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    Has there ever been a bigger brat in wrestling? Probably, but in an pursuit that has produced it's share of crybabies and whiners, CM Punk is certainly up there with the best.

    On one hand I applaud anyone who plays hardball during contract negotiations. On the other, how many times now have we heard about Punk threatening to take his bat and his ball and go home? (No, I'm not referring to the "leave with the title" angle) I hear people shitting all over Randy Orton when he has a tantrum - they even report what Orton does as a 'tantrum' - but it's never that way with Punk is it? He's always "locking horns with the writers" or "butting heads with Vince". Punk has become the benefactor of kowtow fan reporting.

    I wonder, is CM Punk's attitude and handling of things reflective of the generations coming up today? His actions are not about the greater good, about the benefit of the masses, it's a selfish motive for the benefit of one. There is not even a hint of altruistic idea about it, which I guess is good because at least he doesn't seek to misrepresent himself there. But then I wonder - do people admire him for his brattiness? Is this why people cheer him? Is this "the revolution"??? Because if people are really rooting for appalling behaviour and not simply having fun with the character element of it, then things really are pretty sad, aren't they?


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