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    The notion that Ryback losing the John Cena will hurt his career is silly to me. John Cena looks to be on a warpath like he has been on in the past. Superstars like Randy Orton, HBK, JBL, and a ton of other superstars have fallen to John Cena and it didn't seem to hurt their careers. In fact in Orton's case I think his rivalry with Cena made his career. Ryback losing will not be the end of the world, he can just come back hungrier and go on his own warpath to prove that he belongs in the WWE title picture after Cena beats him at this coming ppv.

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    I fear it will not matter one way or another to Cena or anyone else whether it hurts or helps Ryback to lose to Cena...personally I would rather see him face Lesnar simply because I would like to see Brock shellshocked once

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    The only saving grace may be the WWE finally realizing people are bored of and tired of Cena. One of the easiest matches to predict an ending was Cena v Rock at WM. Early reports are the buy rate was shockingly low. Perhaps Vince will finally pull his head out of his ass and admit that Cena is no Stone Cold, Rock, HBK, Bret, Hogan, etc. The best way for the WWE to save face is get the title off Cena immediately and put it on someone else. Either that or turn Cena into a heel champ.

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