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    CM Punks future return. The options thread.

    So old grumpy is having some time off to heal and chill out. Good for him. He's worked his nuts off and taken injuries along the way. He deserves an arm chair and a few beers.......errrr Pepsis.

    But he will be back. My question isn't so much when, as how? Will he just appear at a really unexpected moment for a huge pop? Will he return to fuck up someones match/title shot/title reign? Will he have a slow build with either cryptic or blatant video promos?

    My personal off the wall option would be to have him take enough time off so as you don't think he's about to return every week, maybe 3 months or so. Just enough time to half forget he's not around. Then have him return as an anonymous ninja. Attacking various people until he final unmasks himself. I know it sounds very WCW but I'm old skool.


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