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    Tna just doesn't care anymore

    I have backed TNA for far too long in it's downward spiral thinking that it will eventualy get better but it seems it's getting worse. I just read the spoiler for thursdays Impact and I'm extremely dissappointed how this new "They" storyline played out and now I'm left with more questions then answers.

    If Fortune was "They" why did Crimson attack members of both Immortal and Fortune members ?

    What the hell did Angle, Crimson, and the returning Scott Steiner have to do with "They" ?

    Why didn't Angle, Crimson, and Steiner come out with "They" ?

    Are Fortune planning on turning to faces or will there be two heel stables facing each other ?

    I don't know, I just feel like TNA just isn't trying anymore either stealing ideas that didn't work for WCW and ran them out of buisness or stealing ideas from WWE (having the main stable split up just feels like the Nexus story), it's just making them look desperate and for the first time in a long time I think I won't be watching TNA this week !


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    I think the idea was a build a stable to take on Immortal, so like the original "They", they had to make it look convincing, so thats why Crimson attacked members of both groups. I know, its stupid, but that could be the explanation. Also, they doesn't have to be Fortune..if it was..then that would just be rehashing the old storyline, which would be repetitive and horrible, so they had to create a group with some newer members. Cue Steiner, and the others.


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