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    About Damned Time Ziggs!

    This is what I said when watching Raw at work last night (being a bartender has its advantages ^.^). Honestly I think the Cash in on Raw was absolutely perfect as 90% of the fans expected a cash in at Wrestlmania. Whats more, you would have thought the entire IWC was in the crowd last night with the massive pop he received (and deserved). This leaves me to wonder, will WWE be smart and take advantage of this and give Ziggs a full face turn rather than try and salvage heat forcing him back into a heel position which could ruin his championship run. It actually brings me back to '05 when Cena first won the WHC off JBL, he too received a similar pop fresh off of a heel run, and look where he is today (love or hate him).

    This also presents Orton or Shemus (likely Orton) with the opportunity for a heel turn and later Feud with Ziggs as I can't see them turning Del Rio Heel, provided they don't do a 24hr title turn around. It would really cement Ziggs as a serious champion with a feud with a high tier star like orton (assuming hes willing to Job). I just really hope they take this ball and run with it.

    I'd also like to comment on Swags, I saw what they did to him coming, two straight loses, and a Jobber entrance, and only serving as a stepping stone for ziggs to cash in (with the leg injury) due to his arrest for Marijuana possession last month. At this point, im guessing the best he can hope for is a few IC title shot, or #1 contender jobbing fodder. /rant

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    Im a Ziggler mark, loved when he cashed in, But it sucks Swagger had to mess up like he did.. i believe he wouldve got a WHC run ..But Ziggler getting his Run is so much better

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    Face our heel, Ziggler rules.But I think he should turn tweener.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snair View Post
    Face our heel, Ziggler rules.But I think he should turn tweener.

    Im not so sure really, I mean the crowd was ON him when he cashed in, its been a long time since I've heard a heel get so much love. The ball is in his court and going against top faces might make him look weak which is what killed swags WHC run. Going face and having a feud with say Orton (who is begging to go heel) could cement him as a future top guy. I think being Tweener would not work out as well w/o at least a few months as a baby face.

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    I have to disagree. If Dolph turned face I think he would lose his edge - something about the cocky arrogant prick that can back it up (aka Mr. Perfect). Let him do his thing and survive the onslaught of faces (ADR, Kofi, among others) before doing anything drastic like turn him.

    Let him ride with what got him to the dance.

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    He is here to show the world after all...

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