
    Also, please add your own if you can think of more.

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    One problem? Even though there are larger problems, my biggest issue is that there aren't any legitimate superstars. They put their eggs all in one basket and that is how they make it through the year. The midcard sucks, the tag team division sucks, the divas division sucks. They only care about the main-eventers and that is all they will care about. They don't build new talent and it sucks.....also, stop last minute shows in your product

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    Couldn't have said it better myself, this is the root of all their problems.

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    where's the poll?

    am i missing something
    is this the thing thats wrong about wwe?
    no polls on threads abut whats wrong with them


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    Well this sucks. I can't click more than one

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    Voted for Hiring soap opera writers who don't know shit about wrestling. First off - I think that's a little broad - I'm sure they all have some understanding of how the wrestling industry is supposed to work. That said, I think Creative/Vince is currently the biggest issue.

    The absolute colossal mistreatment of all of the secondary titles in recent years, the outrageous new gimmicks (Funkasaurus, Little Jimmy, Goatface, Tensai, and Fandango), and the lazy, mess, pathetic build-up to 90% of the Wrestlemania card can all largely be put on the shoulders of Creative. The WWE has future stars, that's not its problem - it's how they are held back or mistreated by Creative.

    "I'm so damn good when I'm finished there won't be a dry eye - or dry seat - sorry ladies - in the entire arena." #HEEL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro_99 View Post
    Well this sucks. I can't click more than one
    My exact thoughts
    The IWC is to TNA what the Republicans are to Obama: No matter how much good they soon as they're shown to be less than perfect, the other claims that they just can't get anything right.

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    Although you don't have it there I think it is the Superstars focus to the audience at home rather than those in attendance. If the crowd is dead people think there is nothing good going on and will not watch.

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    Major problem is with the Creative Team, that can't put good storyline and serious feuds. 2nd goes with the 1st one, "non prestigious championships" most of the time"

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    No competition. Simply put if you are not challenged you become complacent and anything you produce is good enough.

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