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Thread: WM 29 Buyrate

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    WM 29 Buyrate

    according to SESCOOPS, WWE officials are very worried about this years buyrate.

    evidently the early figures are WAY below expectations, and according to the source "downright shocking"

    this should be music to anyones ears who is not a kool-aid drinking fanboy.

    it will be interesting to see if they change course at all up until the official buyrate is released, and their response afterwards.

    if the buyrate is that low, vince will have no choice but to wake up and smell the coffee per say regarding his theory that the matches and talent sell, not stories and build. and also break his crutch of relying on part time stars to main event the biggest show of the year.

    no doubt there will be a major reaction if the buyrate is in fact that low...hopefully it will be for the better.


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