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    The Shield's break out star

    We all know when the Shield debuted....the Internet exploded with excitement that Rollins and Ambrose were given there chance. But they came with Reigns....a guy no one had been raving about, But we gave him as chance and lucky we did because he has been just as impressive as the other two.

    This is the perfect group for the WWE...three guys who you will struggle to find negatives in and three guy with massive potential. But will make a bigger impact than the other two...but who is your first pick ?

    To find out mine and listen to more on the subject watch my video -

    Who is your favorite to be a break out star in the shield...or do you believe they will all be the same ?
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    Well I'd differ that Reigns was the one that came up with the most support from backstage people. JR in particular has been championing him for a while.

    I'd like for Ambrose to be the breakout star of the group. He has an unique and unconventional look, is solid in the ring and has some mad mic skills.

    However, IMO, Roman Reigns will be the breakout star of the group while the other 2 fade into obscurity.
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    I've been a huge fan of Seth Rollins since his days in ROH. Every time The Shield have a match he's the one that stands out most to me. I hope for him to be the break-out star..

    But like Tommy said it will most likely be Roman Reigns, and there is nothing wrong with that, since he has impressed me.

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    I think they are all equally impressive as a group and as individuals...for some reason however as a group they are missing something to really extra member maybe a female (Paige from NXT would be perfect) or something extra on the visual side of things...the NWO had their hand signals and spraypaint...DX had the same trademark chaos but aside for the triple powerbomb and coming in from the audience (maybe the pack of dogs mentality in how they attack) but there is something else missing...

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    Roman Reigns, obviously.

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    Reigns has the look
    Ambrose has the attitude
    Rollins has the skill

    all great, but think they (WWE) are pretty invested in Ambrose, so i'd say him
    however, reigns is has me second guessing lately

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    Neither will ever be world champion IMO. Possible world title tease for Reigns (based on his size and intensity) but they will eventually sink to the midcard. Potential for IC/US/tag titles in their future.

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    For me Seth Rollins will main event show and ppvs before the 2 others, after they split

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    I see Roman Reigns becoming the next "guy" IMO. When John Cena passes the torch (if he ever, the ego maniac), Reigns will be the next Face of WWE. His family ties to The Rock wouldn't hurt his rep either. WWE seems unquestionably invested in him. Putting him with two wrestlers that people have been awaiting to see, and in a unstoppable faction mind you, helps elevate Reigns to that main event level.

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    In order of biggest star to smallest:

    1) Reigns
    2) Ambrose
    3) Rollins

    Even though I think Ambrose and Rollins are going to get stuck in the midcard for a while.

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