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    Is John Cena being WWE champion a good thing?

    Hey guys... So, I was thinking today about the implications of John Cena becoming the WWE champion for a likely record setting 11th time, 13 in all... tied for the most World championships in WWE history I think... (Ric Flair won some of his in AWA... I think only HHH and John Cena have 13 major title reigns in the WWE, correct me if I'm wrong.) I was wondering if you all thought that it was a good thing, or if it was a bad thing to have him win it once more.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the poll results will be the opposite of my opinion. While John Cena's character is bland, He still gets people to watch the product, and even when he wasn't the champion he was the main draw. I think John Cena as champion is good for the WWE for that reason, your champion should be a huge draw, and John Cena is that. Obviously anyone who has read any of my opinions knows I'd prefer someone like Daniel Bryan but I really do believe that John Cena can put on quality ppv matches and put together great promos at times... Having him as your champion also creates hatred for him, which leads to anyone beating him becoming super over... If a young talent turns heel and takes the title from him the smarks will cheer him to death, making him over... In essence .. Who ever takes the title from John Cena IMO might get a mega push!


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