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    Seth Rollins all the way. He is the guy flying and the one they uses to crash through tables

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    I only notice Reign as The Shield in wwe,watched Seth Rollin wrestle in his IWA-MS days and impressed with his feud against Abercrombie and Ricochet but didn't follow his ROH work,I pick Dean Ambrose as the breakout star,Regal and Foley likes Ambrose.

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    Definitely Reigns, if marketed right he could be the next big thing. He has got something the young Edge used to have. And he has the looks that will attract the female fans.
    Wrestling lost the spectacle factor.

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    Gotta be Ambrose. He could be the best heel we've seen in years.

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    I wish I was sad and lonely enough to spam hate

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    It is no secret that Trips and Vinny have very high hopes for Roman Reigns!

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    I think all three will be breakout stars in the WWE.
    Brad Maddox is the new face of the WWE!

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    I think all of them will win a world championship one day. (Rollins will most likely be the last one to win it)

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    I think Roman Reigns will win a world championship before the others. His shouting is epic, and he has a good spear.

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    Don't know what to tell ya, but my gut is telling me all 3 of them are going to be breakout stars in one way or another, not just one.

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