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    It must suck to be Randy Orton period, right now. Not only has he been the most directionless main-eventer for the past 2 years, but most of the upper-card midcarders have been given more to do.

    Cena, Sheamus, Del Rio, Ryback, Punk, Show, Ziggler, Jericho, Miz, Barrett, Kingston, and EVEN Swagger are having more interesting up and down careers at this point.

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    maybe the fans didn't give a crap about the match because of Orton forgeting his lines earlier. If you go back and watch it, on youtube, Orton really screwed up. If not for Sheamus the whole segment would have been a whole lot worse. You could even see on Sheamus face he was like 'wtf' at Orton(after Orton started back on the promo). I have seen other do promos where they seemed like they were lost(Cena one time), but at least they kept going. Orton just stopped. If it were on SD it would have been no problem, an edit, or a redo could have been done. But live- Orton screwed up pretty big

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    Orton has been uninteresting since the past 2-3 years. He seriously needs a gimmick change. He was better when he was 'The Legend Killer'.

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    What Randy needs more than anything right now is a fresh, young talent to work with maybe someone from NXT who can go after him as a "legend" to be "killed" and you are only as interesting as those that you face right? Rather than turn him heel for the nth time have a heel like Bray Wyatt emerge and focus on taking him out for one reason or another...let him come off as the veteran being chased by the rookie looking to become the new "Apex predator"

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