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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.

    Honestly I wont miss the rock

    dunno about you but rock never really struck me much when he was competing with punk or when he was the champ
    just a corporate ass kisser.
    claiming to be the people's champ and now his ego is just getting on his way to work back with the wwe because of a mere scripted loss at mania.
    I find this rather disgusting but at the same time i dont give as much hassle and some other people might've because with rocky or no rocky the show MUST go on, but creative team is on their high tippy toes running around back and forward without many ideas.
    as u all probably heard, initial plans were to have rock vs brock at mania with a typical 1 year old build up that only that probably would only develop 1 or 2 times through the course of the rest of the year at random ppv's.
    just like the same for cena vs rock I and II
    this ideal that wwe recently felt a bit complacent due to their high star power at mania ( HHH, Lesnar, Taker, Rock) is critically hitting on wwe and i feel that they need to get back on track and build some new talent as soon as possible.
    of course this wont prevent the ratings from dropping i mean..ROCK IS RATINGS!
    But..i've always been a guy that just doesnt care if he's gone to make movies or whatever..and idk if his "injury" is legit or scripted as a way to just tell his fanbase on twitter and facebook that that's whats preventing him from competiting again. oh well..
    what do u feel? do u miss rocky? do u miss his bedtime stories? do u miss his quotes sayings intro's theme songs and arm goosebumps? i surely don't...


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