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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Boogeyman was a great novelty character. Not really sure why WWE got rid of him really. I can see the age factor, but the man was in incredible shape for his age, and had a very good physique. Plus he was over with the fans. I think it would have been beneficial to keep him around for a while longer than they did.

    As for Big Daddy V, I liked him best when he was under that very moniker. I was never into him when he was Viscera the goth, or when he was the 'World's Largest Love Machine'. Both those gimmicks sucked to me.
    As Big Daddy V though, with Matt Striker as his manager, he was legitimately a threat and looked far more intimidating. I loved seeing him manhandle people and just dominating people.
    Plus, the man was pretty quick considering he was 6"9 and 500lbs. I mean what other guy that big hits a spinning wheel kick? I wouldn't mind seeing him come back for a couple of years. I think a few younger guys would benefit form going over a huge monster like him.
    I couldn't agree more....seriously. I really liked the Boogeyman he was always entertaining to me with all his worms and poping out of places scaring the other wrestlers. I thought it was great. And even with his age he doesn't have to wrestle he could just pop out sometimes and scare people I mean WWE is entertainment.

    I want Big Daddy V to come back and team with Mark Henry. I think it be pretty cool to see. They could be one intimidating team. I never say someone that big move like he use to. Even though he was 500 lbs or maybe even more he could move around pretty good or at least I thought so. I don'tknow maybe one day he'll return even for a short run would be fine with me


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