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    Minor feuds that you loved.

    Simple thread. What was a minor feud that may not have been remembered by many, that you loved a lot.

    For me it was a feud between Billy Kidman and Paul London in 2004. I felt those two where a great tag team, Billy Kidman was the veteran, and London was a good up-coming cruiserweight and those made a great tag team. I felt the rivalry they had where Kidman was afraid to use the shooting star press and the way it was set up was different. And the match was very good. But the ending to that match to me was awesome. Where Kidman would do the shooting star press, and cause Paul London internal bleeding. I thought that was vicious enough, but the second shooting star press on Paul London (this time London was on a stretcher) made me believe Kidman could be a nice heel in the future. I thought it was great how the match was made because Kidman was afraid to do the shooting star press, and the match ended with Billy Kidman destroying London with that same move. Great little rivalry.

    Here's the promo and match.

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    Christian v Jericho.

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    Not sure if it's considered minor or not but Corino/Tajiri in ECW was one of my favorites, mostly because I loved the style of each.

    WCW... Jericho and Alex Wright made for some good times and good matches. Raven-DDP. Benoit-Booker T best of 7 series. Martel-Benoit.

    ROH... Charlie Haas and BJ Whitmer was one that I liked on the undercards in recent months.

    TNA... MCMG and Beer Money.

    In old WWF, Val Venis-Rikishi had some good stuff over the title. In current times, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio was fun because it allowed R-Truth some personality outside of rapping. Also, Orton vs. the table, could've been huge.


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