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    WWE - The Uprising (2014)

    (So this is my new BTB. It's mostly grounded in realism, with a few fantasy things, such as Austin and Edge. Hopefully you enjoy! Thanks for checking this out!)


    Alberto Del Rio - Face
    Antonio Cesaro - Heel
    Big E Langston - Heel
    Big Show - Heel
    Billy Gunn - Face
    Booker T (Semi-Active) - Face
    Brock Lesnar (Semi-Active) - Heel
    Brodus Clay - Face
    Chris Jericho - Face
    Christian - Face
    CM Punk - Heel
    Cody Rhodes - Heel
    Damien Sandow - Heel
    Daniel Bryan - Face
    David Otunga (Inactive) - Heel
    Dean Ambrose - Heel
    Dolph Ziggler - Heel
    Drew McIntyre – Heel
    Edge (Semi-Active) - Face
    Goldust (Inactive) - Face
    Jack Swagger - Heel
    JBL (Semi-Active) - Heel
    John Cena - Face
    Justin Gabriel - Face
    Kane - Heel
    Kofi Kingston (Suspended)- Face
    Mark Henry - Heel
    The Miz - Heel
    The Rock - Heel
    Randy Orton - Face
    Rey Mysterio (Inactive)- Face
    Road Dogg - Face
    Roman Reigns - Heel
    Ryback - Tweener
    Seth Rollins - Heel
    Sheamus - Face
    Stone Cold - Heel
    Triple H - Tweener
    Undertaker - Heel
    Wade Barrett – Heel


    Won From: Brock Lesnar @ Night Of Champions (September)

    The Rock
    Won From: Edge @ Summerslam (August)

    Triple H
    Won From: Christian @ Over The Limit (May)

    Randy Orton
    Won From: Wade Barrett @ Hell In A Cell (October)

    Daniel Bryan
    Won From: Chris Jericho @ Hell In A Cell (October)

    Edge & Christian
    Won From: Brothers Of Destrucon @ Summerslam (August)

    Ric Flair (Triple H)
    Ricardo Rodriguez (Alberto Del Rio)
    Zeb Colter (Jack Swagger)
    Paul Bearer (Undertaker & Kane)
    Teddy Long (Mark Henry)
    AJ Lee (Inactive)

    Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow)
    Edge & Christian
    Brothers Of Destruction (Semi-Active) (Kane & The Undertaker)
    New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Road Dogg)
    The Alliance (Stone Cold & The Rock)

    The Shield (Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, & Dean Ambrose)


    Triple H vs. Ryback
    These two have been at each other's throats for going on 6 months, after Ryback eliminated Triple H in a fatal 4-way elimination number 1 contender's match for the WWE Championship. Triple H attacked Ryback after, making sure he didn't win, either. Triple H would go on to win the WWE Championship, but Ryback was quick on the hunt, attacking Triple H in the ring after several matches. The two have met twice, once at Night Of Champions and once at Survivor Series, in a cage match. Their first bout ended in a double countout and the second ended when Ryback speared Triple H out of the cage, collapsing one of the cage's sides. Now, with their next bout set for the Royal Rumble, all eyes will be on Triple H and Ryback. Who will emerge victorious?

    John Cena vs. CM Punk
    After CM Punk attacked John Cena and turned his back on the WWE Universe, the two were set for a bout at Hell In A Cell, where CM Punk would use a syringe he had hidden in his tights to inject Cena with a substance that knocked him out, and Punk would throw Cen from the top of the cell, sending Cena crashing through the announcer's table. Since then, Punk has systematically targeted and taken out key WWE figures, including Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels. But, with Cena's return scheduled for this month, will the two finally have an end all be all match? Or will Cena admit defeat?

    Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz
    The Miz would, once again, turn his back on the WWE Universe after teaming with Bryan on an episode of Smackdown. The team went on to win the match, but Miz would nail Bryan with a Skull Crushing Finale afterwards, and challenge Bryan for his European Championship at Vengeance (December). The two would do battle for almost half an hour, before Miz finally submitted to the No lock. Miz would later claim it was a fluke, and has issued a challenge to Bryan for the Royal Rumble. How will Bryan respond?

    Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho
    The Undertaker turned his back on WWE fans upon his return in August, aligning himself with Paul Bearer and resorting to cheap tactics to win matches. We also saw a resurfacing of his supernatural powers. The opposite happened with Jericho, who would turn face at Survivor Series, which had originally pitted Team Jericho against Team Edge. Jericho would screw over his team and align with Edge, turning face. Not long after, he'd challenge the Undertaker to a match at the Royal Rumble, a match that the Undertaker accepted, before nailing Jericho with a Last Ride. As the Royal Rumble approaches, can Jericho end the Undertaker's terrifying reign as Undisputed Champion?

    Mysterious Warnings
    Over the past two weeks, during Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, and Pay-Per-View's, we've been seeing mysterious text such as “Beware”, and “A Savage Returns” against a grainy, grunge background with a driving guitar track underlaying it. What could this mean?

    The Big E Challenge
    Big E Langston has come out on Raw every week and held a “Big E” challenge, where he opens a challenge to any superstar. Thus far, he's defeated Goldust and Big Show, laying them out for a 5 count. Can anyone stop Big E?


    Monday Night Raw
    Mondays @ 9/8 Central
    Show Rating: 4/5
    Length: 2 Hours
    Commentators: J.R. & Jerry "The King" Lawler

    Friday Night Smackdown
    Fridays @ 8/7 Central
    Show Rating: 3.7/5
    Length: 2 Hours
    Commentators: Michael Cole & JBL & Josh Matthews

    Main Event
    Wednesdays @ 10/9 Central
    Show Rating: 2/5
    Length: 1 Hour
    Commentators: The Miz & Michael Cole & CM Punk


    -The Undisputed Championship was added as a "third-tier" title, not meant to compete with the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship, but instead represent whatever superstar is "unstoppable" at the moment.

    -WWE ratings slowly declined as 2013 rolled on, hitting record low buy rates for the following PPV's: Hell In A Cell and TLC. Reform took place in late 2013, bringing in writers to merge the "focus on wresting" of the PG era with the "edgy appeal" of the Attitude Era.

    -2014 will feature a new schedule of PPV's, merging the best from the Ruthless Aggression Era and the PG Era.

    -2013 was full of well-received WWE DVD/Blu Rays releases, such as "Best Of In Your House", and superstar-centric releases, such as "For All Of Mankind". WWE looks to continue this trend into 2014.

    -Sheamus is the current World Heavyweight MITB Briefcase holder. Kane was the WWE Championship MITB holder and cashed in later the night he won it (successfully).


    American Airlines Arena
    Miami, FL

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    -Kicking off the new year, we can expect to hear from the chairman himself, Vince McMahon, who will make an important announcement regarding the Royal Rumble.

    -We'll also see Randy Orton defending his Intercontinental Championship against the winner of a fatal four way match to open Raw. Two of the men competing have been revealed: Brodus Clay, and Wade Barrett.

    -John Cena will be present, though in what capacity is yet to be revealed

    -The Miz issued a challenge to Alberto Del Rio on Twitter. Del Rio replied with a yes, warning Miz not to be cocky.

    -Sheamus will make a special announcement.

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    WWE RAW (01/06/14)


    Raw kicks off with a video highlighting the feud between Ryback and Triple H, with particular focus on the brute strength of both men. The theme song then blares into the arena, and the camera pans around as the fans leap to their feet, displaying their signs high and cheering. JR and The King bring us in, telling us that it's going to be a great show tonight, and then they proceed to speculate on the rivalry between Ryback and Triple H. They are soon interrupted by Wade Barrett's music, and the fans' cheers quickly turn to boos.


    The third contestant is revealed to be Antonio Cesaro!

    The fourth contestant is revealed to be Drew McIntyre!

    This was a very physical bout that quickly spilled out of the ring. Despite initial offense by Clay, no doubt because of his sheer size, the other three men quickly ganged up on him and drove him through the announcer's table, immobilizing him completely. The match was then a triple thread match. Cesaro and McIntyre worked together for a time, but towards the end turned on each other. McIntyre went to clothesline Cesaro, but he ducked, causing McIntyre to take out the ref. Wade Barrett would grab a chair and crack Cesaro over the skull with it, but McIntyre would dropkick the chair into Barrett's face, and as the ref woke up, McIntyre would make the cover. 1-2-3! Drew McIntyre will get an Intercontinental Title shot later this evening! 12:39


    Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with The Show-Off, Dolph Ziggler! Grisham asks Ziggler what his plans are for the Royal Rumble, and Ziggler confidently answers that he plans on winning, easy as that. Big E Langston then enters the picture, and tells Ziggler that he respects him as a man, but he, too, plans to win the rumble, and that alliances in the rumble never last. The two have a tense staredown before Ziggler exits the frame. JR and King speculate on whether former teammates Langston and Ziggler can continue to be friends.

    In the locker room, we see Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez warming up. Ricardo is counting off push-ups as Alberto does them. Alberto reaches 95, and then the Miz enters the locker room. Alberto stands up and stares at Miz, before shaking his head. Miz sarcastically warns Alberto not to strain himself before their match. Alberto assures Miz he'll be good to go. Ricardo pulls Alberto out of the shot, and we zoom in on a cold, confident Miz.



    These two tore into each each, absolutely thriving in the hostile environment. Swagger had control at the beginning, laying into Jericho with a series of technical moves, including snap suplexes and variations of neck holds. Jericho didn’t look good heading into the end of the match, as the action spilled outside the ring, but a suplex counter into a Codebreaker brought all the favor back into Jericho’s court. The two would continue battling inside the ring, until Jericho caught Swagger with the second Codebreaker. 1-2-3! Jericho wins! 10:23

    After the match, Jericho grabs a microphone and tells the WWE Universe that he’s headed straight into the Royal Rumble, where he will *destroy* the Undertaker! (Big pop) Suddenly, the lights die, and a loud gong is heard. The fans begin booing as the Undertaker’s presence enters the arena. As the lights come back on, The Undertaker is standing behind Chris Jericho! Jericho turns around - Chokeslam! Undertaker has just laid out Chris Jericho! Undertaker raises his Undisputed Championship high as the fans boo!



    Just as Alberto was entering, Miz attacks him from behind, delivering a thunderous chair shot! Miz then proceeds to kick the downed Alberto, before spitting on him and holding the chair high as the fans boo. 0:00

    In the backstage area, we see Dolph Ziggler walking through a hallway. Suddenly, Daniel Bryan enters the shot. The two stare at each other, and Daniel Bryan nods, before asking Ziggler if he’s looking at something. Ziggler chuckles, and shoves Bryan. Bryan looks as if he might strike Ziggler, but suddenly, Mr. McMahon enters the frame (Mixed pop). McMahon chuckles, before telling them they better not fight back here, because they have a match tonight, next!

    JR and King speculate on whether Bryan and Ziggler were planning on being in action tonight.


    As we return, a promo for The Rock airs, highlighting his current World Heavyweight Championship reign, along with his new, hardened heel persona.


    These two went back and forth all match, with constant counters and quick reversals. Bryan seemed to have the match won around the 3 minute mark, having locked in the Yes lock with Ziggler in the middle of the ring, but Ziggler managed to reverse into a creative pin, which got him a 2 count. Towards the end, Bryan had Ziggler set up to deliver a powerful Enziguri kick, but suddenly The Miz runs out and enters the ring, going to attack Bryan. Bryan ducks, however, and nails Miz with a dropkick. Suddenly, Ziggler nails Bryan with a clothesline. Miz then picks up Bryan and hits a devastating Skull Crushing Finale, laying Bryan out. Miz and Ziggler have a tense stare down for a moment, before Miz extends his hand in a handshake. The fans give a mixed reaction as Ziggler hesitates. Suddenly, Edge’s theme hits, and he runs out, headed straight for the ring. Ziggler and Miz high tail it out of the ring and exit through the crowd. The fans cheer as Edge taunts them, before checking on Daniel Bryan. 9:51

    JR and King inform us that they just received word that tonight’s main event will be Sheamus versus CM Punk!


    As we return, King and JR announce that next week on Raw, we’ll see Edge team with Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio to take on Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston and The Miz!

    Suddenly, Vince McMahon’s theme rings into the arena, and the Chairman makes his way to the ring to a very mixed reception. Mr. McMahon grabs a microphone and tells the WWE Universe that it’s good to be back, whether they love him or hate him. He then tells us that big changes are coming to the WWE, starting with the Royal Rumble, where we will see three main events! Chris Jericho versus The Undertaker for the Undisputed Championship, Triple H versus Ryback for the WWE Championship, and CM Punk versus John Cena! (Huge pop) Mr. McMahon then announces that he’s assigning a new GM to both Raw and Smackdown, and he’ll reveal Smackdown’s new GM on Smackdown, and Raw’s new GM is....


    Bischoff makes his way down to the ring to a negative reaction, smiling and shaking hands with Vince. He grabs the microphone and promises to make Raw the best damn show on TV, and he’s starting with this - The match between CM Punk and Sheamus will be a steel cage match! (Big pop).


    We return to JR and King, who are still in shock about Eric Bischoff returning to WWE and becoming the new Raw General Manager. They express reluctance to Bischoff’s new authority.

    Backstage, we see Ryback walking through the halls. Suddenly, The Shield attacks, beating Ryback down before triple-powerbombing him through a table with two trash cans stacked on top of it, laying him out for good.

    We see a shot of Randy Orton walking through the halls, Intercontinental Gold proudly displayed over his shoulder. (Big pop). JR and King inform us that Intercontinental Championship action is next!


    McIntyre was very aggressive from the start, taking it to the champion. Orton tried to fend off the barrage of strikes, but McIntyre ended up clotheslining Orton to the outside. The two continued to battle, until Orton countered an irish whip into the stairs and send McIntyre into the stairs instead. The battle would find its way back into the ring, where the two would trade control until the end. Orton was in control, when suddenly Damien Sandow rushed out and proceeded to attack Orton, getting the match called for DQ. 7:49

    Orton would fend off Sandow and nail him with an RKO, only to turn around to a massive clothesline from Drew McIntyre! McIntyre grabs the Intercontinental Championship and raises it high as the fans boo!

    In the GM’s office, we see Triple H standing across from Bischoff (Big pop). Eric tells Triple H that Ryback was found laid out, and he’s just naturally suspicious. Triple H, completely series, tells Bischoff that he wasn’t involved, and he doesn’t want this matter going any further. Triple H, carrying his WWE Championship, then storms out of the room.

    Stone Cold’s theme hits, and the fans begin booing as Austin makes his way out. JR and King tell us we’ll hear from Stone Cold when we return!


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    As we return, Austin’s in the ring with a microphone. He then tells the fans to shut the hell up, which only gets him even more heat. Austin then tells everyone that he’s officially entering himself in the Royal Rumble, and he’s claiming the #1 spot. He vows to power through the 29 other men, walk his ass into Wrestlemania, and win the WWE Championship! (Loud booing) Austin then tosses the microphone outside of the ring and exits the ring.

    Backstage, we see Sheamus warming up, and then a split shot of both CM Punk and Sheamus walking through the halls towards the ring.


    These two gave it their all in what can only be described as a brutally physical bout between these two warriors. Sheamus had control in the beginning, until he went to hit the Brogue Kick on Punk, who ducked, causing Sheamus to kick the steel cage wall, injuring his leg. Punk would try to capitalize on Sheamus’ injury for the rest of the match, constantly targeting it. Punk had control all through the middle, even hitting a GTS, but not keeping Sheamus down long enough to escape. Sheamus would eventually come back, reversing a second GTS attempt into a massive Brogue Kick. A “Sheamus!” Chant began as the Celtic Warrior made his way up the cage. Punk would begin climbing the other side, and the two would drop off the cage at the same time - resulting in a draw! 21:24

    After the match, John Cena’s theme hit, resulting in a largely mixed reaction. Cena would run out and begin attacking the downed Punk, before hitting an Attitude Adjustment onto the crowd barrier. Cena then grabs a microphone, and rolls into the ring. He says that he’s challenging CM Punk to a last man standing match at the Royal Rumble - inside Hell In A Cell! (Huge pop) Cena says he wants an answer by next week from Punk. Cena taunts, and the camera focuses on his face as we fade out.

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    -This week on Main Event, we'll see The Miz go one-on-one with Randy Orton!

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    Main Event kicks off with a recap of Raw, with particular focus on the CM Punk/John Cena angle. We are then brought to the arena, where the theme blares through the arena and the fans stand up and cheer, holding their signs up, trying to be caught on camera. Cole, Punk, and Miz bring us into the show, and not half a minute in and Punk immediately launches a barrage of insults directed at John Cena. Cole attempts to calm him down as The Miz stands up from the announce table. His theme hits and he rolls into the ring, shedding the t-shirt he was wearing.


    The Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton brought his A-Game to this match, taking it to the Miz in the beginning of this match. The Miz put up a solid defense, however, and managed to reverse an early RKO attempt into a Skull Crushing Finale, scoring him a 2 count. The two would continue brawling, with the bout spilling outside. Miz would spear Orton through the barricade, and gain the offense. The action would continue in the ring, where Miz would go for an RKO on Orton, but Orton countered and hit his own RKO! 1-2-3! Orton wins! 14:56

    Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton holds his title high as the crowd cheers him on for his victory. Suddenly, from the crowd, Drew McIntyre enters the ring and attacks Orton, nailing him with the Future Shock, laying him out. McIntyre stares at the Intercontinental Championship, clearly wanting it. He then stomps Orton before exiting the ring.


    Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Randy Orton, who is still breathing heavily from his match. Todd asks Orton how he feels about being attacked by Drew McIntyre. Orton comments that McIntyre won’t be so confident for long, and that he can’t wait to hit him with an RKO. (Loud pop).

    At the announcer’s table, Miz is putting his shirt back on, adding pessimistic comments to Punk and Cole’s commentary, clearly bitter about his loss. Cole informs us that our next match is part of the Big E Langston challenge, it’s Big E Langston versus Billy Gunn!


    As soon as the bell rings, Langston is all over Gunn. Gunn manages to reverse a suplex, and goes for a dropkick, but Big E quickly deflects it. Langston quickly hits the Big Ending, and keeps Gunn down for the entire 5 count. 4:31.

    After the match, Big E grabs a microphone, and coldly boasts about how he destroys any man he gets in the ring with. He then issues a challenge for this Friday’s Smackdown, claiming that nobody can take him down. He exits the ring as the fans boo.

    Backstage, we see Team Rhodes Scholars conversing while they head to the ring. CM Punk informs us that our final match is next: Team Rhodes Scholars versus Edge and Christian!



    This was a very back-and-forth contest, with these two teams pitted equally against one another. Neither came off looking better than the other. Edge and Christian relied on quick tags, and it got them the advantage in the beginning. Once Rhodes tagged Sandow in, the favor turned to Rhodes Scholars, who dominated Christian for the remainder of the match. Christian was struggling for a tag when suddenly, Randy Orton runs out with a chair! He enters the ring and cracks Sandow over the skull with it! Was he looking for retribution from this past Monday? Edge and Christian are disqualified! 18:41

    After the match, Orton has a tense stand off with Edge and Christian, but he extends his hand in a handshake, and they accept. Orton, Christian, and Edge stand tall as Orton’s theme plays, and we fade out.

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    -Big E Langston will issue another one of his challenges for any superstar to attempt to beat him.

    -World Heavyweight Champion The Rock will be present, and will give a special announcement.

    -WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will announce the new Smackdown GM.

    -Wade Barrett will go one on one with Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton

    -World Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian will defend their tag team titles against Team Rhodes Scholars after their disqualification on Main Event


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