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    Daniels is one of the most technical wrestlers around. But as a Brit I am biased it is Magnus top of my list. 1. Magnus
    2. Daniels
    3. Kaz
    4. Morgan
    5. Doc
    Would like to see Doc quit Aces and Eights and feud with Bully Ray for the TNA Title.

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    Daniels is golden, loved his partnership with kaz since the start. It wouldn't hurt TNA to see what daniels could do with a world title run. Other guys on the roster who deserve it too are Morgan, Storm(although i'm not a fan) and Samoa Joe(never been TNA champ, only NWA)

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    He is the most entertaining wrestler i have seen in about 5 years i straight away listen to everything he says.

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    Love Daniels. He's one of the main reasons I watch TNA. For his ring ability, charisma and mic skills. Bad influence is so entertaining and are all around great heels.

    Of course I'd love to see Daniels as Champion and wished he was always in the main event picture. Usually during TNA ppvs, his matches are the best ones on the card or up there in the top 3.

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    Would love to see Daniels as champ, BME is my favourite top rope finish and the guy is magic on the mic. I would rate him above AJ in all regards.

    However at the moment I would like Storm to be the guy to take down Bully and then Daniels challenges Storm for it when the A&8 goes cold

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    I don't know how anyone could put Hernandez on their list. He's the Nathan Jones of TNA
    Don't you say that!

    For whatever reason I always did like him even though he is probably not THAT deserving. I did forget about Magnus, though.

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    It figures most IWC'ers would mark out for Daniels... he's sarcastic and insulting. Daniels is good in the ring, he's decent on the mic, he's got an under-developed metro-sexual gimmick... I wouldn't book him for the TNA championship, definitely a good tag team wrestler and TV Championship contender.

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    I was gunning for him when he got a world title shot against Hardy on Impact and it was a good match. There is definite potential. Kaz came really close to it a few years back before he left TNA and I think he would have been a world champion if he did not jump ship because he was on fire.



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    Christopher Daniels is the best wrestler going today and my good friend Jason Hervey plans on putting the belt on him this year

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    Daniels is one of the best no doubt..... just about done it all..... Tag titles many of times, X-Div multiple times, one of the best on the mic.... great veteran to the sport of pro wrestling.....
    my top 8 who to push would be
    1-Christopher Daniels
    2-Matt Morgan
    3-James Storm
    5- Eric Young
    6-Petey Williams
    7- Chavo Gurrero
    8-Wes Brisco
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