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    If Kurt Angle returned to the WWE.

    If Kurt Angle returned to the WWE for only 4 matches which 4 wrestlers would you want to see him wrestle.

    For me it would have to be.

    1. Jack Swagger- The All American Vs The Olympic Gold Medalist would be a technical classic. Ankle Lock Vs Ankle Lock, I would love to see this.

    2. Brock Lesnar- A final class between these two superstars would be so epic, and if both are at great health it could top there Wrestlemania match. (I Doubt it would top there ironman match though)

    3. Daniel Bryan- Could be the greatest match of all time.

    4. Dolph Ziggler - I don't know why but I think this match could be a classic as well. I would love to see Ziggler taking German Suplexes around the ring. It would be awesome.

    What's your 4?


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