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    I like Fandango.... Why dont you?

    I just dont understand why some of you guys dont give Fandango a chance..... yes i agree the gimmick is ridiculous ... but Curtis is doing a helluva job pulling it off and if u pay attention some of the crowd is starting say his name along with him. Will it work in the long run? i have no clue but right now Curtis has won me over with confidence on the mic, viciousness and that beautiful top rope leg drop. Im in on this.... what about you?

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    I actually really like him! And his character is actually fresh and different, meaning it won't become stale. I can see big things for him.

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    Never been a fan of Curtis, but I'll give him credit for the job he's doing with the character given to him. He knows how to play his role to a tee.

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    Fandango is proof that WWE till toss any shit at the fans and the fans will like it. What's to like about him? All he does is say his name, oh how exciting is that even I can do that, nothing different than Ken Kennedy saying his name. Doesn't matter, WWE will remain crap because fans keep buying into crap like this and they are still making tons of money. I don't remember the last time I actually watched an entire raw or any wwe show, just watch segments on youtube and its boring to death. You know the company really really sucks when your WM card is made up of guys that wont even be in the ring a month from now. The Rock, HHH, Lesnar, Undertaker, Jericho... take those guys out of the card and the ppv becomes a regular monday night raw card and the sheep will still pay hundreds and thousands of $$$ to support this company that doesn't take an effort to deliver a great product like it used to.

    The part-timers headlining WM is proof that WWE cannot make any big name stars, Cena was the last big name. CM Punk is nowhere near his level even though he is pretty good and what about rest of the roster?

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    I like Fandango too.

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    I do like Fandango.
    I think Johnny Curtis is a good wrestler that deserves a shot on the main roster. He was definitely one of the better guys that we saw introduced during the old format of NXT.

    What I don't like is that he's been put on the Wrestlemania card against someone as high profile as Chris Jericho, when he's done absolutely zilch to deserve that. On the other hand, you have people like Antonio Cesaro( US champ who's been very impressive since gaining the title) not on the card at all, Wade Barrett (IC champion) and The Miz on the pre-show.
    I see no justification in that at all.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that WWE are pushing a younger guy, and Curtis is going to get a huge rub by going over someone like Jericho at Wrestlemania, but that doesn't change the fact that he's done nothing to deserve such a big push like this, and he certainly hasn't earned a Wrestlemania match against one of the best ever when you have others who have slogged it out to earn and deserve a Wrestlemania spot ahead of him.
    I'd rather have seen Fandango debut after Wrestlemania, and then be pushed gradually, and not given this mega rocket push that WWE has failed to pull off successfully in recent times (see ADR, Sheamus, Swagger, Ryback to a certain degree).
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    I am become a huge fan actually. Once he started actually doing something by attacking Jericho he became interesting. A fresh new intensity. And that leg drop is pretty sick.

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    I really don't like him.

    But he's a heel, so good job Fandango

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    Fandango is awesome, there are three dancing guys on the roster now, but Fandango is pulling it off really well and not coming across as a joke, and I for one welcome diversity in the roster.

    Fandango VS Jericho will (hopefully) steal the show.

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    While I understand this gyrating gimmick, I don't really care for it. I understand it's Vince's invention and this match is featuring the dancing dude against a former DWTS contestant. I would say it's better served as a pre ppv match although that wouldn't be fair to Jericho. I just hope Curtis makes this match worth being included in the Wrestlemania event.

    Mad Bill


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