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    Time to evolve again?

    With seemingly credible speculation about Batista returning under some sort of part time contract and talk of Evolution one day making the HoF. How about having them reform for a one off match. I'd have the Sheild go over Team Hell No at Extreme Rules. Let them lord it up for a few months with the tag titles and then when it looks like no one will be able to top them, you set up a Summerslam blockbuster. Have them corner Flair in the ring one night on RAW. Let Triple H's music hits, then Orton's. Just as the Shield are about to attack Trips and Orton three on two (Flair in a heap in the corner) Batista's music hits. Summerslam match is set up as a 3 on 3 with Flair in the corner for Evolution.

    Which no chance of a Nexus reforming, this would be the Shield's most suitable big faction opponents.


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