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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere View Post
    Where in the hell are they going to find a full body outfit?
    Here you go...

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    when HHH steals a line from VKM and wants to fire heyman (again) because he crossed the (PG) line. I see punk returning and start a attitude era revolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    He could reignite his feud with Hardy in TNA.
    Yep, he will find Hardy in TNA and say to him"Hey Jeff, I'm back, I kicked you out of WWE, now I'm going to kick you out of TNA"
    Then Jeff Hardy will go to ROH....

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    Quote Originally Posted by grave View Post
    when HHH steals a line from VKM and wants to fire heyman (again) because he crossed the (PG) line. I see punk returning and start a attitude era revolution
    Don't hold your breathe.

    Anyone know how long his contract was that he signed back around when he won the title?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWrestlingGod View Post
    CM Punk is not done with WWE. If CM Punk decides to wrestle anywhere else it would be a step down. I mean I would like to see him in TNA and face guys like Aries and Joe again, I feel he is not going anywhere. I think he's just angry with the way things are, but he'll be back.

    Plus I hope we will get Austin Vs Punk one day.
    It comes to a point in WWE it seems, where you have to decide what is more important to you money, or doing what you have dedicated your whole life to, he is probably already set money wise, so unless he is greedy he could quite easily walk away without a second thought if he wanted to.

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    I'm guessing he'll make his return at SummerSlam costing someone their match, therefore remaining heel. Sheamus could be a possibility seeing as he's probably the biggest face that Punk hasn't feuded with yet.

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    Punk does deserve time off if for nothing else how much he has worked over the last year for WWE...frankly if the WWE insists on continuing this whole WWE Films debacle they should secretly get him in a movie role about a grumpy wrestler who falls in love with his shrink and robs a bank to impress her...well something like that...

    If I am not back in five minutes...just wait longer!--Ace Ventura

    Getyour facts first, then you can distort them as you please. --Mark Twain

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    How about returning with a faction featuring someone like Ohno? .... I'm still waiting for teddy hart I've been waiting 5 years I'm losing faith

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    I say Rock comes back day after Payback in June and announces that he will get hi rematch at Summerslam. This leads to Punk returning to win MITB and attempt to cash in on Cena but Rock stops him. Punk says he wanted to come back to get revenge on Rock and Cena for stealing his spotlight. He says he will cash in at S.slam to make a triple threat match. Punk beats Rock and Cena to win the title.Next night Brock breaks Rocks arm to set up their mania 30 match.Punk moves onto a fued with Miz and Flair(Punk took out Miz night of MITB PPV so he could return and be in the mitb match),Cena fueds with Shield again for a bit until he gets his rematch against Punk at HIAC. Cena faces Lesnar at S.Series while Punk then moves onto Sheamus for the rest of the year. Royal Rumble is Punk vs Cena (last chance No holds barred) Taker returns to cost Cena the match to set up their mania match.Rock faces Brock and Punk defends the title against HHH,Stone Cold or Daniel Bryan (who wins rumble).

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    Punk will not win the MITB 2013
    Punk will not face Cena or The Rock
    Punk will not be WWE/WHC champ this year
    And most importantly, The Rock won't come back.


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