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Thread: Final EWA Show

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    Final EWA Show

    Ok, as Van Hooligan asked- I am posting what has been done on the last EWA show. Its was roughly halfway finished.

    The show kicks off...blah blah blah

    CJ segment - announce closure of EWA(CJ was the GM of one of the shows- Fury)

    Van interrupts, taunts CJ with EWA closing

    CJ challenges Van to a match - Van accepts

    Black Blooded and Darius def. Mixed Emotions and ??? (Hopefully Ma$$dinero)
    Rich:Well its time for our second match of the night.

    Herb: Yep, a PAIN! guy vs a Fury guy.

    Brandon Medeiros

    Rich: Wait? This loser is still around?

    Herb: Yeah, seems EWA management wanted him to be part of the last show

    Rich: Ok, I guess I will go to sleep now. I thought Killa got rid of this tool

    Brandon Medeiros, with EWA PAIN! commentator Carter Davis, walk down the ramp, arm in arm. Brandon gets on the ring apron and holds the ropes open for Carter.

    Rich: What is that freak Carter doing out here?

    Herb: Er, not sure.

    Carter Davis ask for and receives a mic.

    Carter Davis: Seeing as this is the last show and management is only allowing the Fury team to do the announcing, I just had to come out here to make an announcement. I am pregnant with this mans baby. Yes, Brandon Medeiros and I have been having a torrid love affair. We are both so happy. We are getting married next week and everybody in invited *Carter and Brandon share a tender moment in the ring, embracing and kissing *

    The EWA crowd doesn’t know what to make of this news- most just boo them both

    Rich: Wait? Carter has both a penis and vagina?

    Herb: Yeah, I accidentally saw him, well her, well it getting dressed. The guy is a freak- but both him and Brandon are happy, that’s all that matters

    Rich: Well Brandon sucks

    Herb: Yes he does

    Ryku O’Ryan

    Rich: Normally I’m for the heels, but I hope this guy kicks Brandon’s ass

    Herb: Me too

    Ryku O’Ryan comes out to massive cheers from the EWA faithful. He rushes down to the ring and slides in and gets right in Brandon’s face. Carter slaps Ryku in the face and hightails it out the ring.

    Herb: Wow, they have a lot of love for this guy.

    Rich: Yeah that and I think everybody wants to see Brandon get his ass kick

    Brandon Medeiros vs Ryku O’Ryan

    Brandon starts to apologize for Carter slapping Ryku but Ryku just halls off and punches him in the nose, busting him wide open. Brandon tries to run away but Ryku grabs him by the arm and takes him down to the mat and clamps on a Crippler Cross face and immediately starts to tap out. The ref ignores it and just lets Ryku inflict more pain on Brandon

    Herb: Wait, what the hell is the ref doing?

    Rich: His job- duh!

    After about a minute, Ryku finally releases the hold then slides out the ring and grabs a chair and tosses it into the ring. The ref acts like he doesn’t see it. Ryku slides back into the ring and places the chair in one of the corners of the ring. He pulls Brandon up and whips him into that corner- Brandon hits the chair with a shitload of force- actually breaking the seat off from the rest of the chair. Brandon just falls to the mat yet again.

    Herb: Why is the ref allowing this to happen?

    Rich: I will say this once again- Brandon is a tool, he deserves this

    Ryku picks up the seat and places it into the middle of the ring. He walks over to Brandon and pulls him up once again, bringing him into the middle of the ring. He sets up Brandon for a pedigree, hitting it right on the seat. Instead of covering Brandon, he hits him with another pedigree, followed by another, followed by another. Brandon is out cold now and is cover from head to toe in blood. Ryku finally places his foot on Brandon to pin him. The ref starts to count




    Winner: Ryku O”Ryan

    Herb: Well that was a one sided match. Ryku was just the better man

    Rich: Ryku is the better man- he has been on fire on PAIN! Brandon is a tool, kept getting his ass kicked by Killa, now he has been destroyed by Ryku

    Herb: You really don’t like Brandon do you?

    Rich: Nope. I don’t care for his agent anymore either(was B7777 who got himself banned)


    Gaileo runs out to the ring through the crowd. He slides into the ring and gets into Ryku faces. They both stare at each other for about a minute, exchanging no words

    Herb: Guess we are about to have yet another match. These guys hate each other

    Instead of coming to blows, Gaileo extends his hand to Ryku and they both shake hands. Gaileo then raises Ryku’s arm in victory to huge cheers. After about a minute of celebrating in the ring and both men exchanging kind words- they see Brando trying to get up. Ryku and Gaileo both pick him up and toss him over the top rope into the Spanish announce table- causing it to splinter into pieces. Carter Davis rushes to him and starts crying out for help. Ryku and Gaileo finally leave the ring and head to the back to cheers.


    Herb: What the hell is he doing out here? He has a match later on

    KiLLA comes out to ringside flanked by 3 other men from his crew and PAINS! Official camera man- Chucky Nutz is following close behind. One is carrying what looks like a body bag. They walk over to where Brandon is sprawled out. They look at Carter and he just runs off like a little girl, screaming at the top of his lungs. Finally, Killa and his men place Brandon in the bodybag, zip it up and carry it off backstage. You can see that Brandon is now awake as the bodybag is twitching back and forth

    Herb: Well thank God he is still alive

    Rich: Meh

    EWA camera man Chucky Nutz follows KiLLA and his crew out to back of the arena where they toss the bodybag into a dumpster.. Chucky zooms the camera in on the bodybag in the dumpster and screams can be heard from inside. The bodybag keeps trashing around and Chucky finally gets bored and heads back inside the arena where KiLLA and his guys had already returned to.

    Herb: You think we should send help?

    Rich: Nah! Lets move on to our next match of the night

    Fury TV Title - Artemis Eclipse(c) def. Jman and Malcolm Cage

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Herb: And now for the PAIN! World Heavyweight Championsip- Mike Muir is taking on the Champion Thantos

    Rich: I guess Muir gets yet another title shot because EWA felt bad for his sorry ass for Barbie Panzer dumping him

    Mike Muir

    Mike Muir walks out and down the ramp to massive cheers. On the way down to the ring he stops to chat with some of the fans and sign autographs

    Rich: I don’t know what the fans see in this loser. I do look up to him for banging Barbie Panzer though

    Herb: Me too, me too


    PAIN! World Champ Thantos walks out on stage to massive boos. He raises his arms up in the air and lets out a loud roar. He then slowly makes his way down to the ring- he is so tall he enters the ring by stepping over the top rope. He hands his belt to the ref who holds it over his head. Thantos gets in Muir’s face- towering over him by a good foot

    Rich: And this is the night Mike Muir’s career ends.

    Herb: He stood up to Raden Blain time after time and lived to tell. I am sure Muir can handle Thantos

    Rich: Raden Blain is a monster- Muir just kept getting lucky every time with him. And as much as I like this Thantos, the reason he beat Raden so easily is Raden had just wrestled three other men- coming out the victor, PAIN! GM Horus Black just decided to screw Raden over making him wrestle again

    Pain! Title – Mike Muir vs Thantos- No DQ

    Thantos challenges Muir to a test of strength in the middle of the ring, Muir reluctantly accepts knowing Thantos will easily overpower him. And that’s just what Thantos does, he pushes Muir down to his knees, but Muir quickly drives his head into Thantos’ gut, then tackles him to the mat and starts pounding him with hard lefts and rights to the head. Thantos shoves Muir off of him but Muir is quick to jump back on him and continues to pound away at him. Thantos shoves Muir away once more then kicks him in the leg, bringing Muir to the mat. Thantos gets to his feet, stomps on Muir a bit then finallt picks him up and tosses him into the corner with ease. Muir is barely standing up by now and Thantos rushes and him and hits a big splash(Stinger Splash) on Muir, then grabs him by the neck and bull dogs him into the middle of the ring. Thantos covers Muir for the pin



    2.643456- Muir kicks out

    Thantos shoves Muir’s face down and demands the ref count the pin again



    2.9888888- Muir kicks out at the last minute.

    Thantos pulls Muir up and throws him over the top rope, Muir crashing to the floor awkwardly

    Rich: See, I told you Muir was a loser

    Thantos climbs to the second turnbuckle and lets out yet another loud growl and fans start throwing all kinds of stuff at him. Thantos finally gets down after a minute, then exits the ring and walks over to Muir, pulls him up and goes to whip M uir into the ringpost, but Muir reverses it and sends Thantos into the ringpost instead. Muir picks up the ring steps and slams them into Thantos back. Muir then shoves Thantos back into the ring and slides back in himself. He covers Thantos for the pin



    Kickout by Thantos

    Herb: So far this hasn’t been much of a technical match. Just a lot of punching and kicking

    Rich: And at least Muir used his brain and cheated to weaken Thantos down a bit

    Herb: It’s a no DQ match

    Muir hits Thantos in the face with a few stiff shots, then gets up and starts stomping away at his chest and head before pushing him over and clamping on the Sharpshooter. Muir leans back putting as much pressure on the hold as he can. Thantos is in obvious pain but isn’t giving up

    Horus Black

    PAIN! GM Horus Black comes out on stage, walks down the ramp and starts waving someone from the back to come to the ring.

    Herb: What the hell is he doing here?

    Hanz Gruber

    Barbie Panzer

    Hanz and Barbie rush down to the ring, Barbie, at ringside now, reaches into her pocket and pulls some kind of powder out and throws it in Muir’s face- it doesn’t cause him to let go of the hold, but he obviously can not see now. Hanz slides in the ring and gets behind Muir, pulls him off of Thantos, then hits a Scorpion Death Drop on Muir- knocking him out. Barbie slides into the ring too and starts kicking away at Muir, Hanz joins in too. Horus Black has made his way down to ringside and seems to actually be enjoying what he is watching

    Rich: I love this

    Sasha Panzer

    April Snow

    Sasha Panzer and April Snow run down the ramp, slide into the ring.

    Rich: Yes, two more people to join in on the beatdown

    Herb: I don’t know- Sasha and Barbie don’t get along

    Rich: This is the last EWA show ever- I am sure they kissed and made up

    Sasha jumps on Barbie, bringing her down to the mat and starts beating the shit out of her. April attacks Hanz, knees him in the nuts and tries to hit him with a DDT but Hanz blocks it. Hanz knees her in the gut, then picks her up and bodyslams her to the mat. Thantos finally gets to his feet and he and Hanz pull Sasha off of Barbie and toss her out the ring near Horus Black. Sasha quickly gets to her feet, but Horus Black grabs her and holds her back

    Rich: Ok, I was wrong

    Thantos and Hanz both pick up Muir and double bodyslam him to the mat. Thantos covers him for the pin



    April grabs the refs arm, breaking the count. Hanz pulls April up by her long hair and holds her so Barbie can slap her in the face a few times, then starts kicking her in the chest. Thantos gets to his feet too and instructs Barbie to stop, which she does. Thantos then grabs her by the throat and instructs Hanz to let her go as well. Thantos lifts her up by the throat by a good 3 feet up in the air. Muir, who can see again, gets up behind Thantos and low blows him from behind- causing him to let go of April, and fall to his knees. Hanz quickly hits Muir with a quick clothesline- taking him down. Barbie hits April with a stiff shot to the back of the head taking her down too

    Raden Blain

    Raden Blain rushes down to the ring and slides in. Barbie and Hanz quickly bail out the ring and stand at ringside

    Herb: This doesn’t look like it will end well

    Muir quickly gets in front of April but Raden ignores them both and instead hits Thantos with a running kick to the face knocking him on his back on the mat. Raden then points to Muir, then to Thantos then he exits the ring, but stays on the apron looking back into the ring

    Rich: Well it looks like a bit of payback from Raden to Thantos.

    Herb: You can say that again

    Rich: Well it looks like a bit of payback from Raden to Thantos

    Herb: I didn’t mean that literally

    Muir looks over at Raden, then down at Thantos. He then covers Thantos for the pin




    Winner and new PAIN! World Heavyweight Champion- Mike Muir

    Rich: Figures he could only win with others helping him

    Herb: They were just evening up the odds

    Raden Blain then jumps down off the ring apron and says something to Horus Black. Horus shoves Sasha into Raden and starts to run back up the ramp

    Ryku O’Ryan


    Faith LeFlur

    Ryku, Gaileo and Faith come out on stage, then start heading down the ramp so Horus turns around- right into Raden Blain’s waiting grasp. Raden picks him up and chokeslams him hard down on the ramp and just looks down at his broken body. Ryku, Gaileo and Faith join him in staring at him. The then exchange words with Raden who then finally walks to the back with a pretty nice pop from the crowd. Raden, of course, ignores the cheers

    Rich: Got some payback to GM Black too

    Thantos quietly slides out the ring and heads through the crowd and to the back. Ryku, Gaileo, Faith and Sasha join Muir and April in the ring and celebrate. Barbie and Hanz, unhappy with what they have seen, finally head off backstage to the loudest boos of the night thus far.

    Herb: See, I told you earlier today- Muir would win the belt.

    After a few minutes of celebrating everybody leaves the ring and heads backstage to a happy crowd

    Carnage Title - Mike Hawk(c) def. Victor Crawford

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Lillian Garcia walks out on stage with a mic already in hand. The EWA fans cheer wildly for her

    Lillian Garcia: Hello EWA! Tonight on the final show of the company we will have a HellCats Battle Royal. The winner of the match will be named the newest and final HellCat’s Champion. That is of course if the current champion doesn’t end up victorious. To be eliniated, you must be thrown ver the top rope and your feet must touch the floorSo without further ado, let me introduce the competitors.

    Faith LeFlur.

    Iva Hardy

    Ette Tour

    April Snow

    Ashley Ion

    Sasha Panzer

    Bertha Ray

    Ketsueki Karei

    And finally Barbie Panzer

    All the women have made their way into the ring and most are starting to get in each others faces. Elfrieda Frewin walks out on stage and hands Lillian a note.

    Lillian: Excuse me, I have just been informed Mrs Frewin has brought in a few more competitors. And here the are


    Awesome Kong

    Beth Phoenix

    Sara Del Rey


    Cheerleader Mellissa


    Katie Lea

    Madison Eagles


    Portia Perez

    Jennifer Blake

    Nicole Matthews

    Serena Deeb

    Allison Danger

    Annie Social

    And finally April Hunter

    Elfredia leads all these women down to the ring and they all climb onto the ring apron. All the women already in the ring stop in their tracks.

    Herb: Holy shit- it’s a who’s who of the indies scene

    Rich: And a few from WWE and TNA

    Herb: Those lucky to be in those compaies barely have and TV time though

    HellCats Battle Royal

    All the women that Elfrieda brought down enter the ring and immediately go after everyone but Barbie Panzer, Ette Tour and Bertha Ray. Barbie and Bertha go after Sasha tearing her top off and choking her with it. Annie Social and April Snow are trading left and rights, April finally getting the upper hand- she headbuts Annie and rushes over and pulls Bertha and Barbie off Sasha. ODB takes out her flask and hits April in the back of her head with it, knocking her to the mat. Ketsueki Karei hits ODB with a drop kick that seems to come from nowhere- but it knocks ODB over the ring where she falls to the floor and is eliminated.

    Ashley Ion is fighting off both Sarita and Cheerleader Mellissa. Faith LeFlur and Sasha Panzer(now topless) come to Ashley’s rescue, but soon get ganged up on by Katie Lea, Madison Eagles, Lufisto and Portia Perez. Lufisto easily shoves Faith over the top rope and she falls to the floor and is eliminated.

    Rich: Boobies!

    MsChif, Awesome Kong and Beth Phoenix attack Iva Hardy, breaking her nose in the process, then they toss her over the rope and to the floor- Iva is eliminated. April Snow and Ketsueki Karei attack MsChif, Awesome Kong and Beth Phoenix, but Portia Perez, Jennifer Blake, Nicole Matthews and Serena Deeb attack them. They in turn, are attacked by Sasha Panzer- who somehow manages to push Serena Deeb over the top rope and Debb is eliminated

    Herb: Looks like the EWA originals are getting their asses handed to them

    Rich: Yeah, their very fine asses.

    Awesome Kong and MsChif pull Sasha away from the action and Elfrieda Frewin hands something to April Hunter- a stun gun. April Hunter walks over to where Ashley Ion is being beat down. She zaps Ashley with the gun and is thrown over the top rope by Madison Eagles and Portia Perez. Ashley has been eliminated. April Hunter then tosses the stun gun to Barbie Panzer- who instructs Awesome Kong and MsChif to hold her sister Sasha – which they do. Barbie zaps Sasha in one breast, then the other- Sasha is screaming out in pain while all Barbie, Kong and MsChif can do is laugh.

    Rich: I hope her boobs are alright

    April Snow and Ketsueki Karei come to Sasha rescue- attacking Kong, Barbie and MsChif. April Snow and Ketsueki Karei manage to push both Kong and MsChif over the top rope and to the floor and now both Kong and MsChif has been eliminated. Barbie goes to attack April Snow but is met with a superkick from Ketsueki Karei instead and the stun gun goes flying out of Barbie’s hand, falling to the mat. April Snow goes to grab it but is punted in the face by Allison Danger. Ketsueki Karei dives for the stun gun but Ette Tour kicks it towards Barbie, then stomps away on Ketsueki Karei’s back. Barbie stuns her with the gun and Ette picks Ketsueki Karei up and easily throws her over the top rope and to the floor- Ketsueki Karei has been eliminated. Ette Tour pulls up April Snow and holds her so Barbie can zap her with the gun- which she does- right in the throat. April screams out in extreme pain. Alison Danger helps Ette pick up April to throw her over the rope but Sasha grabs April’s feet, pulling her back into the ring

    Rich: What the hell did she do that for- you want as many people eliminated from the battle royal

    Herb: Truth be told, it looks like Sasha only friend in this match is April Snow. In fact, this whole match has been EWA against the Indy, WWE and TNA stars.

    April Snow falls back down to the mat but is promptly ganged up on, picked up and thrown over the top rope and is finally eliminated. The rest of the women in the ring circle Sasha Panzer and all start kicking at her. After about 30 seconds- Barbie instructs them to stop and hold Sasha up- Barbie then shocks Sasha in the throat with the stun gun twice. Sasha falls to the mat- she is out cold.

    Herb: Holy crap

    Katie Lea and Cheerleader Mellissa pick up Sasha motionless body and tosses her over the top rope- Sasha Panzer has been eliminated. April Snow is still on the floor and picks up Sasha and brings her to the back to safety. The rest of the women in the ring stop and turn and look at Barbie. Barbie just smiles at them all. Then instead of attacking her- they all hop over the top rope and jump down to the arena floor- eliminating themselves. Barbie is left alone in the ring

    Winner- and still EWA HellCats Champion- Barbie Panzer

    Barbie is handed her title and she hoists it high in the air- to massive boos. Barbie finally slides out the ring, walks up to Elfrieda Frewin and gives her a hug. Finally Barbie, Frewin and all the other women that were still at ringside head to the back to booing fans and a shitload of trash being thrown their way.

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Herb: Wow, what a battle royal. Our EWA Hell Cats are not only tough as nails, but so damn hot. Don’t you agree Rich?

    Rich: Oh yeah, I had a boner the whole match.

    Herb: Yeah, I know, I’m sitting right next to you.

    Rich: Elrieda Frewins women that were brought in were equally as hot. I loved how the helped Barbie win the match

    Herb: I didn't. Anyways its time for some hardcore action.. In fact it’s a Hardcore Gauntlet match. EWA Hardcore Champion Gyakusatu will have his hands full as he has to defend against pretty much half the roster

    Rich: Well that’s hardly fair.


    Gyakusatu makes his way to the ring with a kendo stick in one hand and a whip in the other. His EWA Hardcore Belt is strapped around his waist. He places his weapons down on the mat and unfastens his belt and hands it to the ref. Although he had not been with EWA all that long, he receives a pretty decent pop from the crowd

    Rich: Well he looks ready, I hope he can hold everybody off

    Herb: The rules are simple. Everything is allowed in this match. You can be pinned, you can be counted out, but you can not be disqualified. The man still standing at the end will be the Hardcore Champion

    Hardcore Gauntlet
    Gyakusatu vs a lot of people if he can last that long(its 15 pages in Word

    Paco Torres

    Paco Torres rushes out to the ring with a heavy duty stapler in one hand and a burrito in the other. Before Paco enters the ring he eats the burrito.

    Herb: And let the carnage begin

    Gyakusatu picks up his kendo stick and dares Paco to rush at him. Paco takes the bait and runs towards Gyakusatu only to eat a kick to the face which takes Paco down- knocking the stapler from his hand. Gyakusatu immediately starts hitting Paco with the kendo stick to the chest, then the face. Paco rolls out the ring and runs up the ramp to the back. The ref starts counting him out.











    Paco has been counted out.

    Herb: Well that was quick

    Jackie Walkon

    Jackie Walkon comes out to the stage dragging a board- he gets zero reaction from the fans. The board is almost as long as him so its taking him awhile to get down the ramp and to the outside of the ring. Once there he finally shoves the board into the ring and enters the ring himself.

    Rich: Who the hell is this loser? Love this entrance theme.

    Herb: Some jobber who was lucky enough to last a few minutes in the ring with HolyJose at Untamed Khaos- he lost the match of course

    Gyakusatu takes one step towards Jackie and wacks him in the head with the kendo stick knocking him out. Gyakusatu casually pins Jackie.




    Jackie has been pinned. Gyakusatu shoves Jackie out the ring and awaits his next opponent.

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Brandon Medeiros

    Brandon staggers down the ramp still covered in blood from earlier.

    Rich: How did this tool get out the bodybag, much less the dumpster?

    Herb: Not sure, and really do not care

    Brandon slowly slides into the ring where Gyakusatu immediately swings his kendo stick at him but Brandon ducks then hits Gyakusatu with a low blow followed up with a quick, but stiff clothesline which takes Gyakusatu down and goes for the pin.



    Gyakusatu rolls Brandon over for the pin. They are both on top of the board now


    Brandon kicks out

    Rich: Dammit

    Gyakusatu, still on top of Brandon, reaches over to the stapler that is still in the ring. He immediately puts one in Brandons forehead causing him to scream out in extreme pain. He goes for the pin once more



    Brandon kicks out yet again

    Rich: This tool just won’t give up

    Gyakusatu bashes Brandon in the face with the stapler, then goes for the pin yet again



    Kickout by Brandon

    Herb: He just needs to give up

    EHC: No, I want him to be punished more

    Rich: Who the hell was that?

    Herb: A member of EWA creative. He tells us what to say- as do the other members of creative

    Gyakusatu can’t believe Brandon keeps kicking out so he does the unthinkable. Gyakusatu bashes Brandon in the face once more with the stapler, knocking him out. He then proceeds to staple Brandon’s right arm to the board, then his left, then one ear, then the other.


    Herb: It’s a first

    Brandon awakes and starts to try to sit up but finds it really hurts to move- duh- you would too if you were stapled to a board. Gyakusatu just smiles down at Brandon then spits on him. He goes for one last pin attempt.




    Brandon has been pinned

    Rich: YES!

    Gyakusatu pushes the board and Brandon out the ring. On the way down, Brandon rips away from the board, blood is everywhere. Gyakusatu patiently awaits for his next opponent


    HolyJose makes his way down the ramp with two kendo sticks in hand. The EWA crowd is booing the hell out of him- HolyJose just ignores them

    Rich: Finally some competition for Gyakusatu. Least he had a nice little warm up

    HolyJose slides in the ring, tosses his kendo sticks to the side and spears Gyakusatu sending him crashing out the arena floor. HolyJose follows him out, pulls Gyakusatu up and whips him hard into the ringpost. Gyakusatu is down. HolyJose walks over to where a ring attendant is shitting and shoves him out of his seat. HolyJose then picks up the chair, walks over to Gyakusatu and nails him with it twice. HolyJose then re enters the ring and grans one of the kendo sticks. The ref has started to count Gyakusatu out by now



    Rich: Gyakusatu looks to be in danger of losing his title

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Herb: At least he may fall to one of the best wrestlers in this sport

    Blaze Xedir

    Blaze comes out through the crowd, jumps over the guard rails onto Brandon barely moving body in the process. He then rushes into the ring tackling HolyJose to the mat where they are both trading punches

    Rich: Wait, its supposed to be one on one- why the hell is he out here?

    Herb: They have been feuding over on PAIN!. Blaze was not scheduled to be in the match but I thing he doesn’t want HolyJose to win

    The ref is still counting out Gyakusatu




    Gyakusatu slowly gets to his feet then slides into the ring where he sees HolyJose and Blaze still fighting it out on the mat. Gyakusatu pulls himself up by the ropes and just sits back in one of the corners watching HolyJose and Blaze still going at it. Both HolyJose and Blaze finally roll out the ring onto the arena floor where they continue fighting it out. The ref starts counting HolyJose out by now





    HolyJose finally gets the upperhand and pulls Blaze up and whips him into the guarlrails



    HolyJose grabs a camera from a fan and repeatingly smashes it into Blaze’s face- busting him wide open




    HolyJose pulls Blaze up one more time then suplexes him back onto the guardrail looking like he has broken Blaze into two


    HolyJose has been counted out

    Rich: Well it looks like Blaze got what he wanted- too bad it probably is the end of Blaze’s wrestling career

    HolyJose looks towards the ring pissed- with good reason- he had Gyakusatu’s number. HolyJose finally walks up the ramp towards the back to a standing ovation. Even Gyakusatu applauds him. HolyJose, now standing on the stage, takes a bow, then flips off the crowd before finally going backstage

    Rich: Now that man has class and the fans gave him the respect he deserves.

    Herb: And then he flips them off.

    Rich: Its probably just his way of saying goodbye

    The EMT crew rush out with a board and check on Blaze. Needing a place to set the board down, they push Brandon out the way and put the board on the floor. They then load Blaze on the board and rush him backstage for some medical attention. Brandon is now screaming out for some help but nobody is coming


    KiLLA and his crew come out once more- and again, one of his guys is carrying a body bag

    Herb: Wait, he is not in this match.

    Rich: Nope, I think they are just out here to take out the garbage again

    And that’s just what they do. The place Brandon in the bodybag, zip it up and carry him out the arena yet again to throw him in the dumpster

    Gyakusatu is still resting in the ring, awaiting his next opponent

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Taco Torres

    Taco rushes down the ramp, then jumps onto the ring apron. Gyakusatu picks up one of the kendo sticks and starts tapping the mat with it. Taco decides he wants no part of this and tells the ref he forfeits

    Rich: What a pussy

    Dingo Mac

    Dingo Mac makes his way down the ramp then all of a sudden


    Dingo Mac disappears and in his place

    Ali Kazam

    Ali Kazam, wearing a cape, appears from a cloud of smoke to a hug pop from the crowd

    Rich: Wait? Um, how did he do that?

    Herb: Magic

    Ali Kazam rushes to the ring and slides in but Gyakusatu is waiting for him with kendo stick in hand. Gyakusatu swings it at him but as soon as it hits Ali Kazam it turns into flower- which surprises Gyakusatu. Ali Kazam then throws a fireball into Gyakusatu face blinding him temporarily. Ali Kazam then removes his cape and wraps it around Gyakusatu neck- choking him. The ref gets down to check to see if Gyakusatu wants to give up but Gyakusatu refuses to. Instead Gyakusatu somehow reaches up and rakes Ali Kazam in the eye causing Ali to let go of the cape. Still somewhat blinded, Gyakusatu manages to grab another kendo stick and wacks Ali in the head- knocking him out. Gyakusatu goes for the pin




    Ali Kazam has been pinned

    Rich: Gyakusatu is a motherfucking machine. I think he’s going to win this

    Ali Kazam gets to his feet, bows to Gyakusatu, then disappears in a clowd of smoke

    Herb: So did Dingo forfeit? I mean he was supposed to be in the match but never made it to the ring.

    Rich: I don’t know. I know EHC is trying to get pretty much everybody else in this match

    Gyakusatu ask for a bottle of water and uses it to wash out his eyes. The ref checks on him again to see if he wants to continue and Gyakusatu just waves him off

    Johnny Hot

    Johnny Hot comes out on the stage to the loudest boos of the night. He has a trashcan full of weapons with him. Before he can make his way down the ramp, he is jumped by both Paco and Taco Torres. The brothers grab bats from out the trash can and start wailing away on Hot- after about a minute, Hot has been beaten to a bloody pulp. Paco and Taco celebrate on the stage for a good minute while EMT members come out and load Hot on a board and take him to the back

    Herb: Wow, and this was one of the few men I thought would finally pin Gyakusatu.

    Rich: Me too, he didn’t even get a chance

    Paco and Taco finally go backstage but not before the shout out ‘EWNCW! Here we come!’

    Amadeus Frewin

    The Satanic one makes his way down the ring without his wife- one his way down, he grabs a bat and a steel stop sigh from out the garbage can that Johnny Hot brought out

    Rich: Haven’t seen a lot from this guy but what I have seen I am impressed. . This is the first time his wife hasn’t come out with him though

    Herb: He probably doesn’t want her to get hurt

    Frewin tosses the stop sign into the ring, hitting Gyakusatu in the head with it, dazing him a bit. Frewin then slides into the ring and rams the bat into Gyakusatu, gut causing him to double over in pain. Frewin then hits him on the back a few times with the bat causing Gyakusatu to finally fall to the mat. Frewin drops the bat, then picks up the stop sigh and bashes Gyakusatu with it a few times. He then drops the sign, pulls up Gyakusatu and quickly DDTs him into the sign. Frewin goes for the pin



    2.8888899999- Gyakusatu barely kicks out

    Rich: Wow, how did he do that?

    Frewin pulls Gyakusatu up once more and again DDTs him into the sign, then covers him for the pin




    Gyakusatu has been pinned

    Herb: And we have a new Hardcore Champion

    Rich: Yeah, but for how long? Still a few more guys in the match

    Gyakusatu slides out the ring and starts his way up the ramp- as with HolyJose, Gyakusatu also receives a standing ovation and the crowd his chanting his name at deafening volumes

    Kid Wonder

    TOAK’s Kid Wonder rushes down the ramp and into the ring to massive boos. He gets right in Frewin’s face, spitting in it

    Rich: What is this tool doing out here?

    Herb: I don’t know and I don’t care

    Frewin shoves Kid Wonder down to the mat and starts kicking Kid Wonder in his groin. Frewin then reaches down and picks up the stapler and gets on top of Wonder, beating him with it. Wonder is screaming out at the top of his lungs so Frewin decides to take the stapler and staple Wonder’s mouth shut. Frewin then hits Wonder in the face with the stapler, knocking him out cold. Frewin goes for the pin

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Kid Wonder has been pinned

    Rich: Gotta love that stapler

    Frewin shoves Kid Wonder out the ring and awaits his next opponent

    Tobias Alexander

    Tobias comes down the ramp to mostly boos. He is in street clothes, but is ready for action. He slides into the ring and is met with a spear from Frewin- which actually does nothing to Tobias, but knocks Frewin out cold.

    Rich: What the hell?

    Tobias pulls up his shirt, revealing a cast iron skillet ties around the front of his chest. Tobias undoes it, dropping the skillet to the mat, then covering Frewin for the pin



    Frewin has been pinned

    Herb: Great idea

    Rich: AWESOME IDEA! And with that, Tobias is the new Hardcore Champion


    E.T. comes out the crowd and slides into the ring where Tobias meets him with a stiff kick to the head taking the big man down. Tobias then grabs the iron skillet and starts bashing E.T. in the face with it, opening him up., then covering him for the pin



    2.88655555- E.T. kicks out

    Herb: A lesser man couldn't have kicked out of that

    E.T. blood flowing freely from his nose, grabs Tobias by the balls, squeezing them as hard as he can- Tobias is screaming at the top of his lungs, but somehow manages to grab the stapler and punches E.T. in the face with it, finally knocking him out- then covering him for another pin attempt




    E.T. has been pinned


    Shaz waste no time rushing down the ramp, climbing up on the turnbuckle and flies off hitting an unaware Tobais with a flying dropkick to the back of the head. Tobias is down, Shaz quickly covers him for the pin




    Tobias has been pinned

    Rich: Shaz took advantage of a hurting Tobias. Very smart move.

    Herb: And we have yet another new Hardcore Champion

    Shaz is celebrating in the ring waiting for Tobias and E.T. to be get out the ring when...

    Devon Jones

    Devon Jones, who had been sitting in the front row, climbs over the guardrail, then slides into the ring right behind Shaz, picks up a bat and wacks Shaz in the back of the head with it- knocking Shaz out cold. Devon then covers him for the pin




    Shaz has been pinned

    Rich: I love it. Devon has been sitting out here the whole time- the element of surprise

    Herb: And we have yet another new Hardcore Champion and 3 bodies still laying around in the ring

    EMT members come out to check on E.T., Shaz and Tobias. E.T. and Tobias are helped to the back, but Shaz refuses help. He slides out the ring and walks backstage by himself

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Marc Medeiros

    Marc Medeiros, Brandon's brother who wrestled for HWA, rushes down to the ring, slides in and is met by a spear from Devon.

    Rich: Brandon's loser brother- why is he here?

    Devon then picks up the stapler and starts hitting Marc with it in the chest, then the face. Devon then starts stapling Marc all over his face, then all the way down his chest all the way down to his groin. Marc is screaming like a little girl by now. Devon then pulls Marc up and goes to whip him into the ropes, but Marc somehow finds it in him to hit a quick, stiff clothesline bring Devon down to the mat. Marc reaches down into his own trunks and pulls out a dildo and is about to hit Devon with it. Devon, quickly thinking, kicks Marc in the nuts, hops up, grabs a kendo stick and starts wailing away at Marc. Devon then picks up the dildo, shoves it in Marc's mouth, then rolls him up for the pin




    Marc is pinned

    A fan throws some duct tape into the ring, Devon picks it up and tapes Marc's mouth shut with the dildo still stuck in it.

    Rich: HAAA HAAAA

    Herb: Devon is the man

    Marc, embarrassed, rolls out the ring, and walks up the ramp and backstage- the crowd is booing the hell out of him and throwing stuff at him- the fans are chanting Devon's name


    Darius also comes out through the crowd. He has a baseball bat covered with brabwire in his hand. He slides into the ring and Devon backs away and grabs a kendo stick. They both shout back and forth at each other, daring each other to make the first move. Finally they both decided to just rush at each other. They both start swinging their weapons at each other- drawing blood with each blow









    By now, both men are spent, Devon is covered in blood from head to toes and just finally collapses. Darius does too, falling right on top of Devon. The ref jumps down and counts for the pin




    Devon has been pinned

    EMT members come out yet one more time and check on both men. They carry Devon to the back, but Darius says he will continue

    Rich: Not sure how he can go on, but he is the newest champ


    Destruction rushes down the ramp and rushes at Darius knocking him into the ropes. Destruction picks Darius up, bodyslams him to the mat and covers him for the pin




    Darius is pinned

    Herb: And yet another new champ

    Rich: An a great one at that. I believe we have one more wrestler left in this match

    Herb: Correct you are. No idea who it is though. Can Destruction win this and be the final EWA Hardcore Champion? We will find out as soon as this last guy comes out

    Van Hooligan X

    Van comes out to a pretty big pop from the crowd despite him being a heel. Van has his cricket bat in his hand. He rushes down to the ring and slides right in. He gets right in Destructions face- shoving him down to the mat.

    Rich: Yes! Van is in the mother fucking house

    Destruction quickly gets back up, shoving Van right back. Van responds in kind with a cricket bat to the side of Destrution's head. All that does is makes Destruction madder. Destruction head buts Van on the nose, busting it. In pain, Van drops to his knees. While Van is down there, he eyes the iron skillet. He picks it up and rams it into Destructions groin. Destruction goes down. Van, still kneeled down reaches over, picks up his cricket bat, climbs on Destructions chest and shoves the bat into Destructions throat. Van yells at the ref to start counting the pin. After the ref sees that both Destructions shoulders are indeed on the mat, he starts to count




    Destruction has been pinned

    Final winner and Hardcore Champion- Van Hooligan X

    The ref raise Vans arm in victory and Van demands the ref get his damn belt now. And thats just what the ref does

    Rich: Van deserved this. He has been here from the begining

    Herb: I agree

    Van grabs the belt from the ref and yells at him to do something for him. No one can really hear what he said- but a ring attendant is sent backstage

    Herb: Now what?

    Faith LeFlur

    Faith walks down the ramp with a mic in hand- she looks pretty nervous. She gets down to right outside the ring and walks up the ring steps and into the ring

    Rich: And what is this fine piece of ass doing out here?

    Faith: And your Hardcore Champion- Van Hooligan X

    Faith then leaves the ring and heads back up the ramp to whistles and cheers

    Van holds his title up and the crowd cheers. Van finally climbs out the ring and heads back stage

    Rich: I have to say, that was a great match- everybody in it deserves a lot of respect- well except for Kid Wonder, Brandon and Marc Medeiros.

    Herb: Agreed- they were doucebags- hence them getting buried

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Silva def. Ledesma

    3 Stages of Hell - KiLLA def. Lawman (1/Inferno, 2/I Quit, 3/Buried Alive)

    Turnes def. Panzers(c)- Turnes new EWA Fury Tagteam Champs

    Michael "The Archangel" def. Ryan Wells

    Herb: Well its time for the PAIN TV match. The champ, Harry Richards, will defend his title against Gaileo, Hanz Gruber and wait for it…………………….

    Rich: Just say it dammit

    Herb: No, I’ll make you wait for it

    Rich: Fuck you, I want to know

    Herb: You will just have to wait

    Rich: Bastard

    Harry Richards

    Harry Richards comes out and walks down the ramp to a massive pop. He is proudly wearing his TV title around his waist and is all smiles. He hops into the ring and hoist his titke up high for all to see

    Herb: What a great kid. Rob Rage should be proud of his pupil

    Rich: Yeah, the kid lucked out have someone like Rage as a mentor


    Gaileo rushes down the ramp, to some cheers considering what he did earlier, and slides into the ring. He walks up to Harry and offers his hand- Harry shakes it

    Herb: I’m really liking Gaileo’s change of heart

    Rich: I am sure he is still a bad ass in the ring

    Hanz Gruber

    Hanz Gruber slowly walks down the ramp to some pretty loud boos. He gets to the ring, climbing onto the ring apron and just stays there

    Rich: This man right here will be the new and final PAIN! TV champion- mark my words

    Herb: Well we still have one more opponent

    Rich: And who the hell is it?

    Herb: If you had read the card you would have known

    The lights starts flickering, then finally the arena goes to black. After a few seconds past, an explosion goes off at the entrance- and a bright and blinding light comes out of the entrance. A figure walks outl

    Shining Light

    Rich: Holy Fucking Shit! Shining Light is back!

    Herb: And you would have known if you had bothered to look at the card beforehand

    Rich: Shut up you dumbass

    Shining Light makes his way to the ring and slides right in. Gruber finally enters the ring

    Pain! TV Title - Harry Richards(C) vs Gaileo vs Hanz Gruber vs Shining Light

    Everybody attacks Hanz Gruber. Gruber fights them off and slides out the ring. Gaileo hits an armdrag on Harry, rolls him up for two count but Harry reverses the roll up for a two count before Shining Light breaks the pin attempt up by kicking Harry in the side, them pulls him up and tosses him over the top rope. Shining lifts Gaileo up and drops him throat first on the top rope. Shining then shoves him down to the mat and goes for a pin attempt



    Gruber grabs Shining by the legs and pulls him off Gaileo breaking the pin. Gruber pulls Shining all the way out the ring and starts beating the hell out of him. Harry, still outside the ring pulls Hanz off of Shining, grabs his arm and whips him into the ringpost- knocking him out

    Herb: Doesn’t look like Gruber’s winning this one

    Harry pulls Shining up and is about to hit him with forearm to the head but Gaileo, while all this has been going on, has climbed to the top turnbuckle- flies off and takes both Harry and Shining down

    Rich: Holy crap- looks like Gaileo will win this one. Gaileo pulls up Shining and shoves him into the ring, Gaileo following close behind. Once in the ring Gaileo goes for the cover



    Herb: And we have a new champ

    Shining reverses the pin



    Herb: New Champ!

    Gaileo reverses the pin



    Herb: New champ?

    Shining reverses the pin



    Herb: Maybe now a new champ?

    Gaileo kickout of the pin

    Herb: Ok, no new champ

    Shining gets to his feet as does Gaileo- they both have a staredown in the middle of the ring until both of them noticing Harry is climbing up to the top turnbuckle. Shing rushes to the corner, also climbing up the same corner. Shining and Harry try to push each other off the turnbuckle but Shining hits Harry in the gut with a few stiff blow, then superplexes him off the corner to the mat. Gaileo quickly goes for the cover



    Shining pulls Gaileo off and now both are trading blows. Hanz Gruber has now slide back into the ring with a chair- he hits Gaileo, then Shining in the back taking them both down to the mat. Harry Richards gets behind Gruber and pulls him down rolling him up for the pin




    Winner- and still EWA PAIN TV Champion- Harry Richards

    Harry gets to his feet and the ref raises his arm in victory. Hanz gets to his feet, picks up the chair and nails Harry in the back of the head with it. Hanz walks up to Gaileo next and nails him with the chair. He does the same thing to Shining next, then nails the ref with the chair before finally leaving the ring, walking up the ramp and to the back to trash being thrown at him

    Herb: Sore loser

    Rich: Nope, just sending a message to all the guys in the back and in other feds

    Herb: Yeah, that he is a sore loser

    Van Hooligan X def. CJ

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young


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