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    Christopher Daniels.

    Christopher Daniels I feel should be considered as one of the greatest wrestlers in TNA history. He I feel is the one wrestler on the wrestler that deserves a world heavyweight championship reign. I mean he along with Styles has been with TNA since the beginning. I feel Daniels should have just as many title reigns as AJ Styles if not more. Considering Daniels is much better than AJ Styles on the mic, and just as good in the ring. Christopher Daniels has shown he is a great tag team wrestler, is one of the greatest X-Division champions in TNA history, so why not give him a go as a main-eventer. I feel he could have great matches and feuds with Jeff Hardy, James Storm, and especially Kurt Angle. He could also bring back some of his old feuds with Styles and Joe. I'm not sure about you guys but I think Daniels should at least get one run as World Champion. Maybe even next year.


    Here's a little tribute video to the Fallen Angel.


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