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    1) The Shield - Didn't pay much attention to them when they first came in ... as time has gone on and as we have seen more and more of them i have become addicted to The Shield. All 3 of them are so unique and I will admit i have a tiny little crush on Dean Ambrose ... but seriously what woman wouldn't lol.

    2)CM Punk - Still a huge fan of this man .. he is entertaining, loud and outspoken ... can't look away when he wrestles.

    3) Dolph Ziggler - In the past year ... Dolph has grown on me. Never was a super fan but I did enjoy watching him. Thought his mic skills were ok, and I did enjoy his matches. I was jumping out of my seat when he cashed in and won the WHC. I hope he has a good length reign cause this guy is pretty entertaining.

    4) Team Hell No - I put this team on because together I find Kane and DB very funny and i am a fan of both together and apart ... I loved the whole anger management angle and together as a team they always seemed to fit. I know would like to see them both go in different directions ... I miss Daniel Bryon in singles competition ...

    5) Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman- OK i know odd choice and we don't see much of Brock ... Reason he is in my list I hate this man, hate his Character ... I can't stand to watch him BUT at the same time when he is on TV i can't turn away I can not stop watching him. I find him entertaining because of Paul Heyman ... I want to see him come down and cause total misery for everyone ... NOW I am not saying his matches are great but enjoy when a wrestler does his job so well that we want to throw something through the TV cause we hate them so much.

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    CM Punk.
    Say what you want about him. I still enjoy watching Punk go, whether it's in a match or cutting a promo.

    Chris Jericho
    He's one of my all time favorites. I always enjoy watching him working.

    The Shield
    Again, love them or hate them, they impress me, and I enjoy watching them go.

    Dolph Ziggler
    I don't enjoy watching Big E and AJ associated with him, but I enjoy seeing Ziggler shinning through it all. Let's see where he goes as the WHC.

    Mark Henry
    I'm loving watching Henry as the bad ass heel. He might not win another world title again, but at least WWE's using him at his best. And his promo work at the moment is better than it's ever been in his entire career.

    Narrowly missing out:
    Antonio Cesaro ( because he's not currently on the main shows)
    The Miz (working hard in PR roles and is working hard in the ring)
    Team Hell No (specifically Daniel Bryan)
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    1. - 4. John Cena

    5. Fandango

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    1) Dolph Ziggler- My overall favorite wrestler at the moment. I have enjoyed mostly every match he has been in, and it has been nice to see him grow as a wrestler for the past few years.

    2) Daniel Bryan-Same reasons as Zigs, though I feel he's better on the mic. Wish he got to actually wrestle in singles again.

    3) CM Punk-Probably the best in the WWE at the moment.

    4) Cody Rhodes- Liked him since Priceless/Legacy. Feel that Rhodes Scholars needs to be pushed, or have Rhodes go face already and feud with Sandow.

    5) Y2J-What can I say about Y2J that hasn't been said already. Don't think I'll ever get tired of him.

    Notable mentions: I don't watch enough TNA to place em in my top 5, but I've loved what I've seen from Aries, Styles, and Tara.
    And in terms of the E, I have enjoyed Fandango since his debut (like a bigger disco inferno), and Wade Barret.

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    Ziggler- Not because he is awesome, (He is) Because of where he has got himself, He has worked harder than most guys on the roster and has just taken it on board, Learned from it and developed. Deserves to be WHC just for the work he has put in over the last 3 years.

    DB- I just love watching this guy, he can wrestle and he can entertain, enough said.

    Kane- Yes him and DB are not in any major story lines but just for the work ethic he has produced in the last 15 years he will always be a top 5 guy in my eyes.

    Ricardo Rodriguez-He is on my list simply because it doesn't matter if he is Heel or Face he makes me laugh, He takes a helluva lot of punishment and if you have seen any of his matches from NXT etc he can wrestle too.

    Big Show/Mark Henry- I can't pick between these two guys, Henry over the last couple of years has been awesome, I honestly thought he would get lost when he came back but it looks like WWE have faith in him still, and Show because he has been a top guy for 15+ years near enough he has done it all, and I respect him a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    Five- AJ styles
    Four- Kurt angle
    three- Petey williams
    two - bully ray
    One - Christopher Daniels.
    Fack the 'E
    1. Steve Austin
    2. New Age Outlaws
    3. Hardy Boys
    4. Benoit
    5. Kurt Angle

    Attitude Era for me. TNA... ha!

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    1. The Shield
    2. CM Punk
    3. Dolph Ziggler
    4. Chris Jericho
    5. Daniel Bryan

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    #1- CM Punk
    Every single time this guy is on the screen, I can't take my eyes off the segment. Quality on the mic, brilliant in the ring. Shame he's injured. Heyman is also the best mouthpiece in the WWE right now.

    #2- The Shield
    At the beginning, I was excited but only for Ambrose & Rollins. Reigns has shown how great he can be as that powerhouse role and he's currently my favourite of the three. I expect Reigns to be the next Batista, with Ambrose as the next Punk. Rollins I'm hope he's gonna be the next Bryan.

    #3- Team Hell No
    I love these two as singles competitors and it's only been the last couple months I've been able to support their team. I love their chemistry and I hope their team goes further too.

    #4- Alberto Del Rio
    Del Rio has proven to me what a great face he can be in the last few months and I'm loving his character right now. Ricardo is also great too.

    #5- Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter
    I absolutely love this gimmick. I don't agree with them but for pure heel heat right now- it's the best character out there. Swagger is great in ring and Colter is quality on the mic. Great combination.

    Just missing out are Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & John Cena.

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    1. Dolph Ziggler - He did it and I couldn't be happier. Proof that busting your ass every night pays off.

    2. John Cena - Got his redemption and the WWE title back, glad to have a champ thats on TV and wants to fight.

    3. CM Punk - He delivers, what can you say - was involved in the best match at 'Mania

    4. Daniel Bryan - I can't help but like him and want him to get a solid singles push again.

    5. (Tie) Undertaker / Fandango - Taker for having the best match at 'Mania and Fandango for not only having theme music that is going up itunes charts with a bullet, but for sticking to his convictions and making sure everyone knows how to pronounce his name even after getting his ass handed to him on RAW by Y2J.

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    My current top 5

    5.) Dolph Ziggler- Fresh gimmick, fun to watch... no one deserves to be world champion more than this guy IMO.

    4.) The Shield- The most unpredictable and fresh gimmick in the WWE.

    3.) Gabriel and Kidd- Fun to watch as single competitors, spectacular to watch as a tag team.

    2.) Alberto Del Rio- He use to just miss my cut as a heel... he was good as a heel but he's great as a face.

    1.) Daniel Bryan- Best pure wrestler in WWE in my opinion. He is underrated on the mic and always apart of matches that are overlooked.


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