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    Quote Originally Posted by anaconda_vice View Post
    I dont think Drew or the Usos are odd choices at all.

    However, those dinosaurs...eek.
    See? I knew that's the one nobody understands my love about. Maybe it's a my support of other big men and chicks with big butts. *shrugs*

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    1. Undertaker
    2. Kane
    3. Daniel Bryan
    4. AJ Lee
    5. Ziggler.
    Wrestling lost the spectacle factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SESAfro View Post
    See? I knew that's the one nobody understands my love about. Maybe it's a my support of other big men and chicks with big butts. *shrugs*

    Those two girls, I could get behind...

    But I dont care for the tons of funk gimmick, at all.

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    1. Punk- Pretty plain and simply he is here.
    2. Ace's & Eights- Love the story line of it and is really the only thing keeping me watching TNA also always been a fan of Team 3D.
    3. Ziggler- While I hate the way wwe has made him over as a heel by using the same old story of simply cheating to win the dude can wrestle.
    4. The Miz- Hes good on a mic and can sell moves along with wrestle.
    5. Randy Orton- Always liked the guy since day one, but until vince/wwe wake up and make him heel again he's likely stuck jobbing for now.

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    Daniel Bryan/Kane -I've always liked Kane and will group them together because they are a team. DB is awesome too!

    The Shield - I have enjoyed what they have done.

    Dolph Ziggler - I'm glad to see him with the WHC. Fun talent just needs a new finisher.

    Chris Jericho - He is not as good anymore but he is still better than most.

    Ryback - Now that he is done with his unstoppable character I am interested in where he is going.

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    Seems like (most) everyone is sticking to WWE, so will do the same. Also going to leave out part timers...

    5) Seth Rollins - the next Punk?
    4) Christian - when is the last time he had a bad match with anyone
    3) Dean Ambrose - wait til we really get a load of him
    2) Daniel Bryan - constantly changing for the better
    1) CM Punk - BITW

    Honorable mention to Paige, the future of the Divas

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    Are we talking just WWE? That is what I'm believing having it in this forum.
    Honorable mention: John Cena/CM Punk
    4.Daniel Bryan
    3.Prime Time Players
    2.Damien Sandow
    1.Dolph Ziggler w/AJ

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    My top five right now.

    1. Brock Lesnar

    2. The Rock

    3. Cm Punk

    4. The Undertaker

    5. Chris Jericho.

    I have no interest in face cena or heel ryback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jethro View Post
    1.CM Punk
    2.Daniel Bryan (I hope he gets a single push this year,a feud with Cena while Cena still a champion)
    3.Fandango (Ever since his little series of vignette I'm intrigue about his gimmick because I like to listen to his music,and that woman)
    4.Dean Ambrose
    I don't know why people want a Cena Bryan fued:lol:
    Bryan should not be in the wwe championship picture.

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    In no particular order: Punk, Jericho, Swagger/Colter, Shield, DB.
    I'm jus sayin...


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