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    Like it has been stated, I can only make judgement calls on Phil Brooks. I get his CM Punk persona is this rebel and such, but everything I have seen from him outside the ring and such makes me question him. He has stated he's not a lifer in the WWE. Which i find kind of a slap to the face. I mean I know punk had his fan base from ROH but WWE had a big hand in making him the man he is today and he just doesn't seem appreciative of it.

    Also I find the fact that he gets away with alot alittle disgusting. Like it has been said, calling fans fags, hitting fans, calling the pope a nazi, while everything may have be justified in some small way, imagine if Cena or Orton said that, people would be wanting their heads. Brooks reminds me of one kind of kid from school. That one kid that somehow got away with a bunch of stuff and never got in trouble and the moment someone else did their ass got nailed to the wall. And because of that, he feels untouchable which creates an ego problem.

    I just think Brooks needs a major wake up call. I don't know how or by who but he just needs someone to kick him in the ass.


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