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    5. Christian (I think all around he is one of the best still competing with the new generation, lower on the list because of his absences as of late.)
    4. Daniel Bryan ( his In ring work is incredible, as well as the fact he is just hilarious. Talented, tough and respectful a very dangerous top 5 leader).
    3. Chris Jericho (still around, an earlier Daniel bryan which is why I put him in front of DB. Y2J is the only guy liked by all demographics, great all around superstar.
    2. Cm punk ( one of the reasons the last couple years I've tuned into raw mainly for, plus he's just as damn good as he says he is. Much respect to him reinventing his character.)
    1. Undertaker ( BIGGEST LEGEND OF ALL TIME. Beating punk putting him in front of punk, but still has been my favorite since 98, although rarely competing once a year now he is still #1 on my list.)

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    1. CM PUNK- Heel or face- he works them both equally great. On the mic he is gold, in the ring he is great. Its no question he would be number one on my list

    2. Bryan Danielson- As with Punk, he works as both heel and face equally great. In no time in WWE the dude got over. I'm glad WWE took a chance on one of Ring of Honor's best wrestlers- I almost put Punk and Danielson as a tie for number one

    3. Austin Aries- yes, I know he is in TNA, but the dude belongs on the list. Way over with the fans. Was turned down for the last season of Tough Enough which I found very stupid- but looking at it now- it was a great thing. The only person still on the WWE/NXT roster from that season was the worst one who got voted off the first episiode- she is now one of Brodus Clays dancers

    4. Paige- yes, she is not on the main roster as of yet, but she is truly one of the best female wrestlers in WWE now(Nattie is the other, but they have ruined her with stupid storylines.

    5. Jericho and Undertaker- Tie- I hated to do a tie but both belong on the list. Both are up there in age with UT being older and with probably the easiest schedule in wrestling but damn and he still gets a great reaction. and damn if he can't still do it in the ring. Jericho of course is the better wrestler- he really hasn't lost his step. And no matter what he does, he still gets a great reaction from the crowd

    narrowly missing the top 5
    The Shield- it was hard not to include them in the top 5 but I put Aries in the list, i had to drop someone
    Christian- only because he has been out with injury for so long
    Claudio/Antonio Cesero- this close to being in my top 5, but WWE is not using him correctly now. He has a mid card title and they have him losing match after match
    Wade Barrett- see above
    Dolph Ziggler
    Alberto Del Rio
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    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    1. Punk
    2. The Shield
    3. Daniel Bryan
    4. Kofi Kingston
    5. Chris Jericho

    Notable mentions: Ziggler, Cesaro, Christian, Cody Rhodes.

    I also kind of like 3MB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhyno535 View Post
    1. Steve Austin
    2. New Age Outlaws
    3. Hardy Boys
    4. Benoit
    5. Kurt Angle

    Attitude Era for me. TNA... ha!
    Weird... You listed a lot of people who have been through TNA's doors. Two are still there. Good call bro.
    The attitude era was not that great...

    To hell with insincerity. Fuck you!

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    "Currently Active"

    1. The Undertaker
    2. CM Punk
    3. John Cena
    4. Brock Lesnar
    5. Y2J

    "Full Timers"

    1. CM Punk
    2. John Cena
    3. Randy Orton
    4. Daniel Bryan
    5. Dolph Ziggler

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    Not sure if we are doing a power rankings list or personal favorites, but tried to blend the two and make a list of the most interesting right now:

    5. Ryback
    4. Brock
    3. The Shield
    2. Bryan
    1. Punk

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    1. The Shield
    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. John Cena
    4. Cm Punk
    5. Sheamus

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    1.Dolphin ziggler-but still needs an impact finishing move
    2.Antonio Cesaro
    3.The Shield
    4.Brock lesnar
    5.Team Hell No

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    1. Antonio Cesaro.

    2. The Shield.

    3. Jack Swagger.

    4. Fandango.

    5. Daniel Bryan / Cody Rhodes.

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    1.Dolph Ziggler
    2.Bray Wyatt
    3.Rodrick Strong
    4.Bobby Roode
    5.Claudio Castignoli (Antonio Cesaro)
    Orton hears a who


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