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Thread: New they!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kashdinero View Post
    Agreed. SD & TNA (to a lesser extent lol) results should be kept far away from the main forums, it's not like I won't be visiting this site between Wednesday and Friday. I hate to sound like some sort of school prefect, but it jar's me, to no end, when I see spoilers thrown about willy-nilly (!) without a care for others preferences.
    I understand when new posters do it, because they are new and unaware of the rules, but when people do it over and over, or have been around for a while, then its not fair to the other posters.

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    New They probably = EV2.0 + Sting and maybe + Nash.

    The EV2 part was a joke.

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    The They will be Christian Cage since he has done nothing since getting back to the WWE, Carlito, MVP, LowKi (Kaval) since they never got a push because Vince has a hard on for Nexus, Swagger, Kofi, and The Miztake.
    Maybe ROH teams up with TNA to take on WWE/F.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Brown One View Post
    I think it was a spoiler..for this weeks TNA Impact.
    I'll be happy if Lil' Red gets Carlito or someone else really good. I don't want to see current TNA originals and wrestlers join together to take down Immortal, since it would be like EV 2.0 vs Immortal all over again. But I'm happy that TNA is finally going to get a proper team together to take down Immortal. So then we won't have to put up with their boring 90's shit ever again.
    Oh believe me, their boring 90's stuff is just beginning.

    ^^^^^ this is an e-fed of IMPACT Wrestling that i created


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