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    Retro Question: Why WWE took the mask from Kane...??

    Hi Guys...

    I've been a Wrestling fan my whole life, however, I barely came into the internet wrestling society like five months ago...

    I'd like to see what your comments are on why WWE took the mask off from Kane... In other words, I want the "inside information" to it....

    Thanks in advance...!!

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    Perhaps it was just time for the character to evolve?

    Im not sure there's really an answer for that.
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    Perhaps he was tired of his face getting too hot from always having to wear it.

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    With the original full face mask (the first one he wore), I think Kane himself wanted to ditch it as he was having trouble breathing and was too hot. He then went through a few other masks/half masks after that. Like Bodom said, getting rid of the mask for good was probably just time for the character to evolve, and it was a pretty big thing at the time. There's always scope to bring the mask back (through an inferno match (if they ever bring that back), or if he somehow gets scarred in a match). Even though a lot of fans would love to see the mask back and the scope to do so is there, I doubt it'll happen. Kane is 43 years old and probably thinking of retirement within the next few years.
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    I've always wondered if it was another wrestler (person) behind the mask... The long hair of the masked Kane seems natural... and if you notice, the day he took his mask off... it was clear that we was wearing a wig...

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    I think Kane was having trouble breathing, and was balding anyway, so why not take it off? He shaved after that to get a new bald look, that he still has today.

    And it was also a time for the character of Kane to evolve. If you watch the video where Kane unmasks, you can clearly hear the crowd wanting Kane to unmask. They wanted this too.


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