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    Ok we have suffered through the split brand era and saw the rise and fall of this and that superstar...cheered and jeered this title and that title reign but only recently does it feel to me like the WWE title and the WHC have individual revelence. Granted the WWE title does seem more important these days than the WHC due to CM Punk and this recent business with Rock/Cena (cry foul as we may on the who and timing to some extent it did help to see the design change) but should the titles be merged?

    I for one used to think they needed to put away the WHC for awhile and focus on one major heavyweight championship and bring in another midcard title like a crusier weight strap but now I am actually liking the direction and the calculated importance of both still seems a little wanky to have two "Heavyweight" titles but whatever dude...I guess time will tell with the new WHC Dolph Ziggler and the whole WWE championship angle...but the question still lingers...

    Should the titles be merged sometime soon or further down the road? Or should they just be left alone?

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    Too much talent for only one major title IMO...

    The problem isn't having too many belts, it's not using them well.

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    Considering how pointless the brand extension is nowadays (on television at least) I can see why the titles should be unified. The problem is when out on the road for house shows, WWE likes to have a "world champion" on each card. This situation could be solved by unifying the big 2 titles and unifying the Intercontinental and U.S. straps and then booking the "lesser" title to actually having value. In the '80's the WWE sometimes ran 3 house show crews and one of these would be headlined by the Intercontinental champion. The titles will only have value when a) they are booked correctly and b) people give a shit about them ( which goes hand in hand with point a)) and c) if there aren't too many titles ( like in the late '90's/ early '00's).

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    I completely disagree, I thought the brand extension was great, so many people on the roster it really gave a chance for everyone to be on a card and gave me reason to watch both shows, not everyone that can get on is on Raw so what's the point?

    Also, way to many people for just one title

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    I think they should go back to 4 or 5 titles. WWE Title, IC title, Tag Team Title and Divas Title, maybe a cruiserweight title too.

    Then i thought about the thing some guys have been writing. That there is to many guys for just one Major title. So i want to know, which guys do you consider as TOP main event guys for the WWE title?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    Too much talent for only one major title IMO...

    The problem isn't having too many belts, it's not using them well.
    100% This.

    I totally agree and was about to say the same thing.

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    Way too many talents for just one title. But it may just force the writers to be more creative with how talents are used. Double edged sword with that one.

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    In My opinion wwe needs to seperate the brands and have 5 maximum titles that can mix brand. if we had raw with the WWE and US and then had Smackdown with WHC and Intercontinental, we could then have mixed titles e.g. Undisputed, Tag Team, Divas, Cruiserweight and Hardcore. it is all about the way titles are booked with there brands. if VKM decided to split brands and no-one can apear on another brand, then have each brand have major champ and minor champ, have superstars change into a two hour show where the brands can collide every week for titles that are between them and then occationally WWE Champ vs WHC. we could have the part timers like rock and brock, along with cena punk and orton go for undisputed leaving mid carders to get a shot at Major titles and the no hopers get into the mid card scene.

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    Never. If any title should be merged it's the US and IC title. Since when was the last time both the IC champion and US champion had a good feud at the same time?

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    If they did merge the championships back into an undisputed title. Then more time should be spent on making a secondary title like the IC Championship worth more than it is right now.


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